Ocean's 8

Five years, eight months, 12 days... and beyond. That's how much Debbie ocean, developed a plan for the greatest Heist of his life. She knows exactly what it will require is a team of the best in the business, starting with her longtime accomplice Lou Miller. Together they gather a team of unique specialists. Their goal is irresistible 150 million dollars in diamonds in the diamonds on the neck of the world famous actress Daphne Kluger, which will be riveted everyone's attention on the main event of the year — bale at the Metropolitan Museum. The plan itself is incomparable, but the implementation must be flawless if they want to get in and out with jewelry in hand. Right in plain sight.

  • Gary Ross

Release Date: 2018-06-08
IMDb icon 6.2/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Evy Rossen
21 June 2018 | 08:48

Ah, the "8 girlfriends" ocean's... Maybe the "Friends of Oushena" and were not masterpieces, but it was almost a cult series of films about con certainly they were quite watchable pictures (well, except that except for the second part), which do not forgotten immediately after release from the cinema. But that is their spin-off to regret not justify heritage and is a very passable and not necessarily a movie on once.

This is a very entertaining picture, which, however, entertains no more than three-hour ballet performance, and even when the timing manages to be quite boring. In a certain point you can just shut off and understand that you absolutely do not interestingly, going on the screen because of their personal preferences and due to the fact that there is objectively not going on, nothing exciting, nothing that before you seen.

All important that you need to know about the main character, about her plan or all of the participants in the robbery displayed a quick cutting in the describes a little later, probably hinting to the viewer that this is clearly not those things you need here to search or make them.

To be honest, that the plot itself the plan and the more isolation on the order of boring the same "Ocean's Eleven", even though because are a highly simplified copy of the latter, the only difference is in the details. Well and the current women's team loses to the characters of George Clooney, brad pitt, Matt Damon, don Cidla and etc. Not to say that there, the characters were very deep, but they were more sophisticated and worked out, at least the characters were written better. And everything in the forehead, all the heroine is incredibly straightforward and clearly not have any extensive study.

I did not understand and why was half the team to do some clear maidens, apparently to make it easier to talk to a modern audience. Well, not bypasses this picture and omnipresent tolerance. We tried to show all the multi-ethnic character of the world of fraud, in the team has white, Asian, African-American and Hindu, and many of the roles given are clearly not for acting. Well, Oh well, it would it is important, if the film was good?

I would like to say that in all the previous paintings were more or less charismatic villains, who were played by Andy Garcia, Vincent Cassel and al Pacino. Here however, no villain, no at all. Here girls just goddess of robberies and to prevent them from a priori, there is no one.

Also, the film constantly throws sparkling and very primitive sense of humor, playing with the simplest stereotypes, with which 10-year not have to laugh. Alternately still trying to entertain and nezatykayka music and a rapid succession of frames to show all the coolness happening, but such Intrusive entertainment may well head ache.

And furious "multi-pass", stretched and clearly a pompous climax, where you several times trying to stun not quite a interesting and unpredictable things. Honestly, it is better let it there would be much more natural.

Personally, I don't like Sandra bullock and whether it any good actress, but its game is not believe it completely, even on a minute. And in this film the problem is even more exacerbated because the role it very affected and pretentious. Cate Blanchett and Helena Bonham Carter, probably the only one on who's you can watch. They are good strong Actresses that look nice even in such unsophisticated roles. Anne Hathaway may well played, but its role is also not catchy. Oh, and how good Rihanna! We immediately see that she graduated from the art Academy and was born to star in a movie and singing was just a side preparing for the implementation of the basic dreams. Other Actresses like Asian women and Hindu women playing awfully, about them to even say anything not want.

Well, the only thing you can do in General to watch this film is the robbery itself, its implementation. It removed quite cheerfully and may evoke some nostalgia for the good films-robberies. Although, of course, in the end, even it still looks completely cliched and dull flushed interchange.

In the end, "8 friends of Oushena" — is not a full-fledged spin-off of the famous movie, but rather a typical summer blockbuster, about which most people will forget in a couple of days after viewing. Watch it not necessarily. I would even say that it is better to leave your memories of those good movies untouched and not to risk it.

4.5 out of 10

Daisi Myrtia
28 June 2018 | 12:16

The original idea of "8 girlfriends ocean" looked pretty dubious proposition. New story under the auspices of the names of the ocean promised a replacement of the male caste on the main thing that will be able to allocate the tape on the background of friends Clooney. Good, at least women chose the coolest. On and it turns out that apart from the notorious caste updates from "8 girlfriends ocean" I came nothing they would remember to further discussion and do not stay in the quality of the film for one-time viewing.

