Farmer Wilfred James with her teenage son killed his wife and dumped her body at the mercy of the rats. Since then, rat-carrion eaters follow Wilfred on his heels, breaking his life, and leading to madness.

  • Zak Hilditch

Release Date: 2017-10-20
IMDb icon 6.3/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 1h:42m
Winna Grannie
14 November 2018 | 12:37

"1922" is a very unusual film. It never the film is of the horror genre that we're used to seeing. It is a new level or higher level. The work of Zach Hilditch gives it truly ancient and great genre a new breath. Now I will try go in detail on every detail to submit your assessment.

As we can see from description "1922" film of the horror genre. In our time is very hard to make a decent work of this type. For this genre, the most important criterion is the atmosphere. Without it the existence of such a movie is simply impossible. But itself itself this criterion does not can exist, so it is strongly connected with such criteria as the plot, acting and soundtrack. In this have all the complexity of the horrors that is to achieve a decent level of all three criteria to help them to achieve the main criterion. Also for subgenre maniacs and murderers is a very important criterion is a maniac. He needs to have a unique selling point, roughly speaking.

Plot: Farmer Wilfred James kills his wife, so that she had not sold the land which she got inheritance. The plot is incredibly deep and addictive with the first frame. In the story is hidden very deep message, which can not to understand each. The film we are accompanied by the constant reflection of the protagonist. It is therefore very important to closely monitor the story listen to dialogue. The story of us shows life situation, which can happen with every educated person, for example, a farmer (not in the offense of the heavy profession). You are so immersed in these thoughts of the main character that the time goes very long, but that doesn't bother. The film constantly keeps you in tight rein, you don't want to distract from what happens. It really unusual feeling, I never had a I looked horror movies very much. Not can be no question about the tick, here it is no. It for the first time in my experience, when the film is not present a tick. If you listen to the confession of the accused before the court.

Acting: the Actors coped with their roles perfectly. Everyone was the person I felt that the load, which have them shoulders. It for me this criteria is the most important thing. But do I want to talk about the Wilfrid James, played by Thomas Jane ("the Mist") and Henry James, played by Dylan Schmid. We show two example, can happen if you do not the right choice. Hilditch us shows that is to commit a terrible act. When I look at Wilfrid that it occurs after this act, I just not can believe it. It feels like it and the actor playing him — is one same people. In addition, it strikes me as Thomas Jane joined in the role of the farmer. Its gait, its movement, its style of speech just hit me. It truly a talented actor, which has proved better than this role no one would not fulfilled. A few words about Henry, in spite of his age, he elegantly portrayed the role of a suffering teenager. All his actions are fully justified, any man would go on the same trail. Other characters also played well, as I have wrote above.

Maniac: It don Voorhees not Kruger, not Lecter, not someone else. I can't find analogues killer "1922". To call it even a serial killer, but as it is not very true. Killer Yes, but maniac I think too. He is an example of what can happen to any person, who is desperate and grabs all will find. It is possible to blame only in part, more to say nothing.

Soundtrack: Music "1922" is another story. You know, it's music and psychedelic sounds. I'm not even know what instruments can achieve. Most likely what if nail in silence walk through metal. Here such nasty sounds that immerse you even more in this unusual story. Here the sound of "Thick as Thieves" — Mike Patton. Besides him, there are a lot of other psychedelic sounds, e.g., "Death of a Marriage" — Mike Patton, "Mea Culpa" — Mike Patton. Besides them there are nice hearing the melody, for example, "Cornfield — (Vertical)" — Mike Patton. Also, there are scolding a little creepy, but not pressing on the psyche, for example, "Sweetheart Bandits" — Mike Patton. In short, the music selection is great. Mike Patton did a good job.

The atmosphere and graphics: because Of the incredible above criteria, of course, was a very peculiar and unique atmosphere. I this film will be remembered for long number of reasons, among which will be atmosphere. You just absorb in this world, you want to go out, but then the top has this music and you out not can. You have to survive along with the hero. In addition, at this atmosphere is greatly influenced by the graphics. Here she made in very gloomy, the scenery is the same unusual. I just admire this movie.

Thus, "1922" one of the best horror movies that I watched. You should feel for themselves, here words and not to convey half of what happened on the screen. The film raises an important problem, the problem of choice. The Director is trying to say never an option is obvious. You can't cling to first thought for you will pass through the same the circles of hell, through which passed the main characters. Also, "1922" shows us that any man sitting still someone who must be controlled. In every man there is a share of violence. Just some of her control, and others can. You the film may be interested in an unusual story, stunning acting and very unusual music. I recommend to view, but only persons who have reached at least 16. So as the film is unusual and understand can not everyone. Why 7? Because the plot could be done even more unusual. It was possible to add more suspense. And so "1922" excellent adaptation of the novel by Stephen king.

