Bitter Harvest

A story about love, hope and survival against the backdrop of political upheaval in Ukraine in the 1930-ies. Yuri, a hereditary Cossack, seeking love beautiful Natalka. But his life, like the lives of many of his fellow villagers, is changed after the invasion of the red army. The family of Yuri and many of his compatriots begin to pursue, Stalin's terror covers Eastern Europe...

  • George Mendeluk

Release Date: 2017-02-23
IMDb icon 6/10
  • Country: CA
  • Language: English | Russian
  • Runtime: 1h:43m
  • Budget: $20,000,000
Dana Merell
06 April 2017 | 09:34

Very sorry that before watching I have read only positive reviews... If the cinema is the bottom, then this opus it has reached. As this may appeal to most importantly, who, is dumb absolutely everything and the great Ukrainian and nasty with the nasty features Katsap.

Budget 20 000 000$ not tell me only if not canadian dollars, plenty of filming the pavilion, the stupidest dialogue and sewn with white thread, the story line, says no budget.

Perhaps this farce of someone's thesis or just stuffing Troll, hungry to eat other people's negative emotions, but I believe a rating of 6.9 and this film "Siberian education" has a rating of 3.0. Where is the justice?

If the real movie for you, it — formidable wiggling of the mustache of Stalin, who only want Ukraine without the Ukrainians, where at least 10 NKVD; heroic peasants, the Cossacks, who for many years ago killed all the Mongols, but not able to kill the Muscovites, the main weapon which is idiocy; the suits that hang like bag all "actors"; Barry pepper with a forelock and a mustache similar to pathetic Mark TWAIN, and don Cossack; the music is horrible... although a couple of songs are really very beautiful, but it is the merit of Ukraine and Ukrainians, and not "devil's Harvest".

No, nothing bombed, I watched a lot of alternative points of view, put them and the pros and cons, but it's an honest 1. of 10. In this mediocrity, just nothing, is time spent you can just go in Kiev, go to the Museum of the Holodomor. There is very clear and definitely will bring you the official version of Ukraine on this issue and on the bus then you can reach Pirogovo, there for cheap you can put on same costumes shoot their movie in the same the homes that appeared "the devil's Harvest" and I believe what you will work better. Watching good movies!

Emylee Pavyer
30 April 2017 | 04:05

The film George Mendeluk "devil's Harvest" referring to one of the most tragic pages of Ukrainian history, raising difficult questions on some to which still not answered, it is difficult to assess completely objectively, as a film in its purest form. Maybe someone's work, from wish him good luck, but I such objectivity is not apply.

For me it is important that the film Mendeluk now exist in principle. He required primarily as a reminder of the tragedy that not supposed to happen twentieth century, as warning that she really not should be repeated no in the XXI century nor in the next. The cynicism, hatred, cruelty and sophistication, with which the then regime killed people, the whole nation is shocking and appalling. Feeling the pain of losses will remain, probably, for decades, it not the last turn should be a guarantee that never will be allowed anywhere else in the world applying for humanity and civilization. Honestly say that most of my eight points "the devil's Harvest" for it. — reminder warning. And it's to a certain measure withdraws the picture shortcomings, which it, it must be confessed, enough.

However, they debits another important fact: the film Mendeluk imprisoned in the first to Western audiences. It aims to lucidly convey the theme of Ukrainian even to people who except its name, nothing more about her know, not know about the name. Here in the plot, say Cossack motifs in the 20th century, which for this uneducated Western audience can be a useful revelation, Ukrainian seems a little naive, and in the worst case there are still sharovarin see you. The same is dictated by the increased attention of the camera to the peasant huts, the costumes, the details of everyday life, rituals: for example, recall how much time was paid to the funeral scene in the context of the Ukrainian tradition. The same reason the ribbon is dominated by folk music, folk songs, and the decision to bring the wonderful songs of "DakhaBrakha" — the top recruit authors. Yes, we all this may seem somewhat naive and fun, but if you have to talk with a"clean slate", I this form seems appropriate. So that is an educational program that movie can be considered successful.

What to sorry about it is impossible to say how the actual film. The main thing is not enough "the devil's Harvest" — integrity. The impression is that look no one film and cutting or clips or short films, sometimes with great difficulty customized to the together and taken by different people in some same locations.

A lot of questions to the story. Episodes from Stalin look artificial and unnecessary — information are, it was possible to put a VoiceOver accompanying text for a more emotional could to recite actor. The finale also read a slightly different, clearer, with some output, but not so blurred, where do not clearly nothing. In terms of mapping the realities of that time is also not everything went smoothly. If you believe the creators, in the 30s of the matter in Ukraine was as follows: in the village was raided by cavalry of the red Army in led high Commissioner, "restoring order" and safely disappeared. The until the next RAID tech in its former course, as if I happened — here parties carefree fun, except that a little tight food. But even a little bit familiar with Ukrainian history of those years know very well that everything was different.

Rushed in eyes what if the ceremonies, songs, customs, costumes we do know the Ukraine, staged battles — Hollywood. The battle scenes are shot with almost a full set of Hollywood tricks, and "chips" and not because they have fun even by yourself for yourself, not mention of Ukrainian realities.

