My Friend Dahmer

Senior Jeffrey Dahmer suffers from the imminent divorce of parents, lack of friends and attention. And really, who wants to be friends with a strange young man who picks up on the road, dead animals, dissolves them in acid and see what's inside of them. But one day Jeffrey decided to take a desperate step — to draw attention by being a jackass at school. To his surprise it works, and now the guy has friends.

  • Marc Meyers

Release Date: 2017-04-21
IMDb icon 6.2/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 1h:47m
Afton Lathe
10 February 2018 | 01:50

Jeffrey Dahmer — people that existed in real life. This film is based on the eponymous comic book "My Friend Dahmer", by John Backderf, a school friend Jeffrey. In the film presents real pictures Bacteria.

Despite that main character in real life was a serial killer in there most of these murders, no crimson rivers of blood. This story of the beginning Dahmer, about his development as a certain "monster" about that it was preceded by. About the problematic relationship between the parents, a mentally unstable mother, alienated and always busy father. Originally a special warehouse of mentality + lack of proper model of the relations = the inability to build a relationship in the usual way. What causes Jeff to show up only for that it drew attention.

Catch the degree of loneliness. It is not horror, and not even Thriller, this is a purely psychological picture. Hero is backed into the corner of their own thoughts and part, it in desperation, he lost and confused. In fact, we throughout the film as Dahmer goes on the edge and later slowly rolls down at an incline. He one and it is not cope.

The atmosphere of school routine ' 70s — definitely gives the film its charm. But much better conveys the atmosphere of a certain closed microcosm Dahmer. His house, walks the track, shadowing runner, the drinking of alcohol on back in school "tricks" in the woods, fascination with the likeness of taxidermy. And all not surprisingly, part of the shooting took place in the house where the actually grew up Jeffrey Dahmer.

I thought it too "humanized" in this picture. He really empathize. In he just a lonely teenager, without a normal family, sincere friends, without love. And I am sure, would have changed something to the availability thereof, to the fate of Dahmer. So well, many of the facts of life Dahmer no especially the place to a lot. But it is normal for the feature film, which bills itself as "biography". And thing a relatively small graphic novel difficult to cook a full movie, holes need filling.

Casting pleased also on the stage of the announcement of the actors. Ross Lynch has a resemblance to Jeffrey Dahmer, though, and deprived of the dark halo is full of them character. Ross perfectly conveys "woodenness" Dahmer, his gait, these subtle physical manifestations. So well, it is known that Ross read a lot about Jeff, before the execution of the role in order to understand it, and maximum to get used to the role. And as far as I can tell it is good work out. I was tormented by some bias, whether to handle do with such a complex role star channel "Disney", but these fears, to happiness, was unjustified. Ross Lynch did a good job.

Also noted the game Dallas Roberts and Anne Heche, who played Dahmer parents. Yeah and the whole cast is good. How and soundtrack.

In General and General — leisurely psychological movie. Advise to all-all I wouldn't have become. Not the horrors again. Rather, the picture on a"special viewer" for those who is fond of Dahmer and his ilk. Valuable movie with the point of view that not too often that the theme of prejudice in the feature film, often still in the documentary. The film is something not enough. Perhaps it would be better to capture the childhood Dahmer. Just for the understanding of less knowledgeable audience. But have that have. A good, quality movie.

Marcela Salomi
07 April 2018 | 12:37

The teenager Jeffrey Dahmer a lot of problems: lack of friends, parents ' divorce, growing alcoholism. It hobby begins to scare people, because the dissolution of dead animals in acid can hardly be considered as a normal activity. No one include maybe that a quiet weirdo will soon turn into a one of the worst serial killers of all time.

This story concentrated on adolescence famous murderers, exploring the background of impending tragedy. Abandoning rivers of blood and animal terror victims, the authors introduce the viewer to pocketed teenager who becomes quite easy to empathize with. At first it may seem that this "biopic" Dahmer is trying to put in a favorable light because of the difficult circumstances of his life but languishing inside a teenager's demons every time time to remind you of their presence. The story very slowly reveals how the young man starts to sink into the abyss of madness, but some really important revelations of this brings. In fact, the story is entirely dedicated to the theme of total loneliness and regret not able to seriously consider even the homosexuality of the hero, not mention of the painful manifestations of necrophilia in the beginner of a maniac.

Ross Lynch perfectly embodied on-screen image of the famous maniac behind by the excellent acting and even a slight resemblance. The figure of the local clown, which is leisure, drinking and planning of the murder, came out quite realistic and in the end, even frightening. The image of the small town of 70-ies came out all praise, so as a particularly powerful solar matches the atmosphere of the time with the growing black inside Dahmer.

"My friend Dahmer" — this is certainly an interesting movie, but somehow timid as the shy teenager. The story is painfully suffering from toli missing of the frame of documentary intimacy, Tolley simple lack of "blood", which would be able to debunk any sympathy for the monster.

6 from 10.

Cacilia Bandeen
30 May 2018 | 08:28

The Director of the film was made by mark Meyers, who shot to "Dahmer" 5 film, 4 of which were dramas. Have this can be made some conclusions.

Jeffrey Dahmer in the film shows a boy who is studying in high school, behaves in a strange way trying to attract the attention of classmates, and collects the dead animals.

Burdened by his parents ' divorce, he won the attention of peers, which create a fan club in his honor.

The picture is faceless, no memorable. The main problem — the lack of dynamics. On for two hours we observed the life of an average guy, per with the exception, of course, embalmed animals.

The movie is supposed to prepare us to becoming the main character one of the most terrifying serial killers of America, Jeffrey has to change, becomes worse, more dangerous. However, in the film is missing, causing blurred the very purpose of the picture.

The climax shows the key moment of transformation of the hero, but the transformation itself over two hours we and saw. The impression is that Jeffrey, just suddenly in one moment decided to translate their ideas have not dog or the rat, LM.

"My friend Dahmer" — nemokama, negoiate, with well-chosen main character and totally raw implementation.

How long is My Friend Dahmer?
2h 27m
Who is the director of the movie My Friend Dahmer?
This tv-show was directed by Marc Meyers.
What is the genre of My Friend Dahmer?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Crime, Drama, Horror, Biography, Best Crime Movies 2017, Best Horror Movies 2017.
Who starred in My Friend Dahmer?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Zachary Davis Brown, Lily Kozub, Ross Lynch, Vincent Kartheiser, Alex Wolff.
What is My Friend Dahmer IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.2.
When was My Friend Dahmer released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-04-21.