Fifty Shades Freed

Christian and Anastasia get married and live happily, enjoying each other's company. However, the newly minted Mrs. grey is in danger since declared the foe, who is going to retaliate, using his rich imagination. The ghosts of the past, Christian has returned and the clouds over their spouses gathering more.

  • James Foley

Release Date: 2018-02-09
IMDb icon 4.5/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Deanna Elissa
12 April 2018 | 01:58

Well, no .. not resist.

In the final part of the trilogy relies review.

Will make a couple of clarifications: all the book I was reading of curiosity "the people breathing", all the films viewed.

So, let's start an Orgy.

incredible Story

Anastasia and Christian together forever. Happy, married, rich and sexually active. But there is one bad person, which it prevents. But not too much.

Mix of genres, too incredible.

drama — there are tears (even Christian I'm sorry-Lord-soul-sinners a couple of tears dropped), there is a terrible problem in their family life, so since one (!) times he got drunk, has a dark past and uncertain future.

Romance — itself. The beginning of the film looks like a pop clip or night fantasies of teenage girls.

Detective — yeah, exactly. Anastasia Christian breaks build version, work motives, unravel incredible tangle of mysteries and secrets, leading straight to childhood gray. Right, "detective Agency "the Falcon and the slut"" (C)

Thriller/Thriller/action — too. Fearless Anastasia goes straight to clutches villain, have no no plan, no brains, just an unhealthy obsession with Christian. Bonus: shootout, chase on the coolest cars (almost "fast and furious"), snooping.

BDSM — in excess. At the time of viewing my brain shouted, "Red! Red!", but hand off. Itself sadsmile.

But seriously: "50 shades of freedom" — one of the most striking examples of the absurdity and meaninglessness. The source will be a great gift for any psychiatrist, it is possible to write the thesis, starting from either the characters, or the adult woman which the head of this heresy.

Christian grey — the first film is still somehow trying to promote severe macho-image of gray as a sadist and dominant, and here the image of a man need for having to constantly show where his place. Personality is not worked absolutely, no neither the character nor the development. He there is no desire to empathize. Not enough to come up with some past poor mom and Horny aunty and a real man of this porridge-Malachi sculpt.

Anastasia Steele — do not understand that. It plays the card of the humble virgin, the twisted gray eggs. The "love-not-can", then "I'm sorry, goodbye". That there the head generally known. But there is a fashionable feminist message, which will ruin many more impressionable girls. Anastasia as a hint — excrete, rape brains, demand romance from the sadistic and will succeed because you GG and even a goddess.

Logic — no logic. In the day 96 hours, because the main characters manage to work (as is often said "hard" because they are talented), here is also hang out in clubs, breaks to olenitsa in all places. Scenes and dialogues mentally sent to time films category S. a Sort of frivolous erotica, where all is background, if only times a half hour show a closeup of the nipple.

the characters are not motivated, have a film — sense, actors — understanding.

It is clear that work — the Manifesto of bored Housewives. ODA women's power, unspent potential and undying ambition. Anastasia — a self-portrait. I came, I saw, twisted eggs, won. The author dragged my husband on the shooting, was forced to write the script. Why it is none will help will save — mystery. Maybe he just not know the stop word.

Beginning as a fan-FIC to"Twilight" is turned into something more terrible. Grafomanskie porn monster bend under itself, publishers and spread to the world. The story of a vampire and a teenage girl was cute and naive, suitable for the category of YA. But in which category to include the "50 ° C"?

Despite all this Studio money received.

The filmmakers tried to do something, at least the picture is beautiful.

Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan was willing to work and play this schizophrenia.

Movies are only a reflection of true evil.

Therefore, the review neutral.

