Mom and Dad

From the Ryan family seems perfect — my husband makes good money, beautiful wife, two children. But there are problems in any family. Daughter is a high school student stopped to chat with her mother and taking her money from her purse. The younger brother is constantly picking on his sister, parents also struggle to find a common language. Suddenly the TV began to transmit a strange signal, and all heard his parents attacking their own children. It's time for spouses Ryan to start to work in a team and figure out the relationship the entire family.

  • Brian Taylor

Release Date: 2018-01-19
IMDb icon 5.5/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 2h:03m
Willette Bradeord
23 January 2018 | 08:16

The long-awaited review of the bloody psychothriller directed by Brian Taylor, skillfully combining in itself, as elements of the ridiculous "black" Comedy, accompanied by cheerful music, share unimaginable, just overwhelming his madness horror from the realism of the events and actions of the main characters, but also certain panache drama, escaping in the stream full of madness, about one of the most urgent in our lives the — "the complexity of marital relations" — last place. On the basis of the earlier anticipation of the many revisions of the official trailer, posters and scrutiny rereading the story in the amount of a couple of short lines — it is safe to say that the movie has justified all waiting for me how the one hand, the devoted admirer of creativity of the legendary Nicolas cage, so simple fan and interesting movie.

First of all, the light in the most General outline of the plot of the film:

The film's prologue reveals to the audience a wonderful view of a nice small town with a lot compact houses lined up one behind the other, most of the walls which are home to a full and, on first glance, the perfect family, of which a key focus is on the family of Ryan.

Family Ryan — the typical American family is quite decent middle class living, consisting of successful and ambitious good family man — Brent Ryan (Nicolas cage), his wife beauty and beautiful mom — Kendall Ryan (Selma Blair) and two children part of an energetic and playful kid Josh (Zachary Arthur) and suffering all the problems of any younger youngster, bad my daughter Carly (Anne winters).

Family life Ryan, as and many families, it would seem, is no noticeable. Have a daughter that overcomes the desire to live free and boundless life of a modern young girl having fun with a guy stealing money from the mother and, gradually, forgetting the family and all of her values. In the other corner a mother, an exhausted, household chores and indifference of her husband and children, afflicted by the syndrome of "old Age — no joy." Near in its comfortable, quiet Desk huddled at the head of the family, the father, often covered by a nostalgia for the "the former" and passionately obsessed with the desire to create a modest entertainment area of joy in the midst of the whole matrimonial mess.

One day a habitual way of life for all families in including the family of the Ryans, is replaced by unimaginable nightmare. Suddenly the TV begins to broadcast strange unexplained signal, on hearing which, the parents, when their children begin to make over them in the most brutal acts of violence, the lion's share leaves a mountain of corpses of children.

In the midst of all that is happening the mad bloody chaos are and daughter Carly along with little Josh, with whom they recently loved and cherished dad and mom already hurry to deal with great pleasure...

Despite its such a modest duration of 83 minutes, this uniquely insane the movie succeeded in the development process of its ambitious plot to connect in a lot of the above genres, each of which demonstrates periodically, sometimes even in the most unexpected moments. You expect this could get ugly? But the filmmakers take You instantly the recent past, in which, for example, Pope Brant peacefully paternal talks with the son or as Brent sets out with rage and anger his monologue about the nuisance of family life, the longing for youth other sores.

However, in the process of viewing the viewer is able to observe not only a gripping Thriller from acts of cruelty and murder of children. In the course of watching the attentive viewer will pay attention and on, it would seem very awkward music, which, with one hand, do not combined with the nature of the developing plot, with the other, his absurdity adds some notes of sabornost, and shaking the picture (probably manual mode) in the style of "the first witness" is not allows the user to close eyes for a moment.

Along with the above, the creators of the film unobtrusive and addressed to unfortunately, inherent to many modern children indifferent, rough and the most terrible attitude to their parents. Scene stealing money from their own mothers, causing the external image of the characters-Teens in the style of "moth", drug use, and many other scourges of today's youth are quite capable to provoke a feeling of disgust of the audience to such characters. A few parent conversations, containing in itself so called "the cry of the soul", the desperation of the anesthesia of everyday life, longing for young and the fear of being left by the children sooner or later — all together and forms on the my opinion, the soul-touching drama, which no doubt can take place and in real life.

Thus, we note the same key features of the movie "Mom and dad":

- A unique combination and demonstration of a variety of genres with a modest 83 minute; duration;

- Emphasis on topical issues of modern life: "the complexity of relations in the family", "despair from everyday", "the vices of modern youth";

- Great cast: Nicolas cage for his outstanding performance as "loving" mad daddy was forced to endure a great many genuine sensations caused by his character and his on-screen wife Selma Blair made him a great company.

