November Criminals

A teenager named Addison having a hard time with the recent death of his mother. Six months after this incident, the fate throws him another test — the unknown kills his friend Kevin. The police writes off everything on gang violence. Addison realizes that Kevin's case is not moving and no one will find his killer. Then he, with the support of his girlfriend, Phoebe, begins his own investigation.

  • Sacha Gervasi

Release Date: 2017-11-07
IMDb icon 5.3/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 1h:25m
Adelle Mount
06 January 2018 | 07:14

"The November criminals" Sasha Gervasi neighborhood is unsophisticated, unattractive, and straightforward symbiosis teenage drama and detective. A senior, and intellectual Addison meets with cool girl Phoebe. Black friend of Addison in the name of Kevin kill in broad daylight, and the couple began an investigation.

The idea of a detective in the world's adolescents, really, capable of good intrigue. Young people are collections of mysteries and riddles. All teenagers have something range from family and ourselves. Moreover, in this age, people get in groups and also gaining distinguishing character traits: some may be sharp on the tongue Adesanmi, others — relaxed guys like Kevin have which is, however, "skeletons in the closet." The however, the "November criminals", it would seem, do not uses this topic. The fact that the heroes are Teens, has, on my opinion, rather to make an indirect relationship to the main storyline. Any limitations associated with their age and even more problems of growing up does not play any role. The main engine of the plot, but there is the murder of Kevin on is not so and confused. Addison adheres to the course of the film, one version and her linearly up to a climax.

Not to be a boring and banal. The thing that the creators decided to openly play with "after-school" theme, actively reworking all cliché from old (addicts) to newer (I think the mother of Addison died from widespread in the youth films of the syndrome "go away from the movie"). What as for the main storyline and way of presentation, so the creators took several genre areas. Alas, I must admit that neither attempts to play on the tastes of the audience is not working. As I have stated, a detective line here is too primitive. School life and other details of life of adolescents characteristic youth drama, in particularly those where the action takes place in the school, do not open. The dramatic story of "first time"? A little too blurry and on my opinion, totally inappropriate.

"The November criminals" is worth watching, perhaps, for actors. Elgort, well established himself in the "the Baby to drive" shows the second coming of Ashton Kutcher. It tries, have it has great potential in particularly on such roles. Yes here is the character he got disgusting. Chloe grace Moretz — perfect for party Algorta and looks good.

In fact, as I thought the "November criminals" — not as catastrophically bad film. Here cute actors, and the script is not be disastrous as it may seem after viewing. But as and a vague title, "Criminals" just can cause confusion. Nor the elements of romance nor the detective, nor even Comedy — nothing works like expected by the creators. The main disadvantage is that  the"November criminals" not enough solid and confident tone in the narrative, which meant that key scenes are silent. A lighthearted narcotic intoxication of teenagers, coupled with a critical of the plot points that somehow takes place entirely frame, lead to that "Criminals" far from something ironic and a fresh kind of "Brick" by Rian Johnson.

3 of the 10

Audi Dabbs
22 November 2017 | 05:37

Including this film and because the poster probably two main characters, played by Ansola Algorta and the adorable Chloe grace Moritz, I was at least hoping for something in the style of Bonnie and Clyde or"natural Born killers", a story about teenage love and the saddest consequences of the consequences such as the murder of parents, robbery or something else. However, friends, the delusion is not stands, the film tells a very different story. At this name my opinion was not chosen very well, because it is also possible to make a misconception, as and the given description stating that the character Algorta — Addison sells to school drugs. Either I watched the movie carefully enough and missed this episode or Addison nothing illegal not do... Plus all over the fact of love in companion also incorrect, because the main characters already experienced liking each other murder of a classmate of Addison (the moment in the description correct).

In fact, the Director Sasha Gervasi neighborhood (who is?), so it seems not realized he wants to remove the reality: crime a film about how a friend of the deceased is investigating its murder, seeing that the crime is not interested even the police, or same snotty melodrama about first love, first sex, the deprivation of innocence, the senior class and other teenage stuff. The fact that these two the storyline is constantly on the course of "the November criminals" intersect, plays with the film is a cruel joke, because the Director doesn't focuses on the particular attention by spraying it between the tragedy in cafe the relationship between Addison and Phoebe (Chloe grace). When you can track a certain advantage in the direction of the love element, because the relationship between the characters, the attitude of parents to the friendship between a boy and a girl, they school — in the film is sufficient, and as for the investigation itself, it demonstrates superficial and straightforward.

