A group of friends went to the jungle of Bolivia in search of exotic experiences. However, when the conductor disappears and the friends are left alone with the wildlife, a journey that started as a fun adventure turns into a struggle for survival.

  • Greg McLean

Release Date: 2017-10-20
IMDb icon 6.7/10
  • Country: AU, CO
  • Language: Spanish | English | German
  • Runtime: 1h:55m
Millicent Briana
04 November 2017 | 08:37

The group of travelers, tired cosy and familiar world of urban civilization with all benefits simple, decides to go to of their life in the unexplored corners of Bolivia, where they absorb the priceless experience of survival in the wild, learn not to lose heart, to be human and where even can to meet your fate.

Greg McLean at all his little directorial experience tried to retell the story from persons Yossi Ginsberg, the prototype of the hero that him to some extent succeeded. Not forget it also to concentrate the attention of the viewer and to the narration of ominous sounds, and the alarming attributes of the small villages through which lay the path of heroes. Symbolism and hints are more than enough. However, to the end is not knowing what it really be the open trap of his own curiosity, McLean had a little too much drama the emotional component, forcing the audience to compare the picture with a good TV drama.

The riot of colors that conveys all the brightness of the impenetrable jungle at daylight, the grayness and bleakness of these a night, a wild river, which can be as salvation; so and the grave invisible quagmire, able to destroy all live, cold jungle and warm lived-in village, — special effects legend in this film, unmatched. Just enjoy the contrast and acting.

The lion's share of screen time, deservedly busy Daniel Radcliffe. Hardly it is possible to doubt in his acting talent, after the controversial "Human Swiss army knife", but here he surpasses yourself. Any skeptical critic not can not to celebrate the diversity of its character, empathizing with the fact that sees the screen to the end is not believe in a positive outcome. And the result of such travel, we have long been known.

Don't remember the "127 hours" and meaningless attempts of James Franco or"the Survivors" with Leonardo Di Caprio and his epic struggle with the forest fauna. But here with a hero, we bury the hope for salvation, being free from the bondage and persecution. And not believe a miracle. But each of us in one or another Superman. And no pills to the development of superpowers us is not needed. In same time should take the dubious undertakings and to risk the most important — life.

8 from 10

Ardene Dick
24 December 2017 | 11:00

Years go by, and McLean all still trying to become the second Peter Weir!

the Language of irony from Z.


Plot. The good Germans of the film Polanski or a good captain of the film Jackson (as like), decided to show the jungle of Bolivia, two unknown actors and Daniel Radcliffe. After a while they know what jungle — a dangerous place. With crazy! Of course the film is based on real events.

Everyone is writing about Radcliffe. All love it, admire. In all the fault of Harry Potter, I guess. Let us now remove the veil from the eyes. Guys don't want to offend anyone. The worst thing that there — acerca Radcliffe. Why the critics wrote that the second half of the movie plays first? Right, because the entire film falls on the shoulders of Daniel and it is not may it pull.

There is the heartbreaking moments. There are no strong emotions. The characters do not evoke sympathy. The Director is to blame? Many have forgotten one important detail — McLean obsessed with home wanted to spit on actors, he will give them high. McLean — Director (hand on heart) horror. "Crocodile", "pitfall", "pitfall 2" — nature the horror.

Only "the Jungle," no horror. Well, not addition of a worm and a Viper. Nature is gorgeous, the cinematography is gorgeous. Very nice. McLean was clearly excited. Therefore, it is not need Radcliffe and the Radcliffe needs a good (strong) Director. Here where the dog parita.

Radcliffe — this is not Daniel day-Lewis (which would have sarika Andreasian tore the Oscar) to be in the spotlight. I very sorry Daniel. It tries, he is trying, but "the Jungle" was another blunder. Yeah and anyway, the real world seemed too pale for a heartbreaking film about survival. Went in the jungle, lost. Happen.

Nature and man — hackneyed subject in the film (since the times of the cannibals). I'm not saying it's a bad movie. No, once you can see it. To review the have won't be boring. It beats "the Woman in black" for Radcliffe personally. Daniel — find your Director, seek. I wish you luck.


Hate can the film "Outcast", but you know...

5.5 of 10

Kikelia Arathorn
09 April 2018 | 09:47

The group of travelers heard plenty of stories of a casual acquaintance about hidden jungle primitive world, suddenly decide to go for a dangerous route. In difficult and dangerous situations friendship of the participants in the mountain-expedition sorely tested.

The story, based on real events, in all its glory describes what can happen if you follow a naked enthusiasm for threat unfamiliar conditions. A fatal combination of circumstances and the negligence of the heroes to their own lives lead to the expected unfortunate occurrences. After a long buildup, the story begins key moment — filled with animal terror survival. Insanely beautiful views of wild nature is powerfully contrasted with a terrible reality, where people can easily lose hope. A frightening loneliness, unbearable pain and hunger constantly check the main character on strength.

Daniel Radcliffe at his brilliant game transforms a pretty simple story, literally forcing the viewer to empathize with his hapless character. The actor surprisingly authentically conveyed the unbearable suffering of his hero, again leaving no questions about his professionalism. The role of the second plan was executed less charismatically and convincingly. Added a special atmosphere with quality camera work and good soundtrack.

"Jungle" — this is a realistic and heartbreaking movie based on the undistinguished history of human stupidity. Instructive and life-affirming story for lovers of good adventure dramas.

7 of 10

How long is Jungle?
2h 35m
Who is the director of the movie Jungle?
This tv-show was directed by Greg McLean.
What is the genre of Jungle?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Adventure, Biography, Best Adventure Movies 2017.
Who starred in Jungle?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Daniel Radcliffe, Alex Russell, Thomas Kretschmann, Lily Sullivan, Yasmin Kassim.
What is Jungle IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.7.
When was Jungle released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-10-20.