Birth of the Dragon

An important page from the biography of a young Bruce Lee, the rivalry with kung fu master Wong man, which resulted in an open fight on the streets of San Francisco.

  • George Nolfi

Release Date: 2017-08-25
IMDb icon 5.5/10
  • Country: CA, CN, US
  • Language: English | Mandarin
  • Runtime: 1h:35m
Brinn Chin
14 November 2017 | 07:09

The second directorial work in great movie from George Nolfi, who gave us a beautiful film "Changing reality". Of course, from such a person expect something big and exciting. And when I learned that he is preparing a film about Bruce Lee, then I look great was preparing for a premiere. But unfortunately, up upon seeing the picture, I realized that it was all in vain. On the court audience was presented a format for a TV movie, but certainly not great movie, in the staging of the fights is below average hits about kung fu. The film touches on events for nine years to the premiere of the film "enter the dragon". Young, ambitious, cocky and very arrogant Bruce Lee teaches his school of martial arts and in the time involved in filming Amateur movies, thus trying to hold in Hollywood. But once the San Francisco of the distant China comes the Shaolin monk and a kung fu master Wong Jack man. For glory Bruce decides to take the opportunity is trying to organize a match at the front all the to prove their superiority. But smart raised master Wong refuses to go on the haughty Bruce to until they total other not gets into trouble. In this story Bruce Lee reveals, alas, is not in the best light, so his way is repulsive and unpleasant, and behavior wants to keep the best.

As for the performances, then there can be only one thing to say that are all made pretty mediocre and unattractive. Heroes did not revealed, the story is crumpled, and all time of the viewer does not appear any empathic emotion. Alas, and duels done though high quality, but shown to visually pretty average. So that's completely disposable movie, about where you can forget the next day. Through this film you unfortunately, the birth of the dragon is not will see. If you mention artists, then I personally I was pretty young and yet little-known actress qu Jingjing. I am sure that we her hear the near future.

In General, there is nothing happens if you skip this movie. But, if you a passionate fan of kung fu, then nice view.

5 from 10

Julia Ogden
16 November 2017 | 01:53

If we consider the painting as strictly biographical, then it not exactly the most successful. Although show of the great master, or rather its spiritual and physical growth, in this ambiguous world, quite a bold move. About his self-centeredness, a certain arrogance and a fundamental desire to get away from the tradition was said by many (the same Jackie Chan in his book), but here is clearly to show no one was solved. Of course, this technique humanizes the legend, angry fans, it is, or otherwise, causes on emotions, but came all too deliberately. Despite its sometimes a bad temper, young Bruce Lee first of all was a wizard, and then a bully, but about it has decided to butcher this, so that demanded by the simple script. Assigned the role of "bad guy" was put by the known genre boundaries, so the the vis its moral and philosophical demeanor is puzzling his blatant stanovenou. Makes a General provision ending when the toast still gets an attitude. Better late than never.

That touches of staging fight scenes, then there definitely could have been much better. Twins that one that the second was slow, sometimes even clumsy. The operator is not able to find the right angle, although it may be was the most successful of them, so often the viewer will have to watch not a perfect stretch when blow. In this respect, expectations were certainly deceived.

Now, about the patient. Yes, using the actor do not like Bruce Lee — no appearance, no habits. Acting talent is certainly present, to portray happened, but for fans it would enough. But if the objective, then they did an excellent job, each character was noticeable falling out of the overall picture.

Even if the presence of all this criticism, the film still will recommend to view, I was much effort, positive emotions, and sports component may easily serve as a healthy promotion. So

I wish you all a pleasant viewing!!!

7 of 10

Dulcie Fem
07 September 2017 | 07:36

Bruce Lee — is a legend in his life and example million admirers. About Bruce Lee is known to almost everyone on the planet and having lived so it is not enough to have time to do so much of affected millions of around the world. About Bruce Lee filmed a lot of how artistic films, and documentaries, but painting Bruce Lee: the Birth of a Dragon is a new page in the history of the life of Bruce Lee previously unknown to the General public.

Great cast. All but it rarely happens, the actors are perfectly matched, well-played frame harmoniously, beautifully stylized, look on the screen. I especially want to mention Philip Ng, who played the main male role of Bruce Lee himself, with his accurate facial expressions, gestures, cries inherent in Bruce Lee.

The film is intelligent and attracts the audience with his beautiful narration of people. Yes it's the stories of the people here and their character and its transformation in the course of the story. Here's how I have rarely seen in movies there are really good examples for each person's life. Movie Hollywood positive with a pleasant epilogue.

How long have I wanted to see this movie!

of 10 10

How long is Birth of the Dragon?
2h 15m
Who is the director of the movie Birth of the Dragon?
This tv-show was directed by George Nolfi.
What is the genre of Birth of the Dragon?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Drama, Biography.
Who starred in Birth of the Dragon?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Yu Xia, Wang Xi'An, Hai Yu, Yue Wu, Billy Magnussen.
What is Birth of the Dragon IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 5.5.
When was Birth of the Dragon released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-08-25.