The Square

"Square" — a new exhibit gallery Swedish designed to provoke the citizens bouts of love and altruism. At least, as conceived by the curator Christian with good looks and a sweet life Marcello Mastroianni: colleagues, art parties, girls are all crazy about him. But when in broad daylight with Christian stealing the wallet and phone, he sits in a Tesla and is a big gamble with revenge. Humorous at first, the punishment of thieves leads to consequences that will force Christian to forget and "Square", and his commandments.

  • Ruben Östlund

Release Date: 2017-10-18
IMDb icon 7.2/10
  • Country: DK, FR, DE, SE
  • Language: English | Swedish | Danish
  • Runtime: 2h:22m
Blondelle Drobman
23 November 2017 | 08:42

The long-awaited "Square" — good satire on modern society. The film is about the labels that we like to assign things, and about our helplessness, when we face things, no tokens. Scary when you realize that you living in a society where people in real life need a sign "laugh", "applause" and so on, otherwise we may witness a murder inspection to end, then we will wait for that will be leading and say that all the show, but in most cases, this is not.

Ruben Östlund (Director and writer) reproduced amazing picture of modernity which makes you wonder, but no more. In the film has a lot of mini stories that we and the business of poking his nose in the shortcomings of modern society. Maybe they skillfully crafted and each individual has the right to existence, in the context of history, this is how to listen to your favorite song performed by different singers. In picture stories a lot, but every single final, and to the middle of the movie you start to smile and tired duplicate content of one and the same in the guise of a story, maybe if the timing made favorite Hitchcock 90 minutes, I would not been so critical.

When all minor cons, the film is good, but not to throw Gold Palm Branches. because sometimes it like a lame prank. To watch or not? Look! Even need to watch because so our society haven't have fun, although those films have been with its slow turnover, which touched on other topics, but still joined leg in this "square" though not for a long time. The first thing that comes in mind "Toni Erdmann" and"Honorary citizen". They were also treated kindly by the critics, so the "Square" was supposed to get something. Pleasant viewing. Special thanks to the insistent boy. What boy? Watch the movie!

Cherlyn Early
11 September 2017 | 08:54

"Square" — the awarded tape of Robert Estlund, which was clearly aimed at the prestigious European film awards relevance and topicality of artistic expression, in terms it is trying to take the bar high bunyanesque absurd surrealism, but it is not it turns out neither in one episode. First, the picture Estland not enough of the scenario elaboration, in no strong backbone of drama, events are strung one on another without a particular connection, tedious, viscous paced Scandinavian film aggravates the at the viewer's boredom.

However, the lack of clear intrigue — it is so bad, in the ribbon Estlund that the conceptual clarity, the author does not completely understand that he wants to tell him criticism of European tolerance is not always consistent, though, and can be seen in every episode. Already after his movie "the Game" Östlund has established himself as a subversive of the ideals of a multicultural society, by showing the consequences of Western spinelessness and unwillingness to confront aggression and violence parties of ethnic minorities.

In the "Square" a ernicheski the object of ridicule becomes the art Bohemians and more yourself the world of contemporary art, rarely is the viewer can see the entire his background, to understand how is formed situation, are sensation and "masterpieces" among the rich people and snobs. Östlund is trying to create ebonyline variant of the shocking socio-cultural hypotheses about Haneke that unmotivated violence in the Western world is the revival of the primitive impulse of human resistance to civilization as such.

One of the most memorable episodes of "Square" becomes a performance of the crazy Russian artist, whose prototype is obviously Oleg Kulik, in which the cultured animals is a threat not only bourgeois, but and civilization in General, shocking the art public. The Central a symbol of the film becomes an installation calling for tolerance of law, a kind of public framework which all including the main characters, break is outdated social definitions, rules and establishing, on which rests the Western society, but they can lower the level of conflict between the rich and socially disadvantaged groups, indigenous Europeans and the ethnic minorities.

Estlund as and heroes and tolerant European society, peculiar to a certain sense of guilt at the against the socially marginalized and stigmatized groups protect their right it built in the cult that it and kills, because these victim groups demand their in that would any has become (remember the great scene in bistro  hero of the "Square" buys the beggar a sandwich). Exit of this absurd situation, in which the benefactor is always to blame, the Director is not see, except that continue the same bankrupt itself, the course of European tolerance.

