Professor Marston and the Wonder Women

Harvard psychologist Dr. William Moulton Marston has been outright criticized for creating a feminist superhero, but the reason all of this served his personal life with a loving relationship with his wife Elizabeth and mistress olive, more spicy than any ever written adventure.

  • Angela Robinson

Release Date: 2017-10-13
IMDb icon 7.1/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 1h:48m
Florry Ithaman
24 June 2018 | 03:56

- As I think that man can love two women at once?
- I don't think a man actually capable of loving.(True detective)

Movie trailer I was hooked. Love that era + he still on psychology, and I'm a big fan of psychology + it about women. Excellent — thought I began to view.

Husband with wife Marston taught in University psychology. Or rather, teaches only the husband, the wife is assistant. In regard to the lack of the male sexual organ, my wife has to put up with the role of the assistant (the time is terrible, women were oppressed as could). On one of lectures Professor Marston introduces us with the theory of "disc".

1. Domination

2. Motivation

3. Submission

4. Compliance

And here then I already it seemed the theory is quite strange, and not exactly strange, theory of men, sort of a manual! Though so many reviews,

and reviews that the film is feminist. It the theory does not will tell women how to be free, she will tell you how to submit to get this fun. "people are happiest when you obey the loving authority". On the in and out. But we still get. To prove the efficiency of the theory, the Professor goes to experiment involve the most sweet and pretty girl of the audience.

Why is it? Yes everything is simple, it beautiful. It man it is interesting how the female.

The girl is olive, she alone, brought the monastic school. On actually, this important nuance in the revelation of the character of olive was played for me a key role in the evaluation of this film. And so in the future olive holds all Martone more more time, more and do they she likes me. It sees became interested in them, it is she give us the freedom to speak in she feels significant. Olive gets from them what have never been. She, like many naive child, not aware of life. And further, olive falls in love with the Professor's wife. Really falls in love, for real! It sees it an ideal to which we should strive!

Taking this opportunity, Professor Marston resorts to the item "motivation" — the act of inducement of another person to your way of thinking. "Complete submission

when your desires become the desires of another, and he is pleased to fulfill them. And ladies, that's the key to life, peace and love." Again, guide men! This item is not just not will make women free, he put them in shackles! In the end, the Professor bows his wife to intimacy with the of olive for the sake of science!

Well and then psychology in the film will be less and less, will only a clear desire to have two women at once! And adhering to the item "impression", our the Professor will get his. Happens is a substitution of concepts! Immature as personality, olive with joy will translate into life perverted desires of the Professor, in order to always be along with a Professor's wife. The experiment of Professor ended exactly the moment he was to have two women. And one gets the idea that it was a goal initially.

And then we litsezreem boring and tedious picture of complex family of three! No, sorry! Their it's not three, they have produced a whole bundle of children. From which is quite cleverly hiding his homosexuality. Why would they hide it from them? Because Marston present us with their relationship as the norm! They are ready to beat the neighbors behind that they consider their "perverts", but conceal children, their pranks! So where your truth, Professor Marston?! What so your children to talk about your "healthy family"? This episode was very funny and absurd.

&Nbsp;by the end of the movie you catch yourself thoughts — "wait, that movie about the history of Wonder woman". &Nbsp;yeah, he about it! She have paid probably 15 minutes of the film, crumpling all to disgrace. But then this story love? But no! Loved here only olive. A Professor same, just used both their women to satisfy their animal instincts.

In the end, the film is about the broken lives of girls and on two patrons. What value is this movie? You decide! But task of the film certainly is, and it's great with it — course it is the propaganda of non-traditional relationships. Full movie — this "inducement", but for us people!

1 of 10

Melva Rhodes
10 January 2019 | 01:24

Every year I increasingly that in our world, an insane amount of amazing people and room for the filming of biographical movies is so broad that even to think is difficult.

This time the basis of the plot was the story of a Professor Marston, his wife of a young student, about which you are already from the film. If you first time I hear about this man, nothing to worry about. To movie for me it name, too, remained a mystery. Doctor of psychology, William Marston — the author of the comic Wonder woman, the prototype of which became his wife, Elizabeth Marsten the same student Olivia Byrne. Of course, history involves the creation of a comic book, but it is secondary. In the center of the plot are the relationships between these people that makes it a few melodramatic. In share this act irritant, and only correctly fits in the story. The film looks easy, but time of time seems to be stretched.