7 of 10

Addia Cardwell
31 January 2018 | 10:09

This movie... it awful truly awful. Not like the movies of James WAN or Wes Craven, and afraid of his submission, the reality of what is happening on the screen.

frankly, sitting down for viewing of this film I expect to see something like "children of the corn", but I saw a very strong psychological Thriller. In a moment of awareness of what is happening on the screen, I felt a literal chill ran through back shiver the body.

So what he terrible? In there is not a screamer, there's a sea of blood and terrible monsters in the style of Stephen king. In there is one very important concept which has invested in this movie author. It's choice. The a choice that each of us makes in life every day and what can cause only one thing wrong decision.

Throughout the picture the film keeps voltage hold up the end or for one minute. Makes you wonder on such concepts as Life and death,

the relationship between in family and about loneliness. But and certainly not to select Thomas Jane, which is just perfectly played a role.

I can recommend is the film is all because he is very depressed, paint in the film is muted, an audio track as they do not exist. Often you leave in the oppressive silence of an old farmhouse and the creak of the rotten boards. Only look at a neutral mood and tune into an hour and a half well-crafted Thriller.

7 of 10

Addy Heindrick
30 October 2017 | 07:00

2017 can easily be called the year of total releases of film adaptations of a Stephen king story. It seems that after the boom of its adaptations in the nineties, was pretty active period of calm, but now for the year out as much as three or four works. Not least the merit of different kinds of channels, and also streaming services. Specifically in this case, I'm talking about the ubiquitous Netflix, which knocks various television projects like of the abundance. But the most important thing here is that some of these works are really worthy quality, though there are many very indecent matter, but exactly that I Netflix to blame not want to, because they seem to give some room for creativity for the creators of those or other works. Here and Zach Hilditch was not the small credit of trust, because the adaptation of one of the novels of Stephen king in General is not less.

Wilfred James lives happily with your family among the vast corn fields on the farm of his wife. And all nothing but the treacherous wife wished to sell the property to marital happiness James and open to anyone not need a clothing boutique. James this strongly disagree, yeah and only son also, as the sale of farm means moving to the city, but it's too far from beloved son of neighboring farm. After a completely futile belief of his wife, James the son conceive the real murder and as probably no strange, but they have successfully implemented. It would seem that she, idyll, perfect for later in life. But unfortunately, very soon, both regret deed retribution will come not the keepers of the law.

Literally from the first frame film manages to catch a picture and pretty carefully recreated atmosphere of the twenties. It is noticeable that cash of regret no what decorations and other props, dive in the era of managed to the glory, even though the fact that itself work in principle of the television. To the unique advantages of definitely can be attributed to the construction of the plot. I have not read the original novel by king, but suspect this is to his credit, so how to watch James his family is very interesting even to the main events. Acting is only a small part is on the highest level and most of all, of course, out of Thomas Jane, who is there is the main protagonist and also a harsh storyteller, whose the voice was echoed by the local atmosphere and incredibly fits well in everything that happens on the screen. In the pros of the picture is still the fact that the film does not sagging looks literally with genuine interest in the first priority here is not able to scare the viewer, but rather to convey the basic idea, which is that hoping for more favorable outcome can be breaking even more firewood.

Zach Hilditch without doubt coped with the adaptation of another novel by Stephen king and I have noticed on reviews read the book, he added some color with a total of mysticism, which seems to be was not the book. Someone read this not much, but someone on the contrary spoke in a positive way. I in this respect somewhat easier, because with the original I certainly not familiar. This the mystic does not is perceived as some kind of appendage, it completely blended and absolutely not seems unnecessary. Have Hilditch definitely has a future, and Netflix is likely to thank you for a very good film on the novels of the king happened and much worse.

7 out of 10

How long is 1922?
2h 22m
Who is the director of the movie 1922?
This tv-show was directed by Zak Hilditch.
What is the genre of 1922?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Crime, Drama, Horror, Mystery, Best Crime Movies 2017, Best Horror Movies 2017, Best Mystery Movies 2017.
Who starred in 1922?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Thomas Jane, Molly Parker, Dylan Schmid, Kaitlyn Bernard, Neal McDonough.
What is 1922 IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.3.
When was 1922 released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-10-20.