Dramatic tie-on the fact itself is not was as failed well-structured investigation. Criminals in the film was polimi idiots once it to the truth was able to get Addison. However the cops in this case made more idiots, after all, lying on the surface, but they were in able to see the truth and just flapped his ears...

Seeing the growing grace Moritz on the screen, starting with"the Amityville Horror", it is not want 20-year-old girl pushed to the grey a little of movies like that made Nicolas cage. I think the actress has now quite hard, because now she must have at senior level to prove that she knows how to play and successfully cope with the role at least women graduates or even women are not is worse than handled war hit girl. Hope in career plan it all is good and Moritz doesn't get stuck in some of the soap realm, constantly playing cute blondes.

Quite surprising to see in  the"November criminals," David Strathern, known for her role in the franchise about Jason Bourne, the sports drama "We — team", the movie "Dolores Claiborne", "the Firm," Sydney Pollack and the horror film "the Uninvited". Strathairn in the film Gervasi neighborhood, played the role of the father of Addison and perhaps that nothing outstanding, not memorable, but to see the actor of his level in this drift, the movie was all nice.

"The November criminals" — definitely worried about something that is not able to attract and hold the screen of the viewer. Except that Chloe grace Moritz or Ansola Algorta, if one of the audience is dragged from the young actors...

However, to watch You. Your opinion is not impose.

Nice view.

5 from 10

Tamqrah Hillinck
11 November 2017 | 07:46

"You care?" — the question will ask the main character the whole movie, trying to reach indifferent to the death of a black guy people. "The November criminals" — this is a sketch on the current situation of the African-American population in the United States, about the indifference, stereotypes, and trying to change something.

In fact, the beginning of the film, the Director does not bother over exposure in a proper representation of the characters. Here Addison (Ansel Elgort). From his mother died recently, and he's going to do in College. But here is his girlfriend Phoebe (Chloe Moretz) who hangs out with him, despite that all the school think it is a jerk. Why is it not love? A devil knows, just accept it as fact. A couple of rides to shop which employs a black friend of Addison — Kevin. After 1 minute to kill Kevin, and then the action begins. On all about all gone 5 minutes. Hope the further development of the characters do not worth it.

The death of a friend shocked Addison to the depths of his soul, and he falls into some hysterically, feeling unreasonably guilty for the incident. Addison doubly hard, so as head still not weathered the same groundless blame for the death of his mother, who died from an aneurysm. All around on the murder of Kevin, of course, purple. The police are also not really in a hurry to do it, because Kevin, on their opinion was associated with a crime, as all black, therefore, was killed.

By the way, the viewer somehow is also purple. How can empathize with the character showed in the frame 30 seconds? The timing of the film is 1 hour 20 min and allows to add extra 10 minutes to better talk about the friendship of Addison and Kevin show, for example, how Kevin was a good person.

And he, incidentally, was a normal teenager, the same as and rest. According to the words of Addison, he wrote poetry and collected books, played in the jazz band and was just a good friend. He didn't deserve what it happened even more like this indifference to his death. And it's just labeled as a criminal, only on the basis of his skin color, and behave like if he lives and nothing meant. Seeing this oppressive injustice and galanakis, Addison solves all correct takes his own investigation.

80% of the investigations and of the film itself Addison, with a view of a beaten dog will whine, zadalbyvat all around, repeating senseless actions, not generating the result, and just to bore the audience.

Despite a boring story, uninteresting dialogue, unnecessary love story, the unlikelihood in the face of insufferable stupidity of criminals, the biggest failure of the movie was the fact that the creators themselves, killed the idea you wanted to convey to the audience, opening the mystery of Kevin. And finally, a separate question is the motivation of the Addison. He just wanted to beat his demons, to silence his inner sense of guilt, or he really wasn't care?

How long is November Criminals?
2h 5m
Who is the director of the movie November Criminals?
This tv-show was directed by Sacha Gervasi.
What is the genre of November Criminals?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Crime, Drama, Mystery.
Who starred in November Criminals?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Chloë Grace Moretz, Ansel Elgort, Catherine Keener, David Strathairn, Terry Kinney.
What is November Criminals IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 5.3.
When was November Criminals released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-11-07.