Luke Evans in again it showing interesting part. Have to me it is most often associated with the power and strong men, but Professor Marston, albeit such stands have very different views, which in the execution of Mr. Evans seem to be truthful. He looked like man, staunch in his words, so he was very hard to believe. So me insanely pleased with the appearance of beautiful Bella Hickok, which became a real decoration of the film. Delicate and sensuous Bella has made a great Duo with strong power Rebecca Hall. The chemistry between the characters was great. For them, it was interesting to see when what is happening is not was delayed.

From the technical part can highlight the costumes and the entourage of wartime. It felt in the clothes of the characters, in their surroundings. Dive in the atmosphere works well, let them in the rest of the film seems pretty weak as a graphic a and sound. The only thing I was struck by the scene with the costume of Wonder woman depicted on the poster. Here it was amazing and rest — mean.

In the end, we have an excellent biographical film about the man, where almost certainly, almost nothing know. I recommend to watch to fans of the genre Il Luc Evans, because he looks different than other movies.

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Janka Jorey
11 March 2018 | 05:57

Wonder woman is like the heroine of comic books, was and remains a symbol of progress. She was created by William Moulton Marston, a Professor of psychology, promoting the thesis that in an era of expanding rights and opportunities, the woman also can become a symbol of pop culture. Seventy-five years later, Wonder woman in performed by Gal gadot literally saved kynoselen DC from nothingness. But the ins and outs of creating a heroine herself for yourself curious and includes yourself polyamorie relationship, the beginnings of BDSM and life complications of all participants in the history. In the result out the picture of the "Professor Marston and Wonder woman," where the word "miracle" can refer, perhaps, only sexualityandu ODA gay and some details of the creation of the most famous superheroine, who, like, and are the main highlight of the picture, there is a conditional and frustrating.

"The Professor" covers almost two decades. The plot concerns, in the main, domestic drama, in which involves the calling and an idealistic Professor William (Luke Evans), his sharp language wife, Elizabeth (Rebecca Hall) and student Olivia (Bella Heathcote), ready to join the relations of the format "Swedish family". And although the script is constantly reminiscent of negative consequences of such forms of love (especially if we are talking about the conservative America of the 40's), the trio turned out to be so idyllic in the demonstration of feelings to each other and the issues of contemporary sexual concepts (such as the notorious elements of subordination and lesbianism) that the boundary between biography and fiction seems blurred.

Half of the film offers a study of such forms of interaction between spouses, and also ships of the viewer abstruse theories related to psychosexuality, the importance of women's self-determination and etc. Inspired by sexual desire, Professor Marston, his wife mistress invents the first in the world the polygraph (!). In other words, the script gives the viewer absolutely not that says annotations. And big drama to not wait should be, because of all the difficulties, if they even have one consider non-traditional families represented somehow refined and probation.

But "Professor Marston" suddenly playing with new colors, when it comes to the main product of the cooperation of the Trinity: Wonder woman. The film, of course, is strongly absorbed sexual fantasies of William and conflict wife with a mistress that team work, it seemed, there here designated. However, after a series of sexual practices, Dating, Elizabeth, and Olivia with forbidden BDSM pornography, gathered by William were born Diana Prince. Possible visual and sensory inspiration is obvious: powerful intellect, Elizabeth, beauty Olivia and finally the clothing from the fetish store designed for the sexualization of the image of the Amazon. The script with the other hand, says a lot about why exactly but to exile on the imagination of William Marston.

And here is another contradiction, which can be attributed to stones garden. Strictly speaking, if you take away Wonder woman as such, of the film, the script does not will suffer. Attempt to undermine the mainstream deserves a more courageous and inspiring story than this superficial spectacle. As I thought the script is stronger in moments when multilateral explores the love story than the sources of inspiration for the character. But, again, this is not enough and towards the middle it turns into porridge images.

Non-standard biopic, backed by good acting, goes from the comic book-theme and focuses on sexual relationship of three people. What must seem outrageous to really, there is secondary and irrelevant. With the other hand, due to the interesting facts about creating the lie detector, details about the inspiration of Professor Marston (Oh, the Lasso of Truth and Bracelets of Submission) disclose the secrets of the subconscious of the popularity of Wonder woman from the male audience, the film looks quite entertaining. In the end, "Professor" is fictional, but still a compelling look at the undermining of the foundations, thanks to the feminist superhero. The interpretation justified and at least can understand. It is understandable, but here to take?

6.5 out of 10

How long is Professor Marston and the Wonder Women?
2h 28m
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This tv-show was directed by Angela Robinson.
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The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, History, Biography, Best History Movies 2017, Best movies 2017.
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Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Luke Evans, Rebecca Hall, Bella Heathcote, Connie Britton, Monica Giordano.
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At the moment, the rating is 7.1.
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The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-10-13.