Can not, for one very pleasant exception, boasting picture Mendeluk and acting. Missed here, perhaps, everything. To the actors have me, less claims, at least main mass. Have them busy schedules, one film follows other and then in parallel, to understand and to feel the material is not always have the time, but with "the devil's Harvest" it was vital. In the end, did not seem to say that the actors react to the project carelessly, but here's how to the passage, only "one", — obviously. And this required a great mental impact, significantly more emotion than we have seen in her. And is the more a shame that actors gained something not mediocre. Samantha barks, for example, I think is best for Eponine history of film adaptations of Les misérables: the Hooper she outplayed some much more hyped, his colleagues in the lead roles. Emilia Fox played a great role in "the Pianist", "be Silent in a rag", "Helen of Troy", and Barry pepper — in the "Iron grip" and "Saving private Ryan". However, in "the devil's Harvest" they look unconvincing, as all others. Corny, but the Director then need to be more proactive, persistent, to infect, to carry, to convey to actors the importance and value of his idea. The more so this for Mendeluk was very personal, a tribute to the Ukraine, where its ancestors. But something doesn't matter, not merged, we see the highlights of the Amateur theatre is not it and highlights — and does a historical reconstruction, where the acting in General is reduced to zero.

Well, finally, believe some of heroes fast... is Very difficult, so to speak. In the film one gaunt face, no one thin figure. And in the painting of the Holodomor, dear! There are several bodies on the streets of Kiev, but with the camera on them delayed. And this is again a reference to the question how we had the actors come to the material in shooting "devil's Harvest".

And even the only pleasant exception in picture tamer Hassan, well played the red Commissioner and convince every scene with its a part that choice this role hit ten. But unfortunately, he became the only bright spot among the very average acting work.

Thus, as cinematographic film Mendeluk has become a very average show, little has been done in the number of points. And the less than very well that "devil's Harvest" was removed.

8 from 10

Dionne Simone
29 March 2017 | 01:41

When, in the Director's chair sits the average American and turns his creative eye on East, traditionally finally there is the next cranberry. Moreover we it's fun, a kind cranberry cognac — warm nostalgia for the good old days, invigorates, gives the full right from the soul to laugh over the mindless one representative of the West. We admit to ourselves — us like.

But when the same chair sits nostalgic for their mythology canadian from the Ukrainian family of migrants, that cranberries insist on fusel-selyukovskom brew with enchanting notes of garlic and a tantalizing aroma of bacon. And no one is better than Mendeluk born in a family of Ukrainian collaborators (those who took under the visor with the words "yavol, Mein führer"), who defected to West Germany, with the task to handle could. Brought up in that family, the lad's probably got the "right" historical leaven (romantically sad, like all disgraced runners, without nuances about the burnt villages and the Holocaust), so as not to burst into laughter in the most tragic episodes of the doers of surrealism. It Mendeluk reasonably admiring his "independence" country from distance, could to portray exaggerated Ukrainian village, drawing inspiration from the tourist brochures and memories of the OUN-UPA.

The whole composition of the painting is based on the reflex system of Pavlov's dogs. There Yurko Natalka, the young villagers that have fun on bathed in the Golden fields of Ukraine under blue sky of Yak unicorns in magical Kingdom from milk banks. They always in white robes, and the Sun is always bright. They, of course, "good", young, happy, and ready to fertilization.

And there are coming of the Soviet, it is Russian for the personal orders of Stalin. And all instantly depressed. Bleach ended — go all in grey Oseledets villagers wilted, the Sun hid, but the rains (they are usually Red army drags with other), and only sensual plump cheeks of Natasha kept sweet burn. All "clear" that it was the Holodomor — the totem myth modern Ukraine. At from no hunger die! Everyone has time to mow the Red army! Why all this happened? What is all of this? Apparently, for the sake of passing pseudo-agitation none of the actors to lose weight wanted to principle. Therefore, the rest of the narrative turns into a mind-bending action curly Barry pepper in the forefront on a spirited horse. And while the viewer with Homeric laughter slides with the chair, briefly consider the nuances of the paintings, because the story came to an end, finish.

After this, contrast the propaganda of presenting the audience the heroes of the tape Mendeluk to work with actors required at all. Therefore, they are not played. Ie. they were playing, but people and not even role and labels stamps. Some Holy Aki lambs, while others for completeness, not missing a tail and horns. That only is or them or to the city, stuck in the plot swollen Stalin, similar to the Moscow option Kim Jong-UN.

The number of the rave reviews about the craft with the Ukrainian audience to the modern model so as expected diarrhea after milk a bit of sugar with cucumber. So in apart from policy to address this a picture, alas, is impossible, the last thing left — this is a historic component. Famine as artificial weapons as real as the use of live velociraptors or dragons. So in 1926, the population of Ukraine was 29 million and in 1959, have 37 million, given the hyped figures of the famine and the loss war — it's impossible. And why destroy a population with an urgent need of workers? Well, Yes okay. If you believe that can "come" a happy future, and you can believe that for construction of the Dneproges you just need to shoot a hundred other villagers.

In the end, the only thing what Ukrainian patriots have to rejoice, so is that they thought again. In not really all the hands of Putin to look, by the way, believe they only two.

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How long is Bitter Harvest?
2h 23m
How much did it cost to make Bitter Harvest?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $20,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Bitter Harvest?
This tv-show was directed by George Mendeluk.
What is the genre of Bitter Harvest?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, History, Romance, War, Best History Movies 2017, Best Romance Movies 2017, Best War Movies 2017.
Who starred in Bitter Harvest?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Aneurin Barnard, Barry Pepper, Max Irons, Terence Stamp, Samantha Barks.
What is Bitter Harvest IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.
When was Bitter Harvest released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-02-23.