In 2020, the head of VA Industries, the largest in the field of robotics, unveils his latest invention — the computer "Kronos", which should put an end to the wars in the world. "Kronos" quickly realizes that the biggest threat to world peace — the people themselves, and starts the program for the destruction of mankind. 97 years later a small group of survivors is still on the run from an army of robots. Teenagers Andrew and Potassium are combined in a new world, where, according to rumors, people live without fear of robots.

  • Robert Kouba

Release Date: 2017-11-24
IMDb icon 3.9/10
  • Country: CH, US
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 1h:32m
Letti Reichel
29 September 2018 | 02:16

the Singularity from lat. singularis — "unique, special" (Wikipedia)

This film suffered an unusual fate. 25-year-old Swiss Director Robert's Kobe in 2013 began shooting a low-budget film, which was to be called Aurora. But later, when it was shot almost the whole film, it so happened that has managed to attract to the project of the famous actor John kusaka. Scenes with participation of John filmed later and just built into previously shot film. Due to this, the film has received more or less public and even came out in theaters in some countries where expect failed. And now, after 5 years after the filming of the movie came to us.

Events in the film starts in the year 2020. A talented inventor Elias van the mandrel creates KRONOS, the computer that was supposed to end the wars. But he has found his own way of thinking, which has led it to the conclusion, Cho the most dangerous people on Earth — the people themselves. Later, in 2097, exterminated almost the entire population of the Earth. But there is a settlement, named Aurora, in which the remnants of humanity are preparing a resistance to the Kronos.

Start with that to consider all the people the chief evil — that's absurd. Evil hide not people and surrounding things, events that lead to terrible consequences. At this Kronos this is somewhat overcomplicated. And generally the essence of Kronos — this is a budget version of Skynet.

I liked the movie. I didn't understand a bunch of negative reviews and trying to figure out why all the Hyatt is a movie. Let's start with the graphics, which in the film is very valid. Giant robots that chased the main characters performed well, even can't want. At the time of viewing. any sense of narisovano, very hard to believe this chart. At least it was funny from the form of these robots, unlike other low-budget films.

In General, caught in the film only because of John kusaka. With respect this actor, so the movies with his participation, often look. That for it roles he played the evil van mandrel, it is not a lot of it in the frame, yeah and when show it always a serious expression and tranquility voice. All scene it occurs in one place in the headquarters of Kronos. not call it role in the film is outstanding. Just his role give reason to rate it work.

Julian Haffner played the main character of the film. It Andrew Davis — it's kind of a John Connor, according to the end. WELL, not going to disclose the details. The actor is very weak. I stopped it always frightened face with bulging eyes. But it partner the film Jeannine Wacker, who played Potassium, coped well with the role. And emotions desire - all on the face. Confused only one thing — in the film, she looks just like Katniss Everdeen from the hunger games. The same haircut, the same clothes, that the crossbow (although I like Katniss bow was). Even in some scenes and the face was similar.

Like many landscapes. The green mountains, the view from outer space — well captured. Do not personally, I felt that the film is cheap. Honestly, it was so well done that bewilderment after watching it was a lot of why all Hayat the film. Yes, the plot is not without flaws, not the best acting (and all the actors in the film are involved is extremely small, 10 people, not more), but I liked the movement of the film itself the story that gave us the young Director. To the same left a good intrigue in the end, which was just hinted, and the specific phrase of the hero of John kusaka said that it's only the beginning. I don't believe the possibility of a sequel, but if held, I happy to wait.

Viewing suggest, but not very sophisticated in choosing the film. It is not Avatar and not Terminator, is nice movie of a young novice Director of the not the most cinematic of the country of Switzerland. For a little money was able to create a good show that it is possible to pass the evening. At least I your pass perfectly.

8 from 10

Lin Zeitler
04 December 2018 | 01:50

It turns out Switzerland produces not only the most accurate timepieces and fine chocolate, but still a mediocre movie.

The plot of the film we are familiar — humanity has created artificial intelligence, he realized that person is a threat to planet rebelled. We saw it with even pop "the Avengers. The era of Ultron". Watch have for a young couple in the realities of a post-apocalyptic world traveling in the only surviving human city. And we somewhere saw it? The ending is also very predictable and has been shown in several films years ago 20.

In the cast of this picture claimed John Cusack, it became or will be many reasons to choose this film for view of many others. The game it criticism from far the mind, forgetting that his character conceived by emotionless scenario. But here is Julian Haffner clearly replays from the lack of acting. In any moment of the movie, it looks like a frightened effeminate teenager. The main character was played by Jeannine Wacker, a very sweet and charismatic on my opinion is a woman, and Russian voice her voice made her even better.

