A Ghost Story

The story of the untimely deceased young man, who has not gone to the other world, and was attached to his home.

  • David Lowery

Release Date: 2017-12-20
IMDb icon 6.8/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 1h:32m
  • Budget: $100,000
Tommie Nace
06 January 2018 | 10:13

This painting by American producer and screenwriter David Lowry was presented at the festival of independent cinema "Sundance" and got very good criticism from professional journalists that confirmed extremely high rating. The film was shot in complete secrecy and was announced after the shooting process. David Lowry in again proves you can make a good and interesting movie over the minimum budget and with limited resources. Although certainly this spectacle far not will be taste. In the reason? Let's deal.

Immediately it should be noted that before us a very peculiar cinematic spectacle. This brand of auteur cinema. Classic Arthouse is not for everyone. Before us is a mystery drama with elements of fantasy and melodrama. The plot is simple and offers special innovative solutions. However, for a simple story hides a deep thought, here is only to recognize it will not everyone. It is not an entertaining movie and not designed for a wide range of audiences. We tell the story of the man, who was tragically killed, but after death remaining in his home in a Ghost. But no special effects are virtually absent. For the most part it is a chamber action, sometimes-like a theatrical production.

Director for example of a Ghost explores the nature of existential loneliness. It is a kind of philosophical parable, we go for the scope of rational and immersed in section of metaphysics. Along with a Ghost we time the bounds of human understanding, outside of space and time. Here is a place of love, and sadness. Along the way, raises the theme of human existence in principle that spoken to one episode very accurately. The film is imbued with sadness, to watch it hard enough. Complete lack of dynamics and the meditative narrative will be the real test of the public. But if you like versatile and non-standard film, then you are able to see all the advantages of this tape and feel this story.

Perfectly conveys the atmosphere and mood of the film, which cut across and contribute to full immersion. Smart music is definitely the main advantage of the film. Thin sounding like could not be better conveys the desired mood. Than as we approach the finale, the the more complex the story becomes. And not everyone can understand the denouement of the film.

Casey Affleck proved that is a magnificent actor, able to play diverse roles. A big part of who we are not see. He plays a Ghost, completely covered in a white sheet. In it just go, but their actions makes the audience empathize with this character. Rooney Mara made with as his wife. She suffering from the loss of a loved one and successfully shows their suffering.

Ghost Story is absolutely non-standard movies, created on the junction of the mystical drama, romance and philosophical existential parable. Atmospheric, poignant, touching and mental fabrication on loneliness, time, destiny and infinite love. Definitely recommend to view, but should be prepared to complex non-trivial piece of work.

8 from 10

Mady Spindell
23 April 2019 | 01:25

I'm not familiar with the work of David Lowry, however, "the Ghost's Story" caught my attention with its simple storyline and a link Arthouse. This do not a mass movie, an ordinary viewer would shut down already 20 minute.

On IMDb the rating of the film is 6.8. I disagree. Let's deal with the positive aspects of the film.

First, Lowry took over the basis of a simple story about the man who departed prematurely, and forced into as a Ghost to stay in his house and live life start to the end. Have hero Casey Affleck, the Ghost, has unfinished business: his beloved M (Rooney Mara) every time when you move in the new home of leaves the old notes. The Ghost wants to know what his beloved wrote in this time. The plot is very simple but Lowry was able to remove it so after you stay in limbo. Dialogues in the film are almost there, but they are not needed, the picture says everything itself for yourself.

The image of the Ghost is not alienating, but brings back some nostalgia, sadness. Usually a sheet with a slots eyes have gone repels, but here the static figure of the Ghost only brings sadness. He alone you can feel its loneliness through his image, an image of the house, through the way fast time, and Ghost is still there, real and completely alone. Why is it does not go away? Why not gets the note, though he knows where is it? What was written in that note?

And how important is this anyway? I think no. It is something personal, something between two people. The Ghost disappears immediately after reading the note it was a moment that allowed him to leave.

In notes on this film, I wrote a "memory of man". Want to talk about this here. In the film there is a scene with a man who says Beethoven, of memory that it makes sense not to do place a peg on the future site of the fence. I disagree. Perhaps in the scale of the universe is not really makes no sense, but I am convinced that memory of man lives in the hearts of those who loved him, knew him, were with him. Maybe people don't will know or remember songs that I wrote hero, but his beloved remembers them every day, she remember him, mourn for him, loves. Exactly well as and the Ghost loves her, and as it hurt when she in the end, leaves them house. He already dead; she is still there, but the memory of it is our Ghost. Even after his death.

With a good understand. So what not in the film? In General, all true, but I have like music. Here I can. I Get Overwhelmed by Dark Rooms where not was this song sets a tone pattern, and that's just the music is a nightmare. I realize you shoot movies, but no need to defile the music, especially in the beginning. Further, a very lengthy scene that intersect with very fast. For example, in one scene the heroine is 5 minutes (5 fucking minutes) eat pie (Yes, the scene in their own way strong, we see the pain of the heroine, but that's very long such a scene), and other than is a couple of minutes, as on the site of the old house a metropolis. How did this happen? As long gone? The Ghost was SO here for a long time? I realize in this film time is not more importantly, it doesn't play any role here, but it's still a very fast transition. Total I remove the two points for music and prolonged.

So, after watching the film from left me with questions on unlikely will be the answers. What was the note? We never know, yeah and is our business.

Film I suggest

8 from 10

Elbertina Carder
25 October 2018 | 11:32

Overall impression: You think there's an incredible story, consuming your attention? Ha! How would like that. The movie is incredibly slow, so viscous that the viewer needs to see to feel atmosphere of yourself. But, sorry, when she eats pie 5 minutes (literally), and Ghost is forests and fields, fixing his gaze into the distance, the camera swoops in every blade of grass, on every ray of sunshine, if only show us history and the style of the film. of Course, the pan is definitely good, but not 7 minutes area!

There was no exciting action, history or drop is not dynamic, bringing under the sheet looks like at least comical. Perhaps original, but it is how to see! Disembodied spirit is covered with a sheet haunting the house, rattles... Oh, slams the door, scaring the guests, when to be angry, and communicates with another Ghost at the door. I.e. no mystery here, as however the special effects like and dialogues like and action! what is there then there?

There are interesting ideas, but not a typical implementation, aimed at all. It is clear that movie unusual and clear to understand it from the very first frame. But because of the slow and tedious narrative that just want to rip out of the movie minutes 40, the movie frankly sags. Why? Yes, because there are moments in the picture is fragmentary, not like the end! Of course, if the heroine chews 5 minutes pie so it is necessary, then it seizes his grief (ate it the moment when I lost someone I loved), but Geez, why so tedious?

whether to spend 1 h 32 min.? No. Not feel the need to admire how man wanders in sheet of the house where even emotions are not seen. And about the philosophy, problems, and the impermanence of life I can watch in other films, which is much chuvstvennoe and touching. No surprise.

4 of 10

How long is A Ghost Story?
2h 12m
How much did it cost to make A Ghost Story?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $100,000.
Who is the director of the movie A Ghost Story?
This tv-show was directed by David Lowery.
What is the genre of A Ghost Story?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Fantasy, Drama, Romance, Best Fantasy Movies 2017, Best Drama Movies 2017, Best Romance Movies 2017, Best Fantasy & Sci-fi Movies 2017.
Who starred in A Ghost Story?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Casey Affleck, Rooney Mara, McColm Cephas Jr., Kenneisha Thompson, Grover Coulson.
What is A Ghost Story IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.8.
When was A Ghost Story released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-12-20.