Jeepers Creepers 3

23 years ago Geiler Brandon lost a son Kenny who was eaten by a horrible monster, and now lives in a remote house with her granddaughter Addison. When in the area again, the monster appears on your hellish van, Hailer is the son and says that he will return to pick up his property, which Kenny buried close to home. At the same time the Sheriff, had previously owned a flying clawed beast trying to organize the local police to put an end to these atrocities.

  • Victor Salva

Release Date: 2017-11-02
IMDb icon 4/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 1h:40m
Ninon Sadiras
30 November 2017 | 08:20

Very read the duologue "Jeepers creepers" for the original idea as and of course, for the very mysterious entity — which comes out on the hunt every 23 years... waiting for this three announce the 2013, yeah and the series is still who — the same a single Creator of the Victor Salva! My dreams about another as the cool part is not bounds (after all, who how not to he will also to sculpt the perfect sequel). Here just be honest, whether it was at all? The film series ended with the gorgeous, mysterious creepers as and so and went so mysteriously... not explain to the end of the crowd its self.

What offers us Victor Salva in his new film after 15 years? — absolutely one and the same product. Devoid of ideas where logically finished the previous films, decided ten years later that again pointless we want to show their sadistic murder your created a monster. Ko all, giving more of the Jeepers Creepers telekinesis abilities? The ability to drag items and to repel from his truck a bullet... in General, it is a good idea, but this was previously thought. And here, nothing new anymore to see the no what: the Director throws up his hands, the creature growls and all the kills, all people are trying to kill. To the way, the look of the monster is clearly wait... felt false, well does it not that was before (again, Oh I wonder how did this red jacket, with the victim made?).

eventually nothing why it return. Is there a connection to the previous parts? NO. a Lot of new things we tell about maniac? — NOTHING. What was the meaning of this part? -... There were good moments, nostalgia prevails, quite an interesting scene when all from the Creepers were under , we all even a little Doge with creepy atmosphere. According to compared to 1-2, the film do not dynamic, not bright, like for TV viewing... but is the level of such a good concept of the film?

8 from 10

as an admirer of the history, other things like or more\less some effort directed to return to the origins of the film.

#ps: and the end of the film and screaming... it seems to be a continuation of the story!

Myrtle Pollack
18 November 2017 | 10:24

Have not wrote reviews of the films. Not saw it makes sense. All the movies that I watched over last years, or not worth the time spent on it or without me it was clear that either bad or good and it could tell a lot of people, expressing better than me, a regular movie lover, not experience in giving an objective assessment. BUT NOW the OTHER CASE...

No sooner had the long-awaited 3rd part of the adventures of the most significant and bright my opinion of the villain (and probably the only such), created in the 2000s, as in the vast network, I see a large amount of dirt, slag, hate thrown in the direction of the film. A rating below 5 everywhere, including imdb and kinopoisk, the fans tore the movie to pieces. The people you seriously??? Let's try to understand!

The first 2 parts released in a very long time been the standard horror, not afraid so. say! Escalate the suspense and impregnated with the mystery part 1, and her driving, but not devoid of horror and leaving behind a mystery 2 me. As long awaited 3rd part of your emotions this issue is not will present and everything understand. Finally she came out! The trailer was intriguing left many a pleasant sensation, but as the film came out, immediately gathered tons of negativity, including from fans, mindlessly condemning the Director and not knowing, even to where it can lead. Too big must have been waiting at most, although it should be understood that the human imagination is not jump, already invented. all possible subjects, even those that are on the screen to move in principle impossible, so that could be expected from a movie that is a prequel to the 2nd part, which saw all know that Needs to started this most part was "alive and healthy". Therefore, it was initially clear what will all events occurring in the 3rd part, which will major character of their attempt to the destruction of a Creeper or nothing result.

Salva nobody has been deceived! Yes, at first he was planning to move the events on 23 years, but then it became clear that the event will take place between 1 and 2 parts it was also interesting if you consider that is preparing to continue this piece was made specifically with this purpose. Here only now the whole Haight pictures, condemnation of the fans, is likely to lead to that salve no one never will allocate the budget for continuation, and myself he will be disappointed and forget the all we remain all the untold story. It costs what? Have a 4th part of the wonderful potential and the 3rd part confirmation of this. She has filled the story with another characters, new motivations and all the same gave some answers, if you look carefully!!! All listed in conjunction, promises the culmination of a masterpiece. Here only for her now?!

If to speak directly about this painting, then it naturally turned out weaker than its predecessors, though because the basic techniques of the film were revealed really intermediate history, nothing new to invent. After all, if in this part was known as to kill the Creeper, would be lost the meaning of the 2nd part, any interference in the ending, would put cross this film. Therefore, the purpose of the release of the 3rd movie to show another story of the adventure monster, to add a character to prepare the ground for completion, so C. in the 2nd film that made not been. But here we left in the living character who knows the secret, but disclose for such a short duration, was not really. In fact, the 1st part psychological horror, the 2nd youth horror film, the action in which no slack never, 3-I action. And that's right! It does everything these films are different, but not going beyond the limits of the context. Else — I, should've given more screen time to the characters, which are squad hunt the Creeper and somehow all too easy to work, but the explanation for this is certainly — budget constraints.

