Spark: A Space Tail

Powerful forces of evil have invaded the beautiful planet and enslaved the entire Universe. But nothing will make Sparks and his faithful friends to surrender. If you are a brave and kind heart, an indomitable will to win and a great team can do any task you on the shoulder! Star mission to save the Universe begins.

  • Aaron Woodley

Release Date: 2017-05-04
IMDb icon 4.5/10
  • Country: CA, CN, KR, US
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 1h:31m
Birgitta Manly
14 February 2017 | 01:20

Although in South Korea sacred animal is the proud tiger, which became the object of numerous legends and tales, the monkey popular in this country, not less than any other symbol, embodying the spirit of the nation. Regional neighbor of Korea, whether Malaysia or India, from time immemorial belong to caudate nimble animals with special awe, and such motives are not a priori could not to make their mark on culture of Asian countries from the near the borders up to the far edges. In connection this it is not surprising that the monkeys periodically penetrate into the art of becoming the object of attention of artists, writers, poets and, of course, filmmakers. Creative Union of Korean firms with the animators come from Canada was created on the light is quite remarkable cartoon under the name "Spark", whose main character acted as once a monkey fighting in a galactic war against the nefarious invaders, the thus becoming a symbol of the fight against the universal injustice. And although the mythology of different countries, the way monkeys often don't nothing valor, the Koreans are not less than considered it superfluous to magnify this animal, too long to vegetate on the sidelines, giving way to the tiger and other totem animal with much more elevated character.

So, the plot of the cartoon takes us far in the space provided, where raging the next star wars. Evil invader, storm alien peoples and insidious schemer, General Zhong (the original voice Alan S. Paterson) continues its relentless campaign for power whole systems. Distant thirteen years ago his path stood a wondrous planet of Ban, not agreed to become part of building the Empire of Zhong, from what she had to experience all of the force of anger of the General, reshayuschuyu sparkling ball for many hundreds of fragments. After securing desired, the invader rushed to conquer additional territory, but he did not realize that not all the inhabitants of the Bans was taken in captivity or destroyed. A very young monkey on behalf of Spark (Jace Norman), narrowly escaped a sad fate, unable to escape from the watchful gaze of Jong and to grow up in relative peace. And still stay in side of the confrontation is not even managed to Spark, after all, the galactic community was again under a serious blow in relations with the next plans of the Mound. Bloody dictator determined to use the power of Kraken, the legendary space monster that can cause the most real Black holes, absorbing all things. Whole worlds ready without a fight to surrender the power of the Jong, but Spark his companions, fighting Fox wicks (Jessica Biel) and a tech genius chunk (Rob DeLeo) is not going silently watch the atrocities of the villain, going to going restore long-lost justice.

Putting in the head of the history of the humble monkey, directed by Aaron Woodley is not relied on the old tales come from the Asian territories, but not refused use the eternal values inherent in the edges. To Spark his friends can clearly see the power of the spirit and semi-mystical notes for many of us like Chinese, Indian and, of course, Korean motifs in art and cinema in particular. It also includes drawing with using the readily perceptible features of Asian masters. However, when everything that Spark is the most affordable product for the viewers of all preferences out depends on the cultural motifs used in the study of history. Move the action in space the cartoon went on good as the animators were completely free hand, and they could not bind a variety of nuances that require special documentation even in this genre, as a fantasy. For the most part, the plot resembles the classic story of the confrontation of light and darkness, which is clear to everyone. And stylistic nuances enclosed in technically the edification, it is not exactly scare off from view the most ardent opponents of Asian culture.

Quite interesting is the fact that to the original voice "Spark" was attracted by famous Hollywood stars, often working only over large Studio projects, which cartoon Aaron Woodley is not is. On the sidelines you can hear the Jessica Biel, Hilary Swank, Patrick Stewart and even Susan Sarandon. And it is itself shows us that to "Spark" at least worth a look, because it attract the banners are so impressive landing is clearly not just like that. It is noteworthy that the voices of celebrities caught without special effort if you know who who says, that observe the events on the screen becomes doubly interesting. When you will not feel any discomfort from that the stars play such an unusual for their games, because despite the features of their votes, they still not just saying lines, and try to play in connection than efforts look very organic. In especially pleased with Jace Norman, yet not the most famous actor of the composition "Spark", but managed to make his character memorable traits only one voice.

As for the graphics, used in work on visual "Spark", you need to take into note that Aaron Woodley is not had the opportunity to operate on an impressive budget, from what a cartoon loses most fellows from large Studio players come from Dream Factory. Lack of detail, occasionally throwing in the artificiality of eye movements and other technical shortcomings openly thrown into the eye, causing a certain dissonance from that the voices of the cartoon characters gave not the last performers of our time, residing on the peak of popularity. Most likely, the bulk of the investments came directly from four companies left on celebrities, relations with the creators had to sacrifice the beauty of the frame. And in this situation the sad thing is that actually the plot of "the Spark" not so fascinating and deep, to forgive him the flaws of visual attraction.

In the end I want to say that "Spark" turned out to be attractive, but not a sinless cartoon. The efforts of Aaron Woodley eradicate part of the gaps in than it is the and opportunities to help famous voice actor, and all the flaws of the part of the secondary script and lack of drama constantly POPs out. The at least viewers youngest age group "Spark" is interesting, because it colorful, eventful and even relies on old myths about monkeys, presented at this time in a different, more attractive light. So though with some apprehension, but still can you recommend a "Spark" to view.

