Personal Shopper

A young American Maureen, living in Paris, helps the celebrities to pick up clothes. With the world of high fashion it for you. Her life seems a dream, but complicates things paranormal feature — Maureen is able to communicate with ghosts.

  • Olivier Assayas

Release Date: 2017-03-10
IMDb icon 6.1/10
  • Country: BE, CZ, FR, DE
  • Language: English | French | Swedish
  • Runtime: 1h:45m
  • Budget: $6,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $269,920, 19 March 2017
Maia Schechinger
16 April 2017 | 11:47

Catcall new film by Olivier Assayas in Cannes, in principle, played even on the hands of the creators because otherwise no one would this picture is not noticed. The viewer is drawn to watch — least in order to understand that the same is "very bad" with the point of view of eminent critics.

Let's start with that the Director originally made a mistake in the choice of actress for the role of the protagonist. Psychopathic appearance and corresponding to this image game Kristin Stewart is good for the Hollywood of consumer goods, which important schematic, but vivid archetypes, and quiet, thoughtful, slowly drop the depth of the character.

Drama in the American film — it is virtually non-existent genre, so look for the ocean of drama actors — is the right way to failure.

And if the last film of Assayas's "Sils Maria, "Stewart its main function — not to interfere with play Juliette Binoche fulfilled, it here she has left her attempts to imitate Monica Vitti "red desert" is clearly not failed. As in principle, managed full movie — swing in Antonioni, and impact on the Korean Thriller. Something here recalled movie Korean Thriller — its malleability boring, complete lack of a coherent plot, with the explicit desire to confuse the viewer as the only dignity substitute a psychological portrait of the characters for psychiatric.

The meaning of the movie was trying to convey Assayas read the first seconds, but Director in an interview many times he said his — the gap between internal and external reality, such as running time and space perception. The unknowable that surrounds us reality derived from this primal terror before the Mystery that serves as the main motivator of human activity.

Classic antonionievskoy theme, keystones, where the Maestro laid down in the "blue up"," red desert", "Adventure" and etc. 

I'm absolutely not opposed to the themes of the great Directors were used by the later generations. In principle, that is the purpose of Grand — specify the key direction. I against the unfeeling exploitation of old ideas in pursuit of pseudocreativity, transformation of author's cinema in the conveyor hackneyed and sometimes outdated cultural simulacra.

Insatiable desire of the Director to please and at the same time to the mass audience and the intellectuals led to what we have a dull, gray, lifeless Thriller with a ridiculous plot, primitive ideological and psychological base, wooden game the main character, an unpleasant sediment after viewing.

Hard to find a black cat in a dark room, especially if it there — such is the idea of the film. The ironically, the same thing can be said about the film. Hard to find something worthwhile where nothing worthwhile there.

The case when, in fact, better in again to go back to the classics than to spend time and the nerves trying to understand the muddy stream of consciousness that poured on screen an ambitious quest for the success of the Director.

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Prudy Oni
15 January 2018 | 02:05

If the snotty vampire Saga for pupils "Twilight" Kristin Stewart looked silly young fool in love, then in this film it the restrained manner of acting looked quite organically and she managed more or less to convey the tragic and disturbing as the main character Maureen — the sisters mourning for the recent loss of his twin brother.

Features Kristin Stewart on opened the dark door on the balcony in a large old house. Came out very atmospheric — navalesi lightly on the door, slowly, with pressure gradually opened the creaking door. For this time, feel and time to get ready for something disturbing. This movement has become a cliche and is often used for example, also in the modern computer horror games like "The Evil Within" and etc.

Unlike the mysterious "twin peaks" Lynch where we end all get the clarity and clear picture of the perfect murder, directed by Olivier Assayas intentionally so controversial events, and shows confuses the viewer a mystery that impossible to determine who is on actually commits a crime who sends strange text messages to Maureen, and do she in General, guy... Also remember videorabot "Donnie Darko" from 2001, according to which many of the audience went with mind, creating fan sites and solving what you see from the which there are more questions than before you can view.

And all the same despite the abundance of spiritual contacts of the heroine and manifestations of supernatural entities, on my opinion the essence of the film easily floats to the surface, if you pay attention to the dialogs which Maureen (Kristin Stewart) discusses his career and she we see the movie — "Personal shopper".

Communicating with my boyfriend on Skype she he admits that does not what would like and her that's crazy. For the second time conversation this topic will have a former lover of her boss model Kira, who invites her position fashion magazine. Further, if the mysterious esemes communication in the train POPs up the same topic, where Maureen so not can understand what it would be working.

Thus, the Director shows us what can happen to those who can not be determined and long working on the unloved work. Yes, the man hits the mysticism, spiritualism and even himself, imperceptibly for yourself, to commit a felony. So, my friends, remembering the warnings Olivier and Kristin Stewart, trying more carefully to quit work looking for my purpose in life, your way.

6 from 10

Amalia Cutler
30 June 2017 | 04:31

An unusual movie. Two days of this thought. Psychological Thriller is a rare genre in the world of film, and these quality more less. In same the film is even mixture of detective, but the most curious mystery. The film looks mysterious. Immersing the audience in his cool mysterious story, we with the main character go down in a strange way, somewhere in the unknown. Here all imbued with loneliness and sorrow. Shadows of shadows.

Meet Maureen. A young American girl living in Paris works as a personal buyer at the one celebrity. Buys her name brand stuff, and knows his business well. What interestingly, Maureen has a gift of communication ghosts, and his mystical ability she is trying to send to dealing with dead brother...

The film looks atmospheric, trying to understand and analyze, but the plot is tricky and often puts in a dead end. French Director Olivier Assayas (whom I especially like the movie "Cleansing" from Maggie Cheung) in his new film have worked on glory. He took quite extraordinary, foggy movie, full of shock and something very interesting. I mean hell with the other world, with the unknown substance, which will always be relevant. It the film can be called a special, tricky, but I believe that appreciate it. the advantages will far no each. This movie is more for intellectuals, fans of something deep and difficult.

After seeing some time not able to move all analyze, fold the puzzle. Was unexpected shocking moments that are particularly pleased, and it was cool. I believe that the film is absolutely not failed, although many of its cold took. This movie "the other," and real movie buff have to rate.

As for Kristen Stewart, then it is cleared "Twilight" and has become a serious actress playing in the most diverse and successful paintings. In this strange movie Stuart managed character. Its history of the character scary and fascinating.

All the time there's ambiguity, mystery, mysticism, at this kept the interest of the film. I liked the stress state in which are again, the mystery was interesting. The film is much deeper than it seems.

"Personal buyer" — a psychological drama with a taste of detective and mysticism 2016. The film from Olivier Assayas is a purely European cinema, with all features style, balancing the unknown, the paranormal, that was curious. Refer to the film positively.

"No ban, no desires" (Maureen)

7 out of 10

How long is Personal Shopper?
2h 25m
How much has Personal Shopper made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $269,920, 19 March 2017.
How much did it cost to make Personal Shopper?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $6,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Personal Shopper?
This tv-show was directed by Olivier Assayas.
What is the genre of Personal Shopper?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, Horror, Mystery, Best Mystery Movies 2017, Best Fantasy & Sci-fi Movies 2017.
Who starred in Personal Shopper?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Kristen Stewart, Lars Eidinger, Sigrid Bouaziz, Anders Danielsen Lie, Ty Olwin.
What is Personal Shopper IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.1.
When was Personal Shopper released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-03-10.