To describe the ribbon Gary Ross in two words can be a fascinating smooth. And if the first goes without disputes, just plus, second — only a minus. Undoubtedly, when the screen Sandra bullock is replaced by cate Blanchett, followed by Anne Hathaway Helena Bonham Carter,and seeking Rihanna Sarah Paulson in the most beautiful dresses and with scorching, hot and Sizzling looks, is simply impossible to resist. Perhaps more than any other show. it steal procession with bullock. Breathable something unusual and majestic, at this captivating, feminine, powerful and devastating. Wonder how good. But to the audience of sadness, the characters are all charming ladies available to boast of something deep not can. Some interesting motivational story in only have myself Debbie ocean, which sometimes, in spite of your mind goes still it was stupid and reckless, Yes, and the heroine of the Helena Bonham Carter. The rest — tools for development of the case, the names of which you, even if you want not remember, except, of course, Debbie and only for the reason that famous name displayed in the title. And here lies the main embarrassing smooth in the worst sense of detail: all characters in the screen is the only tool that will perform its function, not having met no obstacles, and then finish the job. In the beginning of the film the heroine of the bullock the voice plan, but it goes version with the disclosure of all the nuances. It would seem that classic thing for films-robberies. Yes that's just the tools for execution plan nothing stopping, they don't meet any obstacles and even if they see that only need view, as it does not affect no what. From this to empathize with the heroines made not possible. For them are the person for them are functional roles that do not try to be interesting: not interact not trying to open up, to put it simply, does not trying to be someone. And one of the charming Actresses here is not enough, so as not to give the viewer bored in as you browse, when you do not strongly exciting the robbery will begin and end, and its effects are not effect.

"Ocean's Eight", perhaps kept for exactly its acceptable for viewing crime distances: there is a cunning plan and there are people behind him. According to as you progress understand the stupidity, the conventions yeah and spaces to the the plan, but here is one procession on the screen may well from this briefly distracted. And after viewing remains a sense that the storytelling was bad. Not at all. She was fairly easy and somewhere fun. But that important a shame, she was too smooth and not very interesting and, as a result, weak. To unfortunately, standing for the robbery of the girls very not enough of the background and the volume that the viewer is not seen here Actresses, for which it come and saw characters that actually an excellent play theft. And feel it turns out that is a strange parallel universe where common somehow remains the star, and cate Blanchett bodyit vodka. And not looks like an exciting story about the robbery as a native soderberghs friends ocean, where Clooney was equal Danny, or in another robbery from assumed under title "good Luck Logan", where the characters were true heroes, written and interact with each other, that know how to overcome obstacles, which ways of logically, there is enough. Here have Ross no adventure wit and there is just a bunch of Actresses that look quite fascinating to capture the attention of the viewer to the screen, but to hold the attention of the ribbon is clearly not enough heat and characters in these Actresses to play history.

Quite boring to watch, when the skier rides on a straight road, no rivals that trying to overtake, and with no climbs and descents. Even if the skier Sandra bullock or Rihanna in a wonderful dress. Much more interesting, much cinematic, if the skier fell and missed leading the line, stand up and because of its excitement and will catch opponents by winning the gold medal. But the "8 girlfriends ocean" is clearly not enough of this excitement, so as not to be afraid to meet with obstacles. They strong enough to show a strong femme Fatales who can give odds to any man, but doubt their existence? It is a pity that these fatal ladies don't want to try to make an exciting robbery is really exciting that the viewer is not left satisfied just a one-time viewing, and sharing sincere adventurous criminal passion, would be able to return to this adventure.

Madelon Mayhew
07 July 2018 | 02:45

When Steven Soderbergh had finished off the trilogy of the team of thieves Danny ocean, no one is assumed this franchise will be a spin-off. Yes it was not really needed, however, the lack of films about the robbery forced the producers to continue the story of ocean's, at this time by the spotlight of his sister. The same feature film is that now in the team are exclusively women and they just trying to have fun.

Not to say that old movies Soderbergh was sinless, but they could boast of a carefully elaborated plans of the robbery in which was attended by a particle of blind luck but by and large the adventures of elitist captors values were based on their professionalism and undoubted skills.

As for the "8 friends of Oushena", then the plan here is purely nominal, because crank intended robbery without a magical intervention in real life it would be impossible. So that the kind of film Gary Ross is given a uniform tale. But while Debbie and her friend make a call, the sympathy than partly interrupt the flow of skeptical attacks aimed at their idea.

Sandra bullock and cate Blanchett made an excellent couple of old girlfriends and basically, they pull the story itself and the. Also, I liked Anne Hatewave the role of the recalcitrant stars. She usually this image bypasses, but not this time, for her and thank you.

"8 friends of Oushena" — an example of a film that could be better, but well, that the authors brought the situation to absolute absurdity. For fun adventures Debbie, Lou and the other girls can see, but and you will remember they are hardly can.

6 from 10

Who is the director of the movie Ocean's 8?
This tv-show was directed by Gary Ross.
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The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Crime, Thriller, Best Action Movies 2018, Best Comedy Movies 2018, Best Crime Movies 2018, Best Thriller Movies 2018.
Who starred in Ocean's 8?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Dakota Fanning, Olivia Munn, Matt Damon, Cate Blanchett, Sandra Bullock.
What is Ocean's 8 IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.2.
When was Ocean's 8 released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-06-08.