His manners, perseverance and a great sense of humor first sight impregnable conquered Diana. After the wedding the couple go on a journey where Robin was seriously ill. And now only love is able to give him a second life...

  • Andy Serkis

Release Date: 2017-10-27
IMDb icon 7.1/10
  • Country: GB
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 1h:58m
Nari Bum
09 June 2018 | 04:19

What can make a man confined for life to a hospital bed, to rediscover the meaning of his existence? At this question tried to find the answer Andy Serkis in his debut film. The film continues popular today in Hollywood line pictures taken on the basis of real events. Although, on my opinion, the choice of genre is associated not so much with pragmatic considerations, as with personal reasons — from the biography of Andy you can see that his mother dedicated her life to teaching children with disabilities.

The lead actor, Andrew Garfield, as though just recently starred in Mel Gibson in the role of "objectors of conscience" at which, by the way, in real life also was prototype. Andrew coped brilliantly with a challenging — most of the film he had to convey the emotion your character only by using facial expressions (subtle movement of lips, eyebrows, expressive eyes). The main female role was played by the English Claire Foy, a graduate of one of the prestigious theatre schools in the UK. Honestly, I saw her on screen for the first time, but with confidence I can say that it the Director also got to "Apple."

"Your life — my life"

It — the light pattern. One of those that give people Hope. Hope that there is true Love and real feelings. Here, the romantic and touching moments intertwined with ironic drama — actually, with all those from what make up our life. Paradoxically, it turns out that even in the most seemingly hopeless situations, we can be happy, but surprisingly — we can make happy those who loves us. Because loving hearts are beating in unison, bringing our bodies and souls. And then your life becomes "my".

Neilla Cook
03 January 2018 | 03:37

Directorial debut and the first attempt to Express themselves in terms of full Creator film. I am sure that Andy Serkis is known to many or at least heard of his voice the images of computer characters, which he was depicted in the frame. It the legendary Golum of Lord of the rings entered in the story of our Pets, and the bravest leader of his tribe Caesar from "the planet of the apes" forever sunk in the audience's soul. Serkis — the master of disguise and a true artist with a capital letter. Now he had the honor to stand at the steering and removed their first big movie. To my surprise, Andy doesn't got in one row, how many actors, Directors, shooting myself, though it could afford it allow. The Director provided an opportunity for another actor to play one of the most difficult, but it very interesting in terms of the game role. The film is based on real events and tells the amazing story of the desire to live, despite the physical limitations. One of the producers of the picture is the son of the hero of which tells in the film.

In the story, after the wedding, the lovers, the couple faced with a terrible tragedy. Young handsome husband is seriously ill, and soon body is paralyzed. Despairing of the sad prospects for future coexistence, the hero wishes to die, but the pregnant wife does not allow him that is taking necessary steps for in order to rekindle in his heart a love and joy each day.

Of course, many viewers will say that the plot is quite familiar with other paintings, such as "the universe Stephen Hawking", "Stronger", "To meet with you," "1+1" and so on. Undoubtedly, this film does not out of the General "crowd" of such concepts, but for a directorial debut it is a great picture for evening viewing. Just want to warn you that history is full of dramatic scenes, causing "sea of tears" and bright emotions from the strongest empathy, but still to watch the events very interesting and nice. Personally, I am glad that Director was located in the excessive drama, showing us the horror of the paralyzed life. All the same accent in the film is based on positive emotions, showing the viewer the big adventure of a little man who made a serious push in medicine. The film charges the viewer craving for life and the desire to do great things, enjoying each and every day. That for the performances, there will certainly merit the legendary a Director of photography Robert Richardson, which removes almost all of the films of Martin Scorsese, Quentin Tarantino and Oliver stone. Three Oscar a dozen nominations for the greatest film give about itself to know. Therefore, the picture in the film is just wonderful. No no extra personnel, plans and not desired movements. Everything is short and to the point! I would like to mention gorgeous game Andrew Garfield and Claire Foy, through which the film turned into a beautiful fairy tale about eternal love.

In General, as for me, the film is completed to view, because it really soul. And let the story of us wildly familiar and similar movies a bunch, personally I liked it very much and left a much needed and the right impression with an important message for every viewer. So that have a nice view, but don't forget to grab napkins for tears.

8 from 10

Zorine Nessa
23 September 2018 | 12:09

Despite stated in genre line, the drama and the melodrama, "Breathe for us" not a heartbreaking movie. Rather, after watching the film you start to believe that in our world everything will be possible even for people like Robin Cavendish and the diagnosis is — not a sentence if there are people who love you.

The viewer is presented a strong true story about how what a life what God is still good sense of humor. There are no drama inherent philosophical subtext or tearful scenes, no. This picture gives more positive emotions than some Comedy. She sincere, emotional and beautiful, Yes, it is truly a beautiful movie where well-chosen every breathtaking landscape.

For the most part all the action is the merit of the duet between Claire Foy and I loved Andrew Garfield, who in this film managed to show the whole possible range of their emotions almost no one eyebrow. These two were playing true love, and everything else (including disease) like was on the background.

Yes, it is the movie is not as strong as say "the universe Stephen Hawking", but is good and emotional. In a few points felt rough installation and think the events are fluttering a bit in a strange key, and the rest of the film is perfectly suitable for that for a single viewing.

How long is Breathe?
2h 38m
Who is the director of the movie Breathe?
This tv-show was directed by Andy Serkis.
What is the genre of Breathe?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, Biography, Romance, Best Drama Movies 2017, Best Romance Movies 2017, Best movies 2017.
Who starred in Breathe?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Andrew Garfield, Claire Foy, Ed Speleers, Tom Hollander, David Butler.
What is Breathe IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.1.
When was Breathe released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-10-27.