Darkest Hour

The story of the first and decisive step of Winston Churchill as Prime Minister, having received authority under extraordinary circumstances. The success of the Nazi army stirred the British community, but despite the pressure and fear of other politicians Churchill refuses to make an agreement with Hitler.

  • Joe Wright

Release Date: 2017-12-22
IMDb icon 7.4/10
  • Country: GB
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 2h:05m
Kesley Rubie
14 January 2018 | 04:57

"Dark times" is not about the military battles. He how man is the helm of a country on the verge of capitulation to the Third Reich. About that separated from the life of old people decide the fate of the young fighters for hundreds thousands of miles from London. Smoke cigars, drink whiskey, and send the death of thousands of children no hope for life without rights the evacuation. And manage to lose a sense of humor.

Joe Wright and really was dark as and the times that he showed. Almost all images in the half-light, it gives a touch of theatricality and pathos. When the king takes Churchill to the post of Prime Minister, the sunlight turns a standard procedure in the sacred ceremony.

Harry Oldman in the role of Churchill said before the world premiere. Some critics have promise him the Oscar for the best male role. Hard to say, was whether Winston like in the movie, but Harry Oldman sure to itself is not like. Only Mama's eyes, if you understand what I mean)

a Definite plus of the film — humor. It helps to create a myself to approach person out of conflict situation. He same charms viewer.

in addition to Gary Oldman not little attention was paid to Lily James. So much screen time, and sense? Yes, to those who know the biography of Winston, was aware of the lovely Secretary, however, Lily James as not managed to convince me. She has to his, her do not want to empathize. Her I want to say: girl when you type — see keyboard or worksheet and do not pretend that beat of the keys, but I see endlessly on Churchill! As she told him helps the movie, why he takes it with him? So it broke the railing of the Parliament? As it reveals the character of the "English bulldog"?

The lame, on my opinion, scene, when the Prime Minister went down in the Subway. There are asked how Londoners continue to conduct policy with the Third Reich. The Director wanted to show the love of the "ordinary Britons" to Churchill. And it still appears atropatenes, which continues for Winston phrase of Cicero. Sorry, but at this point the scale of the movie-tolerance and General enthusiasm has crossed the line.

Budget "Dark times" 22.4 million., — writes the Independent. This incomparable "Dunkirk" Nolan, which shows that same operation Dynamo with the perspective of the soldiers. But even a few scenes of the bombing and send ships in  the"Dark times" look pathetic and cheap. However, it does not cover the merits of the game Harry Oldman and competent camera work.

7 of 10

Storm Lucinda
18 March 2018 | 12:50

One of the best films of 2017, "Dunkerque" by Christopher Nolan, is telling us about the daring evacuation of British troops from the rings of the Germans in the spring of 1940. In that movie the story was told from three different points of view: from the land, sea from air. Although the "Dark times" does not give any connection with"Dunkirk" in addition to General historical events, he ironically, the film can be viewed in the format of the prequel, so to speak, "Dunkerque" with a fourth, political party.

Most of the events of "Dark times" takes place in the days immediately before surgery in Dunkirk and focuses on the desperate efforts of politicians to form a plan of rescue troops. Plans, it turns out, no; every day that counts the numbers of the calendar in full screen, even on a step closer to"peace talks" (i.e. surrender). Director Joe Wright and his creative team skillfully handled in order to bring the viewer into an underground bunker, where the Churchill and military advisers are trying to find a winning strategy. Time from the time displayed, and little episodes of military action, and more "intimate" stories, such as the negotiations on phone Roosevelt, meeting with king in the Palace. The "dark ages" is filled with authentic touches, in especially in the performance is superior of the individual paintings — the person who has collected in a fist all your courage, public speaking skills and love for Home in the right time because it is not even the thought of the Nazi flags on developing a Palace.

"Dark days" filmed in a kind of restless style, representing the bureaucracy of the government as a mechanism constant motion. The camera work is very dynamic, the sublime artificiality of the same "Anna Karenina" Wright here at least. The scenery and curious close-UPS clearly convey that the brains, energy and humor — the only tools at the disposal of the Prime Minister. Secret weapon so all was the composer Dario Marianelli, whose musical works simultaneously pulsate with the energy of despair, and in the end presents the heroic melodies.

The writers presented Churchill as a man, clearly in love with himself. This quality enough that Gary Oldman played just perfect. The actor first found character, in which the lives of more than in a boiling volcano. Unrecognizable Oldman dissolves in the role. "The dark hour" is just not worked without a leading actor, and even more curious and the fact that Gary Oldman remains in fact invisible tons of makeup. The film is notable as what does the screen Oldman, so fact that makes it to do Wright.

