Awakening the Zodiac

The couple Mika and Zoe's dire financial situation — they live in a trailer, and Mick does odd jobs here and there. Once their hands get old film reels, which are removed by a serial killer known as the zodiac. He was active in the late 60s in San Francisco and was never caught. Enticed by the reward of $ 100,000, they will not carry the film to the police, and with the other containing a pawn shop, trying to figure out the Zodiac on their own.

  • Jonathan Wright

Release Date: 2017-06-09
IMDb icon 4.8/10
  • Country: CA
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 1h:40m
Flor Zeb
22 July 2017 | 04:36

"Exploits" the Zodiac killer, one of the most terrible and mysterious killers in history, has been repeatedly presented on the big screen. In particular, it has been  a"Dirty Harry", where the main character was given the opportunity to revenge the killer and is in the midst of real and not cinematic crimes. And was the zodiac from Fincher, in which almost documentary manner with real panic. Alas, "the Awakening of the Zodiac" certainly not included in the Pantheon of great crime films, but at least the film is not so bad, though not interested-meticulous as creation Fincher, or cool as book.

Zoe and Mick wish for a better life. The couple Ekes out a miserable existence in the trailer Park. One day a young man finds several reels of 8 mm film, on which recorded the crimes of the Zodiac. Mika and Zoe begin an investigation and search of a maniac, in as their friend is working on "encryption key" of the famous puzzles. In the end, they rivet the attention of the serial killer who is still alive and decides to add to the list of victims.

Scripts of horror movies and thrillers always have a problem with a starting point. Scene setup usually use one and the same methods to begin to tell the story. "The awakening of the Zodiac" at this background stands out: the characters are motivated, the plot intriguing and the characters are those or other clues, allowing it to enter the trail of serial killer. But the more the characters begin to rant, the worse. "Awakening" is working in those scenes when the characters are trying to reach the real identity of the killer. Scene views generally allow you to remember something like "Sinister". But they start to get deeper into the subject to try to catch a serial killer, then the atmosphere visibly sags.

Alas, an abbreviated approach to the history of the Zodiac and the build script is much more common than could be. The zodiac as a serial killer just plays the role of a necessary motive for the actions of the protagonists. Their goal could be any other serial killer, real or fictional. The fact that the film used the image of a real Zodiac, is not more than unnecessary in a primitive way to add paranoia to the American spectator. However, the introductory scene, almost like copying from Fincher, has the necessary voltage and recognized.

But if we consider the film in apart from its intriguing plot element, speculation on the subject of one of the most famous serial killers and, finally, the detective elements, that the movie, let's be honest, bad. The main characters, at all its charm, not have an ounce of sympathy. To take seriously their impossible. And most of the events in the movie sucked from the finger. Something meaningful and coherent is beginning to happen in the last half hour and very quickly slipping into the ridiculous. Even a little to increase the degree of delusion and "Awakening" would be rolled into a farce. What as for the storyline turn, then he is stupid and makes no sense.

Thus, the "Awakening of the Zodiac" came a scattered film, and ascocentrum kind of dull. A mediocre Thriller with some definite atmospheric moments that wasn't affect the viewer as needs. Let the dream real Zodiac has come true, and he will forever remain in human memory, "the Awakening of the Zodiac" does not deserve acquittal. With the other hand, as good as could be wrong but how could be.

5 from 10

Karoline Nahshu
18 June 2017 | 07:31

In the early 70's San Francisco and nearby cities shaken by a series of murders, maybe so would have remained unknown sunk in the summer of the mystery in a series of unsolved cases if the killer who called himself zodiac, not started Polizei the game to unsubscribe — for five years he sent an encrypted letter in a local newspaper, openly mocking the stupidity and naivety of the police, threatened the new, sometimes mass killings, demanding public exposure and claimed his account 37 victims of which proved only 5.

Zodiac has become one of the most famous uncaught murderers, and the question of who on really was zodiac, here is already several decades bother a lot of minds. About it is written not one book, he mentioned in the music of such musicians as, for example, The Doors Guns N ' Roses, and, of course, about it removed a lot of movies. Only 2 years after the first letter, when the zodiac is still not been history and so to say, was that is here and now and his words, continued their murders, about it took two pictures.

