During his escape from the asylum for the insane, four teenagers kidnap a young nurse. In pursuit of them embarking a detachment of police, headed by a Texas Ranger by Hal Hartmann, vengeful and merciless. One of the escapees gets to full of tragedies and horrors of the journey that will turn him into a maniac — a legend by the name of leatherface.

  • Alexandre Bustillo
  • Julien Maury

Release Date: 2017-09-14
IMDb icon 5/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 1h:30m
Sheree Talbott
22 September 2017 | 04:39

Remembering the main killers of Hollywood, on the mind immediately comes nice four old and already native villains: Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, leatherface and Jason Voorhees. Each of them has a huge number of continuation and, of course, the remakes, good and not really. For 43 years of the franchise, "Texas chainsaw massacre" managed to acquire two trilogies (the fourth part of the obviously the calculation is not take) and today screens can be seen the second restarts the legendary series.

Leatherface is primarily interesting not as a separate character, and as part of a large, crazy family of Sawyer. In every movie she is given much screen time, we always learn something new about her, then I think the series is marking time on the spot. Here all of this is very small, 5 minutes the 10 minutes the end, the rest is the same time — was this vague nuthouse and mini road movie. About that we're watching "Texas chainsaw massacre" can only be understood in the last ten minutes of the film, where there's a chainsaw and a classic chase scene. The main focus here is on the development of a maniac, his youth in an insane asylum, escaping and create the first mask. And this is the main disadvantage of the movie, then there is no clear villain and victim (except just one!!! girls), that the viewer of a certain fear, no one to empathize, you can't even guess who will be the first victim, and who can survive. Not work the main rules of the genre.

Generally the plot — is its main trouble. It's easy to close your eyes on a small budget and format direct to DVD, the bad acting, it all is inherent in every second horror film, but it is impossible to watch on a giant plot holes, illogic of the narrative incomprehensible actions of the characters and the like. It is not first not the second movie of the series that the explanation is in the spirit: "they are crazy and therefore, all this is happening" already do not pass. But in the same time fully blame the scenario is impossible. In the second half of the film has a very memorable plot twist, to predict which, I think, no one could. And it was pretty cool and unexpected, all shook up a straightforward narrative.

It's a pity that the film was not slashers, and the usual horror. In this is a murder, cruelty and even disgusting moments, there are, of course, touched on a sequel, but there is no spirit of the past part, no of the madness. I am sure that sequel this restart have no, the Creator of the entire series and Executive producer of this film, Tobe Hooper, died on the next day after the premiere of the film. And unlikely to someone wants to invest in the sequel to the disastrous movie but it "father".

Nydia Cianca
26 September 2017 | 01:35

"Texas chainsaw massacre" was once a unique horror movie. And of course, it remains, if we talk about the original film. All next first already in fact do not brought in the story of a family of Sawyer anything new. The audience and more so on the first tape Hooper was clear that there is a family of cannibals and perverts, well, frankly sick people in one of parts of Texas. A lot of these cases and in real life, and in cinema more 40 years ago the genre only started to develop. Movies freaks in all kinds of insane amount of wilderness in fundamentally they are the same: civilized citizens wander not in traveling or just when you go on road one state in another.

However, the "leatherface" in modern — a completely different film. I looked all part of this franchise, they all I in its own way like, because I removed them different Directors, actors also vary greatly. Was and Comedy horror, and fierce thrash, and for me especially a good film, 2003, year, where shot very darkly and with cruelty. After it "Started" in 2006-a year and even more 3D do one thing, just look at all other people on one same story. The faces are different, but the maniac that one. The saddest thing — after the 2003 film we tried for some reason to tell you where and why the family of Sawyer appeared on light, etc. and etc. 

So, it immediately killed intrigue. When the silent big man in a mask cuts people and it nobody can handle, and no know who he why all the this creates a creepy and scary, interesting. When you start to dig, and trying to explain that it was just an ordinary man, moved down with coils certain conditions have no. "leatherface" (2017) in this plan is not hopeless, because the authors suggested to look into the past of the main character, well, and young killers as there may be, have not corny as previous remakes and the beginning of one same the man in the apron. In addition, in a new movie needs an R rating, the blood and filth more than. At this in full trash film to happiness started it all violence the screen is more or less justified.