Without flaws, on my opinion, not done. Instead of having to fill the film with tension, desperation, and the notorious "dark times", Wright chose to focus on the disclosure of political struggle. It seems that this is largely description of the political life of Churchill, but not the question of the existence of the British nation as such. The most important moment of Dunkirk operation represented by politicians gentleman leading the talk on the raised tones. Perhaps to compare with a project Nolan somehow unfair, yeah and the nature of the "war film" "Dark times" is clearly not would go to favor, but the viewer is obliged to feel, what cargo of responsibility lying on policies a couple of lines in the dialogue here can not necessary.

Drama offers a transformational turn of the personality of Winston Churchill in the mass consciousness, although, of course, the biography of a historical figure has a lot more interesting facts in stock. The key point of the British, and, perhaps, all of European history 40 years is shown fine, but inside job, namely, to people their relationship felt unfinished to the end. The creators, of course, tied to the spirit of time through people like Neville Chamberlain, less is known of the Viscount of Halifax and already the king George, but the side characters kind of pretty secretaries is depicted pale and completely without the ins and outs. Curiously, by the end of the "Dark ages" all reminder real men among the British people in a scene that probably can become a "calling card" film. In remind her that it is the war can be lost, and what can be achieved, thereby making the "Dark ages" in the Patriotic too noble idea of events leading to one of the most famous speeches of the 20th century.

7 of 10

Leone Michelsen
28 January 2018 | 04:30

In the annals of British cinema and television the name of the Churchill acquired completely different shapes and shapes, numerous actors played the role of heavy and stationary Prime Minister, committed a great contribution in the history of the world. They were awarded prizes, the producers wanted to show the image of a leader in other persons, and the audience, in turn, tried to figure out what was actually the legendary politician.

Last year for the historical figure came from, with full particulars and claims wide demonstration and cut off premiums. The truth is looks like the following premium trends, to take at least Redman and the last Day of the Lewis and their Hawking and Lincoln, respectively. It seems that to recreate historical type now affects critics and academics the most and the reasons are two: the them the pettiness of imagination, then the desire to draw the viewer's attention to realism.

That is why the role of the Prime Minister was chosen Gary Oldman, who, for the moment, no doubt for its full Grand game in this tape is considered a major candidate for the main awards in the world. A Director's chair took meticulous English classic Joe Wright is with the inherent measure dramatized and British primness.

In fact, the film about the first day of Churchill in the post of Prime Minister, for the limits of your plane is not leaves. Its two key audiences — want to watch for superior playing the Central character and lovers of history and biography, hunters another interpretation of the events and strategies of actions personalities. The rest of the supply information and sensations limited. The "dark ages" is extremely simple and naive film, with heroes and villains, superficial motivation for their actions the lack of visual realization. It nomination only confirms the acting of Oldman in the rest of the film is unlikely to claim significance incorruptibility. The plot is only one line, in which only enough space for single issue and the handful of dwarf, little significant events surrounding it. It seems that the text recruited assistant on a typewriter, is in this production almost not a key position, relieving the makers from the need to look for new conflicts and paint other surprises.

Actually, it understandable, as everything worked for your timing belt, — a detailed psychological portrait of odious personality. Here and the entire profile of the film — show Churchill not only profile, and each side. Here in the character recreated everything. The former British leader if subject to renovation and reconstruction. It character, alternating with aestheticism in receiving morning food and foolishness and childishness in taking decisions, camodulator the definition of the expression. Its heavy outlay unwieldy carcass, the same uncontrolled, it is its the behavior that makes you embarrassed holder of Supreme power, the king himself. It appears a cigar and removed from alcohol, it is special person looking at him to the people and immediately presents it, is not its and at the same time, getting up in front of him. How about all outstanding personalities, about it is possible to remove an infinite number of movies, however the history of human life — not always the movie, and a history of making some decisions — not a conflict, urging them to reconsider their worldview and speaking the language of the viewer.

What to call such a tape? With one hand, events there no other — personality is extremely attractive. With one hand, see no emotionally hard, with other — once you can set their traps within the image of the person. For these "Dark times" is not see anything bright. It is actually a one-man show — all the spotlights converge only in one point.

How long is Darkest Hour?
Who is the director of the movie Darkest Hour?
This tv-show was directed by Joe Wright.
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The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, History, Biography, War, Best Drama Movies 2017, Best History Movies 2017, Best War Movies 2017, Best movies 2017.
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Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Gary Oldman, Kristin Scott Thomas, Ben Mendelsohn, Lily James, Ronald Pickup.
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At the moment, the rating is 7.4.
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The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-12-22.