Shalna Caron
26 February 2018 | 02:44

On contemporary consumer society and on the extent of the propaganda of such lifestyle is possible to argue indefinitely. And eyes ears from television, advertising, instagram feeds, and social networking etc. pour modern Everyman examples of how to be arranged in his life. This film, like a solid is the wealth of screaming young girls on how should relationship look like, how should look the perfect guy and what all-embracing love he got to love, even if the girls themselves that do not conform (how important is this? you just need to believe in yourself!). A young people film continuously and very Intrusive dictates what brands need to have a car to be status successful.

Forgetting about its main concepts, highlight, specified in trailers the stories of fans of the first part, the film finally slid plotless soap Opera with beautiful pictures about the luxury of life, almost not even bothering with the sex scenes "a fresh look at sex". Not here to be barriers that the heroes must overcome, not problems, conflicts, will any Traiterously details about the sources of Christian riches, the problems of its achieve and retention. As such work in the film is occupied by only Anastasia, Christian also just walking around the city, appears in unexpected places, makes surprises and buys any house.

What the authors give in the film for the plot is described as such not get even a huge stretch. On my opinion the plot in ridiculous porn 90s makes more sense and turns than here. You have ever seen the main villain, the plot of which is not relate to the main character, and "decisive battle" actually takes place without his participation? Any changes preodolevaya heroes, no stake in life and death, no intrigue and unexpected twists. Yeah and what is the mystery to say when wishing to take revenge on the villain goes ahead and acts unilaterally, not even trying to hide themselves?

A couple of points I want to add only that the actors tried to portray something, in spite of what a ridiculous and contradictory before them the task was.

3 of the 10

Shane Bennie
31 May 2018 | 04:41

If for the first time you took a boring tape the second time more boring, then all laws of logic, should assemble in the Cam your, uh, your talent and give a sight of which will take your breath away at all. And these critics and haters will fall silent and will cry out in complete impotence.

What is not? Right. On what the hell even bother? Fans and so eat, and even ask for supplements, well and unhappy - he looked scolded. The however, everything seems to be as well. Not great.

I like viewer, very sad. The authors in the description of the film I had to raise the warning "only for people without brain". It not so I had the impression that the authors tried to work well because they have their viewers not respect and believe idiots.

So, what we have.

Plot: is completely absent. Fired for unnecessary. It never was once treated. Whom he gave up at all when we then erotic, you know.

Erotic: I sadder spectacle not seen. And no, I saw it. In the Soviet cinema. But... no, even there the sex scenes were powerful. Not technically, emotionally.

Main characters: I'll Give credit, the main character prettier, more is not like an aging alcoholic, as in the beginning of the epic. The main character, type he sometimes, as if he forgot where is, or read the social network for the frame. Organic how to pair all there on zero.

Secondary characters: Who I? What am I doing here? Why am I here? You also not know?

original solutions and creative moves: Clinical. Point. Okay, that I'm exaggerating. Only the formula "I am so see" in this case is not ride. Tricks, turns, actions, plans of shooting (often unsuccessful)- all we have saw the first two parts. New would be? And, well, no, that no.

Musicthis time they merged and pulled the toilet is little it was good in the previous series, this I may say a masterpiece. If the music was normal, it is possible to survive, then this time, the nightmare and horror.

Other: sets, costumes, cars, and appliances - no complaints. Beautiful, stylish, expensive.

solids Well it's bad. Before, it was just "rubbish", "so-so", "on time will come down." The third part is bad. To gather in the same tape so many platitudes and nonsense from pulp novels, this is to contrive.

Recommendations: View. For the overall development. Preferably without the sound (from the dialogues may be a little sick) and fast forward.

As the authors have shown. what a bad movie can be made even worse, has earned an honorary rating

3 of the 10

Who is the director of the movie Fifty Shades Freed?
This tv-show was directed by James Foley.
What is the genre of Fifty Shades Freed?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Thriller, Drama, Romance.
Who starred in Fifty Shades Freed?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan, Arielle Kebbel, Kim Basinger, Tyler Hoechlin.
What is Fifty Shades Freed IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 4.5.
When was Fifty Shades Freed released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-02-09.