And who now will surprise hiding in the carcasses of animals and cut living bodies. Special feature — sinister unstoppable Sheriff in performance Dorff, the image is great, him the role of thugs the most. the Film is not tightened, the action enough, the music in match what is happening on the screen, well, and the asylum in early — just a mandatory part of the given surroundings. Well as far as the still main component — plot: I liked the above character, well, and presence of a saw I guess. All the rest, frankly, as something far-fetched and reminds just one of the versions of the story of Sawyer. Well, the kids were placed in a psychiatric hospital, well they broke off the chain, then show the lawlessness of local "justice". That again wanted to say ? What is obsessed with revenge the Sheriff patients better killers?

Well, I have a special pity for the cannibals, the children they it or adults, not has arisen. There are, however, the funny thing was associated with the appearance of the future the butcher — there's an unpleasant view and unrealistic fat boy, and in the end, show who ? Twist in short, how we say today. Poor kids shred all on the way, the mother of the family from them behind, authorities none, why again to show the complete powerlessness of the Sheriff and ordinary citizens, I do not understand. There are really good moments, but not scary nor once, whether it is a sawed-off fingers, or shot through the head. In again convinced that the more you try to tell or coming on the origin, the less intrigue and experiences viewing. I hope the next part will devote just a beautiful and cruel hunting adult Leather person in any public place.

Haley Philippa
21 June 2018 | 12:13

You won't misbehave?

(about the 14th minute of the film)

the Texas chainsaw massacre: leatherface

I have long goodbye with a franchise about the family of Texas (beat it grandpa!), when writing a review on the seventh film, but contemporary filmmakers did not unable to settle down. And again, Hello! The eighth part, guys. In this franchise was only can be removed — sequels, reboots-remakes, prequels. Especially not began to read the synopsis, so interesting.

What is "Leather face"? Drum roll, another one prequel, with crazy. To the average viewer this movie is not particularly like. Call the usual horror. But here moviegoers will appear the soil for reflection. Why? All franchises are trying to move forward, this — delves into the past. And not some pieces like "Saw", and all movies.

It would seem that everyone has long been told. Family carriageways kills people. Showed past Literacy (where he worked there? it seems to be at the factory, does not remember), has shown all his family (in different variations) showed their uncle even showed how the uncle has become abnormal to the police.

The creators are (again) spinning at pan give the child Literacy. Thank God, the smart enough not to dwell on some children (dislike this theme of the horrors). Diluted crazy mother and the brutal Sheriff. Mom plays Lily Taylor. The Sheriff — old Dorff. Each of them played pretty well for horror (with palely Directors for the helm).

And Yes, it is one of the most violent parts in the entire franchise. Blood here is flowing, characters are killed without stops. The creators of all rightly so, as I think. When all says, you need to put up a hell of Orgy. Although, hand on heart, depraved scenes clearly went too far. I'm not against nudity, but sex along with the corpses, not know.

To show their patients? It because so clear, killing everyone. In short, overkill. But the creators came up with such a chip dash snag, according to the story of the heroes take in a madhouse, where they change their names, and then show over the years and you once you understand who are Literas. Well, it was obvious, just that I watched a movie not too closely, ha ha.

In any case, I was a little surprised. Yes, the prequel of Libesman (Ermi — eternal memory!) to the film nispel will be brighter and fun, but "leatherface" you can check out in the evening (for the record). Much better fourth film with McConaughey!


In the picture was one crazy girl. Recalled the blonde from Rob Zombie "the devil's rejects". And I about looks...

6 out of 10

How long is Leatherface?
2h 10m
Who is the director of the movie Leatherface?
This tv-show was directed by Alexandre Bustillo, Julien Maury.
What is the genre of Leatherface?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Thriller, Horror.
Who starred in Leatherface?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Stephen Dorff, Lili Taylor, Sam Strike, Vanessa Grasse, Finn Jones.
What is Leatherface IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 5.
When was Leatherface released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-09-14.