6 from 10

Ashlee Ardeen
19 October 2017 | 06:23

The story of the cartoon Aaron Woodley's "SPARK: the Hero of the Universe" in those or variations was played, probably have hundreds of times.

So to win this animated film could just some new story ideas, memorable characters, including their visual study, and like at least worse than a strong intermediate level.

As a result, "SPARK..." nothing to unfortunately, not be surprising could. In visual terms it is, in principle, held on to the middle level, while the characters, all without exception, could draw and original, with more imagination. Remember any of them efforts difficult.

Without much imagination, alas, decorated the whole universe. Detail, historical facts, legends and mysteries in the genre of fantastic fiction/fantasy is always important, but universe Woodley they poor — again visually, meaningful and therefore — boring uninteresting.

Alas, not too impressed by the characters and a study of the characters. Solid templates, plates with accuracy of the word. So much so that you can just mute the sound and speak for yourself heroes, not risking much mistaken. In the heroes are positive, however, if you try, you will be able to believe. Even in the Spark, although it sladkopojna positivity somewhere to the middle of the tape just in the teeth navaneet — the creators with him has obviously changed sense of proportion. With other actors, the situation is better, but not much, although they tried to "dilute" the disadvantages. The situation is partially rescued, as always, high-quality Ukrainian dubbing with a good selection of votes (here no mistake with someone), some good jokes and really nice set of scenes that cause real emotions, empathy, and not boredom.

The bad guys also in all cartoon much worse. The main puncture here — absolutely failed dictator Jun. The appearance of his if charged one in one Soviet cartoons on which depicted figures of the "rotten capitalism". In connection this thought that Canada really made this animation in co-production with North and not South Korea.

To match the appearance and character Jun. It is clear that it's a children's cartoon, where nice and bad need to mark clearly and unambiguously. However, here writers again problems with the measure. In the end, Jun had been all the same to achieve something, to seize the banks and not only, stay with authority to the whole Universe for years to come. But looking at his impenetrable stupidity, stupidity and pathetic, once and again put himself the question, as he is, in fact, failed? Not fit in here one with others. Okay, it six, they according to the order you're supposed to be fools. But the leader of the definition should be above them, the such a universal scale, which is prescribed Jun. But a caricature of the dictator looks like in been first among equals, but sometimes — even worse. Closer to end he tried to add some humanity, but was already later: the image is definitely not found.

The story itself in General is not less than its characters, suffers from stereotyped, sketchy and predictable. The intrigue seems to be tied first tied good, but just over the middle of the story because of solid plates and desires to look for the easiest plot path, even at the umpteenth time enters the screen, reduce it almost zero. The Central battle, which probably was supposed to be the epic highlight of the program, the situation is not save, Yes and set it not so much impressive and impressive. Last a nail in the coffin drives terribly cloying in its pathos and the predictability of the ending, which sums up the weakness and helplessness of a failed scenario in which work will consist of some really good scenes. Lost on a gray background and music Robert Duncan, although the presence she if other, more successful story, it to praise, perhaps, could be.

Four points on a ten point scale — maximum "SPARK..." Woodley. Several well-staged episodes, not ticky-tacky, although not very impressive picture, plus a good Ukrainian dubbing — more this animated film I not caught nothing.

4 of 10

Johnna Fadiman
01 June 2017 | 11:53

Great space story where there are the Royal family and their son of Spark, a lot of planets with different creatures and worthy heroes of the Galaxy! But there is the jealous brother of the king, deceitfully appropriated the throne with the help of monster (agree, like "the Sword of king Arthur"). 13 summer Spark hangs out on the dump of the broken planet with Floyd and the tarakanchiki and friends foxes Chunks, but all the time craves adventure, and he gets the chance. This cartoon I waited all my heart in hope it will be something special. Expectations were confirmed! Do not expect any references to space or space Opera, just get a standalone masterpiece of the pen Canada and South Korea, who could think!

Charming Jessica Biel was voiced by not intoxicating the Fox — taught glavgeroya in the art of combat! Awesome Captain came from Patrick Stewart in my opinion the most decent voice in the past 6 years of the time the sound of Shakespeare, but it's the perfect time will not last long it will give the voice something... in Emoji. Pleasantly surprised that Susan Sarandon has given a voice not an evil, and good robot — Baranochka (well, the planet, sorry the universe of the apes is the same, therefore such a cute and funny name). The cartoon was released on level "of Astroboy" and much better than last year's "Superheroes" in which and it met a pig, a monkey and other animals, but graphics the story itself came inspiring! So Why not to look.

How long is Spark: A Space Tail?
2h 11m
Who is the director of the movie Spark: A Space Tail?
This tv-show was directed by Aaron Woodley.
What is the genre of Spark: A Space Tail?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Adventure, Comedy, Animation.
Who starred in Spark: A Space Tail?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Jace Norman, Jessica Biel, Patrick Stewart, Hilary Swank, Susan Sarandon.
What is Spark: A Space Tail IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 4.5.
When was Spark: A Space Tail released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-05-04.