Losing the love of his life, the main hero, possessing supernatural powers, focusing his life to free his people from slavery.

  • Bruce Macdonald
  • Gabriel Sabloff

Release Date: 2018-02-16
IMDb icon 4.4/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Nonie Sagerman
16 May 2018 | 12:06

People, one or otherwise unfamiliar with the old Testament, I want to remind you that Samson — the biblical strongman, killing a bunch of enemies-the Philistines (and one lion!). It biography full of sex, lies, violence, and gouged out eyes, mutilated bodies and comment on the dangers of carnal pleasures highlights the story of Samson, even in the part of the Bible, where, apparently, the suffering of the enemies of the Israelites must be made in a positive way. In other words, this parable the book of Judges could not to film worse than any "Game of thrones" in the entourage of Israel with a pinch of biblical questions about what kind of punishment awaits those who disobeyed God (well, in the end, has been almost like the creators of the animated "Prince of Egypt"!). Alas, not everyone agrees with similar so I coveted a brutal interpretation of Samson, and Studio Pure Flix Productions responsible for various Christian movies with explicit propaganda orientation, have created something like the latest sequels of "the King of Scorpions", but again, with brazen terribly Intrusive messages. And even if you forgive the ridiculous fake beards, flimsy sets, terrible "green screen", then General clumsiness performances can still lead the viewer of yourself.

Pure dissonance "Samson" felt with the first frame. First, I want to note that the film is just bad. Under this means polulyubitelsky cast, sharp and bad special effects, the storyline, leading to anywhere that, to everything else, are constantly confused because of the details, borrowed from other biblical stories. Several old Testament chapters — not the material is able to stretch to an epic drama, but the creators still have tried what the narrative came out exaggerated and frankly sucked from the finger. We are talking about sadistic Prince (infernal Jackson Rathbone), who kills poor starving Israelis, his father (Billy Zane) — king of the Philistines, and the Samson, whose drawing need clarification. Again hair again Delilah, only in this case added to the character's internal conflict and reflection cinematic DC-shnogo Superman: "God, I or man?".

Another moral clash "Samson" for, apparently, the intention of the Studio to create entertainment for the whole family and come to terms with a controversial source material. Mountains of corpses served no blood and my opinion, even the PG-13 rating is too high, if we are talking about violence the movie. Strange and the fact that the last act tells the story of righteous revenge, not disclaims brutality and even glorifies it. Worse, basic, on my opinion, the idea of the parable of the Samson (or, at least, is definitely there is present: it is impossible to answer the violence with violence) is not maintained. Also notable for the almost complete lack of humour that is an essential attribute of any modern adventure film. Or for Christians have it is a sin to laugh?

Free interpretation of a biblical legend can still be forgiven, trusting in that the creators tried to make a bet on a dubious entertainment. But here is the desire of the creators to avoid immersion "Samson" in the world the passion of the Christ as I think we have to be careful that the material does not one. Everything is extremely exaggerated: from weird romantic lines strongman to the meager character development and awkward dialogue. The film feels like cheap cinematic crush of the old Testament, and complete with a large number of actors of different nationalities feeling low-quality product increases. Samson, of course, could be a winning project, but atmosphere accents differ from "junk" quality setting. The seriousness, cruelty, heroic music and Billy Zane in a fun crown in the role of the king should, like, set on epic, but execrable script, boring plot development and ambiguous situations, in which heroes get, turn "Samson" in a catastrophe of biblical proportions.

3 of the 10

Ricca Gilmour
19 May 2018 | 01:38

Mythology create a comfortable space for the realization of the potential and serve as a springboard desired scale. In this case, the story of Samson defeating a very very mediocre in than first should blame the creators of the film. Judging by the developments, the writers grabbed several chapters of the Bible stories. But obtuse idea of the adventures and partly chaotic narrative, distort the picture and subconsciously suggest that were previously removed historical, ideological implemented in the same , but in a lot better quality.

If the legendary Samson was way describe the writers, this interpretation, then he would got page is the "old Testament" not as the hero or the Martyr, and as squandered God's gift a fool. Because seriously, no one action the protagonist of the film, not subject to the laws of logic and common sense. The motives of history are distorted to the extent is it possible to do. However, and other actors contradict themselves and no limit blunt every plot turn. Take all the same temptress Delilah (Kathleen Leahy), which is one of the key figures in the myth. Unacceptably amateurish interference in the characteristics of heroes, turned motion picture in Brazilian, Argentine soap Opera where the solution of problems in front, but we have to play with this tangle and to nurture a non-existent intrigue series. Here and viewing Kinopalats "Samson" the impression is that the creators were just buying time to the final touch the audience "epic."

Samson, who with childhood buzz in the ear relatives, relatives and parents up to protection to lead the revolt of the oppressed by the Philistines of the Jewish people and is it purpose this life somehow always turns to God as in the joke: "an Elderly Jew all my life prayed to God, begging for a big win in the lottery. Every day he regularly led in prayer with this request, until got this God completely. In again he appeared to him Juan — Haim Abramovich! Well, give me just one chance! Buy at least one lottery ticket!". Samson makes it worse and exacerbates, sometimes explaining his omission of the fact that it is not want the victims with its part. And his people are all so the same suffering, those closest to him. people are consumption etc. But it is easier to lean on cart watch the village girls than to collect will in a fist and behave like a grown man.

Right on the occasion took on the role of Samson, Taylor James, who looks like your Tesco Taylor Lautner of"Twilight", only years over 20 mm with progress in "acting skills". Same face numbed state of gesticulate. Honestly, I like using the time machine in the future looked. That for Rutger Hauer, it here is criminally low, huh those rare episodes in which there is a Dutch actor, clearly not full of enthusiasm. Apparently Hauer has long come to terms with the order of things. Well as not remember the old Billy Zane, has long been related to I seriously in this film he frankly made me laugh with his overacting in one of scenes.

The result: the movie was just bad. Not tarasovym not so funny, not exaggerated and is that stupid bad. Of course, a sense of disgust, this film is not is to kill time through this film possible. In the end, it is not a shame it looks like what may be "the Scorpion King 3: book of the dead", "Hercules: the Beginning of the legend" (2014) or other crap.

4 of 10

Who is the director of the movie Samson?
This tv-show was directed by Bruce Macdonald, Gabriel Sabloff.
What is the genre of Samson?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Drama.
Who starred in Samson?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Jackson Rathbone, Billy Zane, Taylor James, Rutger Hauer, Caitlin Leahy.
What is Samson IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 4.4.
When was Samson released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-02-16.