24 Hours to Live

During the next job is killed the killer, the conscience of which many innocent victims. But mysteriously, he returns from the afterlife to life. And now he has only 24 hours to teaming up with a murderer, from whose hands he died to atone and save his soul.

  • Brian Smrz

Release Date: 2018-01-17
IMDb icon 5.7/10
  • Country: CN, ZA, US
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 1h:33m
Persis Moorish
21 November 2017 | 01:31

"24 hours on life" can doom you death of boredom and you (spoiler) have it will be difficult to revive. People without the vowel in the names given film without the dynamics of the story and personality. Brian Smrse managed to turn the endless chases and shootouts, the personal drama of the hero and new love story in one indistinct tedious routine, from which I want to run faster than the main character, Ethan hawk, under the leadership of the same Smrta (who also another) depicts as flat as possible.

The writers and producers also notably bother stealing a little of the "Time" by Andrew Niccol, "Adrenaline" Taylor and Neveldine, all kinds of tapes about indestructible Liam Neeson, a mix of Hong Kong militants and plenty more where else.

Xu Qing, known to a wide audience, for the most part because of a fleeting appearance in "looper" (a plagiarism on which is "24 Hours to Live" also smacks), we chose not to a very good role to present itself in all its glory. Her acting talent here is so bright, how bright talent of the pianist in runtime "Dog waltz".

The high point of this odorous kinosuke is a collection of classic clichés and mistakes, which makes the slogan of the picture "Objective: survive" is understandable. To survive here, you have the audience, the only reason for the joy of which is that tape is not 24 hours.

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Appolonia Colson
31 October 2017 | 02:56

We often get upset due to the fact that can affect the past to atone for, to correct the error and translate the situation in the right direction. Few of fate gives us a second chance, but if it happens, it is necessary for the max. Sometimes even at the cost of superhuman effort. That's about this new dramatic Thriller Brian Smrse "24 hours on life." The creators took the idea return to light built on her uncontrollable action, which makes literally beauty chair with a sinking heart to watch how elite killer, victim of the conspiracy, returned in order to remind everyone that it to be trifled with.

Travis Conrad performed the most difficult, deadly task with maximum efficiency. From his hands Palo, a lot of people, but it is not even thought about how to find out who, exactly, he had to kill who will grieve for the victim. And the less one the most beautiful day Travis has to realize that is death. And in the most brutal way. Once under the sight, the hero says goodbye to life, in order to then go back and do another task on which it is only 24 hours. Time after his return commence immediately, so that Travis had no time to talk — he must act. Only customers who don't take into account one small detail: the resurrected killer never going to play on their rules.

Tape Brian Smrse filled with car chases, shootouts, melee fights and explosions to failure, although there is surprising. Your hand to "24 hours on life" had the creators of cool action-novels "John Wick". And they know exactly what is revenge and her you must present it. The main character in the uncompromising performance of Ethan Hawke spends the rapid revision of a moral compass and begins to administer justice, which waited too long in the wings. Yes, Travis Conrad one, but not him choice but to extinguish the bitterness suddenly surfaced memories of past actions. It the clock ticks faster, the heart beats at a frantic pace, and Woe to those who will stop.

The result: a "24 hours on life" charges a full magazine and fires it from first to the last scene. Is directed by Brian smrz took all of the best "John Wick", seasoned that their own ideas of the times "hero Wanted" and issued sight that is not exactly make you miss you. So to get elegant emotional Thriller, not of discriminatory restrictions on cruelty.

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Milissent Jude
24 November 2017 | 11:37

One of the main reasons where "John Wick" and its sequel were received by the public favorably, is that the story there is reduced to a simple approach without sliding in the primitive ambient cinematic world. There were grieving killers, and inventive action, and, of course, charismatic performer of the title role. How would not tried the producers and advertisers to convince reverse, Ethan Hawk is far from Keanu Reeves, and "24 hours on life" came not a spiritual brother of "John Wick". The it doesn't mean the film is of poor quality. He just a completely different, despite another super-assassin on pensions, a mysterious organization of assassins and hurricane shooting.

Killer Travis had gone on pension, but got into booze. Member of "red mountain" organization "black operatives", by Jim asks Travis to come back. It is necessary to eliminate the defector who wants to give all of the plans of the organization. The killer goes to Chinese Lin, agent of Interpol, which plans the protection of the "object". The girl kills the mercenary in the firefight. Yes but "red mountain" is a breakthrough technology able to resurrect people on the day.

"24 hours on life" has all features of low-grade Thriller. The action here takes place in mainly South African slums, on the main role here is more or less well-known actor with a fading popularity, and the plot involves a government conspiracy. Moreover, one of the scenes of skirmishes going on in the maze of loading and unloading containers. However, as ironically, the Director is directed by Brian smrz seemed sincerely interested in how to create a memorable film. A jumble of different subjects turned the "24 hours" in conceptual originality. Let the idea of the militants are not new, the definition of "a more boring version of "Adrenaline" it is unlikely that suits "24 hours". Still there are many distinctive elements, born of the clever use of the limited budget and small scale events.

"24 hours on life" deprived of what was almost not the most important elements of modern fighters — humor. This kind of movie in which dozens of people must die so that one child could to live. The action jumps from some colorful decorations to other processing components of the formula of militants and other genre conventions rather competently. In other words, a literate script is filled with many incidents and supporting characters, but to avoid the feelings of deja vu not always possible, not mention that to get the sentimental aspects.

Former stuntman Smrz knew exactly how to bring the components of tricks together. Each subsequent action scene more intense than the previous one. There is a sniper duel with large-caliber rifles, and hurricane shooting, and a few chases. The budget stretched to their small limits, so obviously if the shot explodes, then explodes for real. In the battles themselves display characters still not enough diversity, and almost there close fight.

Ethan Hawk, at my opinion, it was hard to play the "man of violence", but this lack of interest in the machismo is even useful. Here, the actor chose to play the fear his character than to represent uncertain Rambo that adds more humanity in this unrealistic Thriller. Gender Anderson the brief appearance of Rutger haeur strengthen the castes and Liam Cunningham played the ruthless villain.

Not the most memorable action-film still trying to move away from the canons of the genre and accepted standards of militants. And how I'm same time to follow them, not pretending to be at this, something clever or defiantly original. And due to the ambiguous commitment of Hawke to the drama of your character, can hardly be called "24 hours on life" routine product. But, admittedly, it could be better.

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How long is 24 Hours to Live ?
2h 13m
Who is the director of the movie 24 Hours to Live ?
This tv-show was directed by Brian Smrz.
What is the genre of 24 Hours to Live ?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller.
Who starred in 24 Hours to Live ?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Paul Anderson, Ethan Hawke, Rutger Hauer, Liam Cunningham, Nathalie Boltt.
What is 24 Hours to Live IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 5.7.
When was 24 Hours to Live released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-01-17.