Bigger Fatter Liar

Kevin shepherd — savvy guy, and part lies with him few can match. Except, perhaps, insidious producer Larry Wolfe, who steals Kevin's idea of new video games. Wolf — he was still insolent, and Kevin realizes that it is a challenge. The game is on! Together with her best friend Becca he will stop at nothing to get Wolfe to admit a lie.

  • Ron Oliver

Release Date: 2017-04-18
IMDb icon 4/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 1h:34m
Ulrika Jacintha
07 October 2017 | 07:47

"Big fat liar" was a classic Comedy of the early 2000-ies and people of a certain age remember the movie with love. It was a family Comedy not from the Studio Disney, which already is remarkable; it wasn't pass animated film; jokes installation "the Liar" was quite successful; theme of children's revenge adults with using innovative pranks have not was broken. However, when all their life lessons and morals, "Big fat liar" is not enough stars with the sky. According to the original is kept on the charisma of the lead actor Frankie Muniza, which today, almost I left the world of movies, the acting potential Floor Giamatti. Fifteen years later came "Even more fat liar" ("Big Fat Liar 2") so lazily done that it can be called one of the most useless sequels in cinema history. The main drawback here is that despite the number "2" in the title and positioning itself as a continue, "Bigger Fatter Liar" is a complete remake of the Comedy of 2002.

The main character — Kevin shepherd, which every all forces trying to play Ricky Garcia. The image of a young slacker who prefer skateboards and video games studying in the school has been re-imagined. In this time demonstrate a sullen and pompous child in danger of falling into the summer school. Boy I need to write an essay for 24 hours. In the job Kevin was doing a mobile game for the name "Big Fat Liar", but his idea of stealing Alan Wolff, Director of a large conglomerate of video games. Kevin is going to take revenge.

We all know that the successful concept only works once, especially if we are talking about the story "Big fat liar". The sequel is looks more ridiculous or, in the end, more frantic. It but a pale remake of the original on a new way with minimal changes, consisting in mainly the humiliation of a bad guy. In other words, uncertain of the motive which guided the creators of the film because the previous film is not so many years, so she looked misplaced or outdated.

If the story side is not have undergone significant transformations and to criticize it means to criticize the original film, then the implementation leaves much to be desired. A terrible study of the characters, stupid dialogues and forgettable music. Green screen/scenery too rush in eyes. The feeling that the film was done in a hurry and for a penny.

Again, in the sequel/remake feel the lack of charisma and charm of actors. Performers of the main roles could to handle any independent and original material, but compared with actors from the film 2002, they, of course, as sky earth.

I honestly tried to find something good in "Big fat liar 2". In principle, a moral promise can be attributed to the positive side. The children are encouraged to reflect on the questions and its consequences, or that adults too can be greedy, arrogant and stupid. But why it's all here, if the original "Liar" shows all the same?

2 of 10

Loralyn Serra
05 July 2017 | 08:59

Back in 2002 went bad and rather funny teenage-family-Comedy "Big fat liar" withFrankie Muniza Paul Giamatti in the lead roles. After 15 years to 2017 released a sequel, in which the original is clearly not needed. Given the fact that the first part I really liked it, I couldn't pass and by the second part.

In principle, the second Liar can hardly be called a sequel, rather, it is normal, bad remake. And all because plot same way as the original, for some exceptions. From the main characters changed names, but saved those names of original, inventive Frankie Muniza changed cute Ricky Garcia charismatic Floor-Giamatti replaced the sad Barry Bostwick. The plot of the film is identical, only instead of the story gauged stole from the main character the plot of the game. The main difference is only in the machinations that the main characters — Kevin Shepard and his girlfriend Becka satisfied with the main villain producer Larry wolf. And that's most of these intrigues, and probably is one the main problems of the Liar 2. They just not funny, they produce more sympathy than laughter. If first of all abuse wolf looked cheers, only one of his blue man with orange hair riding on his wheelbarrow under the song Eiffel 65 — Blue was worth! And it turned into a boring meme, which is just pathetic.

In addition to problems with the humor, I felt bad study of the characters, dialogues, music, which is often annoying. The plot limped all the road, there was a feeling that part of the scene cropped at end in the beginning, it was sometimes not understand how it all began or ended. Also not quite clear why such a mediocre game for mobile devices all the fuss, in the film events are developed in 2015, this year there was millions of the more interesting games as graph, and story.

I can't say that the film is at all bad, at least the moral the film is, but I thought this is far too few. From the viewing of such films as waiting for a minimum of good mood, and the Liar 2 this very very tight.

Result. Weak optional good sequel to the Comedy "Big fat liar". Problem with humor the plot felt on the entire film. At Liar 2 there is only one significant plus — after viewing understand how good was the first part.

4 of 10

How long is Bigger Fatter Liar?
2h 14m
Who is the director of the movie Bigger Fatter Liar?
This tv-show was directed by Ron Oliver.
What is the genre of Bigger Fatter Liar?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Adventure, Comedy, Family.
Who starred in Bigger Fatter Liar?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Barry Bostwick, Ricky Garcia, Jodelle Ferland, Fiona Vroom, Kevin O'Grady.
What is Bigger Fatter Liar IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 4.
When was Bigger Fatter Liar released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-04-18.