In conclusion we can only add that, of course, the film is not you'll be so brilliantly balanced script (because the prologue really too fleetingly passed and shipped literally after ten minutes with start in the depths of the main plot) and it to my opinion, unfinished and giving the misunderstanding of the epilogue are perhaps the main drawbacks of the film.

However, the view for interesting pastime; and, especially for an ardent fan of Nicolas cage, no doubt, mandatory. I am sure that every cinephile in the course preview with a delight to watch awesome game Nicolas cage and Selma Blair, and not exactly 'll remain indifferent from the start of the final titer.

PS love and appreciate your family

7 of 10

Gerrie Erinn
19 February 2018 | 06:11

A kind of handwriting Taylor begins to acquire meaning and bold, nezaezzhennoy plot. Why brave? Yes, because wherever you spit, you get in the sacred cult of family values. Rarely meet all the detached story without a touching tragedy about a separate "unit of society", and to  the"undermining" the Holy of holies aimed, still a rarity. "Undermining" is of course a strong word, for all value, with which live and breathe, not can be destroyed, not whether it topped with a ton of mindless fanatical plates with inscriptions about what is great VALUE! The essence of this is already a burden.

"Things natural view are always those of the individual" (John Donne). Gregarious lifestyle sickens creative human origin. Teenagers are rebels, but does not were a teenager? How, dreams, full of energy and ambitions of young men, ready to take over the eggs of this world, lost in a 15 years and family life, flying over 4-minute  to"dream" about his den in the basement, and violent insanity, vzroslie on a killer of love to their children?

However, it is doubtful that presented philosophical thought was deeply buried Taylor under a pile of trash and sometimes black humor. More suitable here, if you have something to hide — put mind. But compared with Adrenaline or Racer, is frankly primitive in his role madness on the ground in revenge, Mom with Dad firmly so expect to unique, although not overloaded with drama, the idea. Its freshness of course not to beat a thousand times in the movie, the influence of the idiot on people, in the flow. As not strange, virus media affects the case of the hold selectively only have offspring already "fragile" mind of the audience, it is important to know how and where to push, because the "fledgling" — he and "tired", it same "predictable". Moreover, to change the Outlook on opposite focused solely on "own" offspring. Not so fantastic.

The theme of "not crap" dogmas of the child mind is illuminated and in happy valley, where patients at all the head characters are quite serious counterbalance in the face is still normal and not age sensible young heroes. But only common sense (read "individual"), absolutely powerless in the face of traditional "cultural" education (read "kind"), on which the system successfully parasitizes and speculating for centuries. So that kids in the thumb will repeat the same fate of their parents, as not sad.

The cage in some of the century was lucky to show my talent, after a series of dull projects, exploiting its"house edge" forever "pained" type. All characters Nicholas a little or a lot cranky, but usually, somehow, it seems that it replays once more to the cage always sympathize, but not him hero, think about yourself "poor Nicholas, as trying!". But here, "the inadequacy of" just as music subject joined, for a long time he had to "normal" villains go, even eyebrows are not built, as the evil the dog was straight revealed! The actors are all well done.

Maybe I and over a deep philosophical concept, but times the grey matter excited, it means something is there is. Not bullshit.

7 of 10

Michaeline Wayland
28 January 2018 | 01:12

On many sites this creature is offended and the talent of the cage is in a big question. Yes, it is the quarry is located on the creative day, when the already so long ago that over him is just awkward, but this picture is only rehabilitates actor, on the trash is out of the question can.

To call the film a dud, well, or trash, where violence for the sake of violence, can call absolutely surface viewer. Of course, the directing style can not all the taste and such is the way, yeah and this approach removes the focus from the drama component, so that the beholder itself is able to engage in parental issues. And there she is not a myth and certainly not a cinematic fantasy. You give life, so that your child has grown and grown, forget about their needs, is the parent of (masochistic) pleasure, the terrified of adolescence. Soon the authorities will falter and this will be stated loudly. As he said the main character — we are very fond of, but just sometimes want to kill...

Was satisfied with the acting Duo. Cage in spite of everything, even his greed, continues to be a talented actor. Yes, it already can write off, but to deny talent is impossible. Blair is not has remained, was how beautiful and crazy, two crazy, but finally loving hearts. Already younger in shared aspirations.

The film will recommend to view this is not devoid of sense, charm, thrash, which can not only entertain genre prepared the audience, but and will help to feel compassion for happy parents. Children — this happiness, it so great that to endure is difficult, but as shows personal experience, anything is possible.

I wish you all a pleasant viewing!!!

How long is Mom and Dad?
Who is the director of the movie Mom and Dad?
This tv-show was directed by Brian Taylor.
What is the genre of Mom and Dad?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Thriller, Horror.
Who starred in Mom and Dad?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Nicolas Cage, Selma Blair, Anne Winters, Lance Henriksen, Joseph D. Reitman.
What is Mom and Dad IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 5.5.
When was Mom and Dad released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-01-19.