The heroes of this film, a young couple, Zoe and Mick, are living in a shabby trailer and barely make ends meet ends. With his friend Mick buying the sale of the dresser (why the hell am I and do not understand), and in the drawer they find the film, after seeing that they know that most likely they depict the murders of the Zodiac (was the version that the zodiac filmed his murders). Pokopavshis in the learn that information on the police promised an award in$100 000, and when some given their financial situation not so much thought, they decide to try to find the Zodiac.

In General, not might say that I expect obviously mediocre film something unexpected and extraordinary. On his view, I decided only because of the interest in the zodiac, although I understand that everything that happens — the purest fiction writers, and to expect any revelations is not worth it. So happened. No, I was hoping that will be more tension and suspense, but, alas, these expectations was justified. If the first half still somehow holds attention, second — a complete failure. Shane West, known for the film a walk to remember, and Leslie Bibb, to basically playing a cameo role, and may do its microscopic task, but honestly, they heroes cause more irritation than empathy. Not without meaning dialogue, stupid actions and banal ending. Plus all disregard for the facts.

If You are interested in the history of the Zodiac, it is better to see a reliable and well made, but unfortunately, underrated film by David Fincher. If You're just looking for some Thriller, to pass the evening, believe me, You can find a much better option.

3 of the 10

Jolie Sorci
13 June 2017 | 12:30

"The awakening of the Zodiac" waited a long time, but not because I was interested in the continuation of the mysterious story of the mysterious assassin that killed 37 people, which half a century so not able to catch. Everything is easier — I just a big admirer of Shane West. So that for me after success in his career always was a weak one: "Tenant" "the Sanctuary red Sands", "Present" and"Presence", "Salem" and"Red sky"... And given that recently got acquainted with Arthouse "Here alone", then this film would expect much. Although about everything.

The zodiac turned out a colorful charismatic figure, it is a pity that on the screen it appears as often. Behavior Zoe was characterized by extreme illogic — it is strongly against the capture of the killers, the first started up the trace, yeah another persuades her husband Mick. Her behavior in the frame in General is often problematic. Leslie Bibb seats replays, it apparently affects "serials specificity". The couple often quarrel for an empty place. Shane West managed to convey the emotional state of his character, and let it verbal sparring with his wife, Zoe, caused more confusion and smiles, than the expected result is, in General, its role was able. What sort of role Mika reminded me of his Jack Wilder in adventure "Eldorado", but there is a clear emphasis on line of investigation.

The main focus in the picture is taken on investigations the capture of the Zodiac. However, quite often you can not notice the many dock plot: how the hero of the West could find out where you need to go to the final part of the picture? Harvey tries to decipher the code of the killer, which is not able to decipher best specialists of the FBI, Yes, myself the zodiac is clearly not age — if you consider that he "overslept" more than 40 years! This questions to the writer. The script really seems to be buggy, although the idea is good — return to the theme of the Zodiac should intrigue the potential audience, but that's what will be its rating? The dialogue between the characters also frequently cause confusion, but maybe this problem of translation? It is felt that the film was done in a hurry Yes and the budget is quite small, and apparently there these numerous flaws, which if some refinement to improve the picture, turning it into a high-quality gripping Thriller.

For the detective the Director gives the viewer to think, to break his head along with characters. Jonathan Wright just raises the question, not emptying any evidence, and some time — gives one, so time to the entire film. Quite often the atmosphere is warming sensation of imminent sudden appearance of a mysterious assassin. At first it scary, but then quickly bored. Felt the monotony of formulaic techniques. And same ending — in the style of a cheap horror movie. Do not understand why it was necessary to insert into already completed the story, just for the sake of fashion? Yeah and the story of the maniac is not really is being investigated, is inserted here apparently only commercial course. Recall, "Occupant," where the same Shane West investigated the "new" Jack the Ripper. The operator is constantly showing us major plans, and more than half of the action takes place in dark rooms. Just because a good game Shane West put

7 of 10

How long is Awakening the Zodiac?
2h 20m
Who is the director of the movie Awakening the Zodiac?
This tv-show was directed by Jonathan Wright.
What is the genre of Awakening the Zodiac?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Crime, Drama, Mystery.
Who starred in Awakening the Zodiac?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Shane West, Leslie Bibb, Matt Craven, Nicholas Campbell, Kenneth Welsh.
What is Awakening the Zodiac IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 4.8.
When was Awakening the Zodiac released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-06-09.