The picture is very decent special effects and combat designs as they say the anime mechs (mechs — large bipedal military robots). So there is also an abundance of beautiful large and not much plans of a magnificent nature.

As for science fiction as such "Singularity" is a very weak draft. Robot scanner why it searches for survivors just looking at the space of the camera, no night vision no camera 2117 on engines anticipate. And such errors lack in the movie, for example where charging for Navigator main character or there is a frozen screen coordinates?

In General, the film turned out as a layout designer, some took out of the film "Screamers", some what "Terminator. Yes there will come a Saviour", something even of the "Riddick" and"the Hunger games".

To watch or not? I would say rather than not, plans for a beautiful, decent special effects and cute girls. Not forget it movie production, Switzerland and measured so, completely.

5 from 10

Kati Saeger
29 November 2018 | 06:38

It seems that and John Cusack is gradually emerging in the circulation. Funny agent of the "Air prison", a complete romantic of the "Intuition" and the caustic writer of the "1408" is gone, and replaced it is absolutely amorphous and uninteresting actor that resembles kusaka.

I don't know if that the film "Singularity" was in development for several years, and scene participation kusaka was removed after was filmed the rest of the material, can it kind of a PR stunt to promote this movie, but the fact that this sight was to put it mildly second-rate, it becomes visible to the naked eye already in the first 15 minutes.

First comes a good plot, giving to understand that mankind has been afflicted with total shock and a handful of survivors now seek salvation from the bloody robots. By the way, part of computer graphics, the film is well executed and a giant steel colossus look quite convincing and realistic. The movie is also full of beautiful landscape shots. But at this, perhaps, with a great finish.

"Singularity" borrows major plot points of the "I — legend" and the fourth part of the "resident evil", captivating the viewer to find a mysterious place where robots no power. The story also comes to that two main actors — guy the girl looking for salvation and receive it. Moreover, according to the final scenes, the impression is that saving Aurora was waiting only for them. All already managed to jump on the bandwagon of world without cars, trains and they left and now waddle to the past the open door, crossing the threshold of where you can find happiness. The finale seems to hint that the whole struggle is still front and bradnee phrases, wafting to the ears of the viewer is a confirmed. Here how to hell fight?! For a half hour of the film is not were no one fight with robots, which would allow to stutter struggle. Only meeting with the forest as Gopnik compensation the audience hopes...

Reducing costs scenery the pavilion of the shooting to a minimum, the Director offered the audience a semi-natural world, so as in some places (the scene with using the haystack) to the naked eye can see that background not true made with the help of a green screen. The main character, two thousand one hundred and some year, uses bow and arrows (well, just once, persondata!), naively believing that such weapons can stop the mechanisms killer! What... the... crap...?! By the way, clothes Potassium (the name of our khrabrykh), it also can be confused with the heroine of Jen Lawrence. And that it companion — Andrew, played by Julian Haffner predicate in the way unsure of yourself and not give a report to where he is at all. Moreover, Shaffner makes it very willfully and clumsy immediately the question — at least he's acting classes attended?

If you decide to cut out filmla all scene participation kusaka (and their there are plenty), you will not lose anything! John appears in the frame is always with one same expression in one same position and keeps staring at the screen. The impression that he put forward the Director condition: for every extra movement — the$ 5,000 for each shift eyebrows — 2000$. Well, really! Zero emotion, zero games, zero desire!

During playback the viewer can see how the character kusaka watching the main characters, and does it through some cameras, shooting Andrew and Potassium is not from somewhere on the sly, not using surveillance cameras to homes the pillars, as it was "On the hook" with young Shia LaBeouf, and with understand what is that takes a guy and a girl, but remains invisible.

And if we are really to find fault, then I always found strange was the scene where people are sleeping on earth, a concrete floor and then get up and go on as neither not what happened! YES, heck, after spending the night on the bare ground at her kidneys can be left, I I do not tell about the cold floor. As minimum body on the morning sick, because it is abnormal for sleep surface! But in Switzerland (the country that issued the "Singularity") to this fact, according to all the usual.

As a result — very weak film neterminator, with dull acting, gaming impotence kusaka, bad green background and guy, Andrew, from all forces trying to show what he Sam Worthington of the fourth "Terminator", which is not aware of who he is indeed...

However, to watch You. Your opinion is not impose.

Nice view.

3 of the 10

How long is Singularity?
2h 12m
Who is the director of the movie Singularity?
This tv-show was directed by Robert Kouba.
What is the genre of Singularity?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Sci-Fi.
Who starred in Singularity?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Julian Schaffner, John Cusack, Carmen Argenziano, Eileen Grubba, Jeannine Wacker.
What is Singularity IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 3.9.
When was Singularity released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-11-24.