American Satan

Young musicians quit College and go to Hollywood to meet the dream. No matter how they were talented, but life is not enough: the group has to live in the van. A mysterious stranger he sees in them great potential and by manipulating their feelings in a moment of weakness, forcing you to make a deal with the devil. Now their music literally can change the world, but whether the musicians to regain control over their own lives, before it's too late?

  • Ash Avildsen

Release Date: 2017-10-13
IMDb icon 5.5/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 1h:51m
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide VND 74, 22 February 2017
Lindsey Blader
27 June 2019 | 05:53

To be honest, a small I expect of the film. Thought it is an ordinary, sensitive, interesting project, but I realized in life never was wrong.

In the "American devil" well almost everything. The only thing is that, so it highlights the shortfall in the actor's performance. There are scenes that could have been to play more emotionally and more cool to shoot. But it is only predici, which the background of everything else just fade away.

But first I want to commend the music of this work, unrealistic mind-blowing. Plays in subject only deepening You better to the atmosphere of this product better and better.

The following will highlight the acting. All tried fame. Starting from an incredibly charismatic Malcolm McDowell, most well-known for"a Clockwork orange", and ending with Drake bell, known for the TV series "Drake and Josh". Was very atmospheric scene Drake the van of which spoiler does not want, but the only thing I will say — goose skin it causes.

To summarize I want to say that it's incredibly cool movie. Yes, some episodes could make a more stunning, but overall — still gorgeous. The atmosphere is excellent, unreal complemented by cool music and good acting component. Captured, again, on level all naked, very beautiful girls in the frame lizh pleasing to the eye. However, it is better not zavisite expectations and more likely the "American devil" will capture your heart.

Of 9 10

Lelia Hertzog
25 January 2018 | 02:43

So, the "American Satan" — bold and daring film about the misadventures of young rock musicians gathered with each other different parts of the world and left their familiar lives for the sake of a common goal — to succeed. The role of the leader of an aspiring rock band, a talented vocalist johnny Faust, superbly played Andy Persacom (singer of glam metal band Black Veil Brides), who managed to clearly reflect in the character of its good heart, bright hopes and dreams, as a severe inner struggle, with which later, facing the musician, when his values and ideals are beginning to crumble under the onslaught of fame and success. Many will say: "Yes, I would never did it!" but looking at johnny, we see even the best of the best succumb to his dark side. So not might not mention a single debut of the film — very talented actor Ben Bruce, guitarist of Asking Alexandria, which is simply amazing revealed your character — young guitarist of the London Leo Donovan. Have from the first frame this guy attracts to itself attention, winning the audience his inner strength and unwavering faith in the success and I want to drop everything and go behind him. And in a difficult moment the audience's hearts are broken along with heart of Leo, the experience of which is shown Ben so vividly that we feel them as their own.

The movie shows the whirlpool of events in which draws young musicians, without embellishment — drugs, promiscuity, withdrawal, overdose, and practical, complete detachment from reality the old life, the relationship with each them, especially johnny, so wanted to save. The devil met them on the way in the end is the personification of all the bad decisions of the people in his life, some justification for the terrible things that we all do, tempted. Every time johnny tries to get out of the vicious circle, there is a Devil and pulls it back. And followed by only excuses — deal Devil — to save the mother's life, the murder — to contract, the loss of his girlfriend — now it's johnny nothing stopping completely lost in lust and drugs. Angel, that tried to send a hero on the right way — this echoes the conscience and feelings of guilt; of which johnny C easily shrugs. Knowing your dark side, it starts to hate himself, but however, every time finds a new excuse to drop everything below and below.

This story is much deeper and more than a mediocre story about the hard life beginners rock musicians. This story of the choice you have to make every person on the rest of his life. Easy to be right and true, when you no alternative. But what happens when you become available to almost all? When the line between bad and good are erased? How right and true then you can be? And how many excuses for yourself, you can think of making another wrong act? The picture makes you think about who is still to blame in the consequences of us terrible decisions — circumstances, which often we link or did we are themselves not able to have enough will power to resist temptation and easy solution to immediate problems?

These are the impressions left me American Satan. Not matter what the end really turned out a bit blurry and sometimes foggy, the General sense is reflected quite clearly. The film is very strong, as with emotional and a visual point of view, and chic soundtrack even more pulling soul right time forced to fully immerse yourself in atmosphere madness and permissiveness, in which nearly drowned The incomparable Relentless!

Bette Illona
20 January 2018 | 10:05

Young, hot and that most importantly, talented guys-rockers throw their hopeless hinterland and set out to conquer Hollywood, but in our You online about a decent movie success stories once the same young and budding groups rock musicians of the small towns, now collecting stadiums of fans. But, as we know, Hollywood, how any other big city, not rubber, out there promising hundreds, so a young group of friends remains quite logical with his nose, he met with the banal lack of demand on a brutal music market. Speaking for thanks working as a dishwasher, so as not to die with hunger all the guys continue to rely on the indulgence of manna from heaven in the form of any suitable proposals from the eminent studios, but the opposite occurs. Instead of manna from heaven, promising rockers like and believes their musical direction, stumble upon the manna in the dungeon the suggestions of the devil, which promises them high fees, greater glory and an endless stream of blackjack and easily accessible Mademoiselle in replacements only one death...

Ash Avildsen for which is only the second feature film, encroached to create a musical interpretation of the "devil's Advocate" in which in the movie Taylor Hackford, the main character for the sake of achieving personal goals brings in the victim most human values and closes his eyes on the eternal questions of morality and dignity. Get what you want and faced with a wave of temptations of any rocker main character (it is noteworthy that the role went to a real rock-musician, singer, Black Veil Brides Andy Bersama, which is surprisingly great to deal with role) Grasset in lust and debauchery, booze and drugs, without whom it is hard to imagine concerts of this musical direction, and no crying beloved on the other end of the phone call, not  - ridden mother at home or even the ill-fated attempt of the producer to fix something not only need. Ash Avildsen quite well at telling about the problems of rock musicians, to show the history of falling in the abyss of a man who understands it, but nothing to do for the temptation is too great and takes precedence over the mind.

However, due to the lack of large experience Director managed to put the squeeze film to commendable logically correct outcome, and the ending turns out blurred and to some extent incomprehensible. In such films, all must end with either good or bad, as discussed with the devil and his temptations, it is quite logical kindle the question of the conflict between good and evil, and it is important to give an affirmative answer, who and why stronger with regards to this story — in the "American devil" that there is no clear answer, and it becomes unclear whether the learned the lesson the main character or him on the side, these talk about moral values all the scenes with its doubts about their actions can be attributed to the senseless attempt of the Director to play in the drama to dilute the hard heavymetallic mood of the film. Remember, what the tense final scene in"the devil's Advocate"! Here, on the contrary, all services and ideas for the course of the narrative are the Director's hand and merge util> but the film is not can call bad. Interesting idea, quite good acting, really cool soundtrack with a whole bunch of cheerful songs, but also cevimeline playful atmosphere quite a should be appreciated by fans of rock music. And Yes, a lot of Frank sex scenes (I don't know to whom they unpleasant, but to bring note that not was a surprise, heh).

How long is American Satan?
2h 31m
How much has American Satan made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide VND 74, 22 February 2017.
Who is the director of the movie American Satan?
This tv-show was directed by Ash Avildsen.
What is the genre of American Satan?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Thriller, Drama, Music, Best Music Movies 2017.
Who starred in American Satan?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Andy Biersack, Booboo Stewart, Ben Bruce, John Bradley, Jesse Sullivan.
What is American Satan IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 5.5.
When was American Satan released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-10-13.