"Square" — this is a story about the hopelessness of the situation in which we were all but also it and a brilliant satire on modern art, does not shun anything to attract the viewer's attention at least for a short time. Why Östlund chose the material of their study, this vicious snobbish little world? Because in him as the palm is visible to the entire spiritual poverty of the Western world, all chierichetti it ideals of failure to create, but only to compile and already shuffle the former.

"Square" Estlund — this picture is fake, congenial to the fact that it shows all its topicality and the severity — apparent. She wants to win the viewer's shock, substance, not having a backbone, the most important task. In contemporary art as in our time in General, and film Estlund, no drama, no nerve, and therefore no genius, or at least talent statements. It is a spineless world, from which removed the passion, love of life, of discovery, of creativity, in which material well-being finally killed sincere spiritual search. In this sense, the film Estlund — a portrait of the era, bearing the all its shortcomings, flawed and watery, she might not worth more, but this image screen.

Juliette Zoilla
24 October 2017 | 10:07

Scandinavian movies have it is nice however an unusual angle, under which discusses seems to be quite ordinary things: all exaggerated up to such an extent that becomes even scary. A kind of terror through laughter. Moreover, nothing really bad show — so, life, characters..

Ruben Östlund was extremely good in this genre. First, it is very clearly reveals the psychology that was more visible from the time of "Force majeure". Let the characters and are sometimes in absolutely unthinkable situations, their answers to these situations worked fine way. All attention, of course, the protagonists. Other can be seen as auxiliary elements, a kind of stimuli that contribute to the disclosure of the characters of the principal persons, bringing them on response. So, in "Force majeure" we're watching a couple experiences after a fateful avalanche on a ski resort. In  the"Square" we follow several incarnations of the hero, Christian, and with him befall. It the Director of the Museum, a public person, obviously a prominent lover and, in the end, just a father. And in all these spheres of his existence he is not surprisingly clever, although the gloss seems to shout about the reverse.

Another point — the actual situation. They most uncomfortable not only characters and we, the audience, in the first place their total absurdity. For me movies Estlund — is in which "initially, all went so." And and itself a starting point of very real, it can happen with anyone. But here she acquires the tangle of events that can only be in dream to present: very funny, but terrible. And there sits the audience, laughs and fists, bites from the suspense, saying that else can happen?!

But in a precious "Square" is not only. The biggest pearl — this is a ruthless satire on the "contemporary art" that permeates the entire film. The Director methodically went through such trendy phenomena in the field of art, as the installation and, of course, performances. Director of the new Museum itself does not understand his own words: like "messed". PR specialists — mixed the boys involved do not understand anything and seeking, of course, to shock the audience with his movie. Art objects are absorbed by the vacuum cleaner like if there they place. The apes are getting out of control and is killed. Some not pretty contemporary art goes...

It is noteworthy and the society itself. Like, found in secular circles, people close to the art just saying about the charity. The blatant indifference all around, no justice, man — the enemy. Himself "Square" — the island of trust, human warmth, a piece of 4x4 pavers where all any request will be answered. But it in real life altruism of these gentlemen committed to zero. Footage from the poor, who seem to infest the city, interspersed with shots of parties in the Palace interiors, to in need of no one of the case, as long as not guard the bags. The theme of social stratification can be traced how shows children: daughter of the protagonist fighting among themselves for the sake of a whim, but the little boy is actually fighting for his honor, trying to get an apology from slandered his bored bourgeois.

As a result, the film certainly deserves attention. Golden palm branches to right and left are not distribute, we know it. Perhaps the picture is a little snug but even this fact does not spoil the final experience and keep up the degree of suspense in for viewing. As and the previous film Estlund, "Square" rather for those not too lazy to go into thinking, to dig the meanings and others. — in charm auteur cinema.

Of 9 10

PS I don't trust the higher the points, they suggest some thoughts... But "1" keep in mind.

How long is The Square?
3h 42m
Who is the director of the movie The Square?
This tv-show was directed by Ruben Östlund.
What is the genre of The Square?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy, Drama, Best movies 2017, Palme d’Or winners Movies.
Who starred in The Square?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Claes Bang, Elisabeth Moss, Dominic West, Terry Notary, Christopher Læssø.
What is The Square IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.2.
When was The Square released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-10-18.