I agree that the salve here overdone flip tanks with one hand, too terminators, unnecessary scene. Also as and the application seemed — serious injury, not brought the monster high damage (I will not go into details of not to spoil the view). In previous parts it was shown that a monster all the same is quite vulnerable, you just do not give it recovery right here too its vitality and strength. But not critical. The truck turned too invulnerable, trap inside can understand, but armored wheels, it on the one hand, nonsense, and other it is possible to find an explanation, given that myself Creeper being inhuman, it's all fantasy, and so, all may be possible. In every movie has plot holes, are very serious, which is not here. All logically understandable, if you look carefully at and analyze.

Thus, to summarize, I tell the Director THANK you! He has experienced so many negative aspects to film and still it is not hurt. Because of his reputation, he couldn't obtain the approval of the Studio, he was forbidden to remove on different administrative territories that do not allocated the right budget (which affected the special effects in some cases), but he walked towards their goal. He made the film for people who spat on him. I care about the identity of the Director in the terms alleged against him offence this is the law enforcement and judicial authorities of the United States. But in terms of creativity, it is undoubtedly a talented man, but problem with the law has left its mark and he doubly hard to prove themselves. Support fans that it needs. Therefore, we strongly suggest to go to movie this film, to see how to Supplement the history and not that everyone came up with and give an objective evaluation. What would people were the incentive to make the ending what it should be. Among the films the last 10-15 years, are very similar in terms of a good work out negative character and no stereotyped. There are a few films, but the franchise's virtually all sucked out of a finger. For 14-year-old expectations, certainly not quite the thing, but far from disappointment. Worthy for the next Chapter of the story!

Evaluation of my overvalued point efforts the rigorous persecution of the author.

Of 9 10

Brooke Brunella
08 February 2018 | 09:16

2017 many pleased several sequels of horror films, from which, perhaps, was the most anticipated the third "Jeepers creepers". Victor Salva, orchestrating the first two parts, long with the triquel, and eventually released interquel — we can have a look at the events immediately following the end of the first part and preceding the second.

The quality of the picture in times greater than the original, and what pleases me even more, so is a constant presence of the monster in the scenes daylight. The third part of it is a verbatim repetition of the previous one, and this is a big plus. Is it and that here is a sudden disclosure gets... truck Creepers. It turns out he is full of traps and other traps with which can handle only the owner. In addition, the Director uses the notorious technique when in the sequel to the famous horror film unfolds the hunt for a monster. Just imagine the hunt for the Jeepers of Creepers... No, unfortunately she is paid a bit of attention, but the idea itself is very decent.

Unfortunately, in the film there are and disadvantages which almost balance all the dignity. Start with that there are too often thrown in the eyes cheap graphics, annoyingly reminiscent of that all setting, not reality. Crows flying cars and jumping motorcycles hardly will be able to convince someone. A lot of upsets and that us and revealed the essence of the Creepers, although promises were such. Where he took — we not know. Disappointment. But most importantly, look for this incompatible mixture of crime Thriller and science fiction. Episodes with aggressive hand seem to be completely irrelevant, or otherwise, truck and Arsenal monster is seen as the echoes of steampunk. The Director, apparently, was so glad to finally shoot a third film that didn't figured that it wants to show. It the obvious confusion is not went to benefit scenario, and only worsened it.

Of the actors by far in the lead Stan Shaw, great vivaldis in the role of a hunter on monsters. As for the others say that it is impossible. No Gabriel Hof or Meg foster not be revealed so well and Brandon Smith and is similar to assistant with his constant lethargy and nothing understandingly. He if nothing to all events. Problem with actors uncommon in American films 2010s

We've been waiting for the third part, and here she came out. Whether we the fact that see? Not much to sorry. The level of the first film about a winged creature is not reached. This, of course, not failure not an indicator of high quality too. Whether the franchise's future? Maybe there, but it's too vague.

5 out of 10

How long is Jeepers Creepers 3?
2h 20m
Who is the director of the movie Jeepers Creepers 3?
This tv-show was directed by Victor Salva.
What is the genre of Jeepers Creepers 3?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Thriller, Horror, Mystery, Best Horror Movies 2017, Best Mystery Movies 2017.
Who starred in Jeepers Creepers 3?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Stan Shaw, Gabrielle Haugh, Brandon Smith, Meg Foster, Jordan Salloum.
What is Jeepers Creepers 3 IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 4.
When was Jeepers Creepers 3 released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-11-02.