Thank You for Your Service

The story of three Iraq war veterans who return to the US, but can't integrate into civilian life. Surviving in the line of fire, they find themselves under attack from their own memories that can kill them even at home.

  • Jason Hall

Release Date: 2017-10-27
IMDb icon 6.5/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 1h:49m
  • Budget: $20,000,000
Jocelin Hanus
12 January 2018 | 07:02

Modern society has always existed in the atmosphere of certain "aftershock". In including world cinema. Only after completion of those or other military action, presenting the reverse side of all these horrors of war without imposed by countries and media political bravado. Something similar happened with the war in Vietnam, an alternative view of who provided "Platoon," "Born on the fourth of July," "Apocalypse now" and many other films. Something similar is happening now with military action in Iraq the film Jason Hall certainly were worthy appeal to this thread.

The film Jason Hall tells the story of three completely normal guys and soldiers who finally returned with the field of military action in home. However, realizing that they have no place for the other side of the barrier. Being afflicted with remorse for the death of "brothers at arms", momentary desires to put an end to her suffering by suicide, and also numerous nightmares and memories the horrific pictures of the past. Willing to focusing on each of the three main characters and personal the personal tragedy of each of them.

The transformation of war in a drug and inability to exist without him the strongest mental anguish over the inability to save his fellows, is extremely painful reaction to care wait for with the war lover and more literally experiencing the character of each of the main characters. It is on the background of this and similar to the above pictures of the war in Vietnam, raising the subject pointless and tragically ruined generation of young people. Broken so that the glue remnants of their soul is not able possible, and once burned in the eyes of the fire with lust for life and grandiose plans fades away once and for all. For what? Protect the home away from of the house and extremely dubious methods? Doubt.

The Director of this tape is Jason Hall managed to remove a very deep and literally penetrating the soul drama film. Not a perfect revealing other films on this topic, but quite strong and deep if the picture with ease "settled" sediment in the heart and thoughts. Especially for the expense of a strong atmosphere with a deep range of emotions, which is felt even without the speculation obviously contrived scenes of physical and psychological cruelty.

miles teller continues to grow in as a dramatic artist and expressed symbol one much played the role. As deeply and fully playing the role of the screen is very ambiguous and complex character. Like Haley Bennett, which looks brighter and more interesting than requires "carton" the image of the wife of the main character. Pleasantly surprised even Amy Schumer, which is fully disown traditional Comedy image and appeared a very unexpected role.

7 out of 10

Thank you for your — this does the next film on the theme of all those of the horrors of war, how profound study have the second after the war in Vietnam lost generation of young people. Going to "defend the homeland" the unnecessary war godforsaken places and only from there back wounded mentally and physically people. Acquiring on the screen the outlines of a very decent dramatic paintings, will receive I think.

Cindy Nicolis
12 February 2018 | 07:07

I decided to watch this movie only due to the participation in it miles teller, which, it seems, firmly strengthens its position in my heart. I opened this actor thanks to the oddly enough, the trilogy "the Hunger games". It bilious, selfish, and all the parameters of an unpleasant character had some special charisma, which did it attractive (can even be compared with game of Helena Bonham Harter in"Harry Potter"). I was very disappointed, realizing that all of his early works — very often the same type of teen Comedy. But with it turns out so many beautiful, profound work! "Thank you for your service" — is no exception. And know I glad all went to the movie so few views, reviews and such a whole, the low rating viewers. On my opinion it is worth viewing as like minimum is a dummy, punching and banal for Hollywood. Those same "Brothers," Sheridan received a higher popularity, even largely the reason for the participation of famous actors, well but the theme from movies and the finish is absolutely identical to this picture.

The film tells about three friends who returned from the war Iraq can't find peace and prosperity in civil life. From each of them their trauma and problems — from memory loss after the explosion in the tank to nedostavat bride. And how each of them, felt in uniform on your place is following the resignation of anyone not needed. How veterans faced a delay of benefits, difficulties with finding work, the need to stand hours waiting for counselling the lack of any guarantee in the end it to.

Complex, interesting, profound film, revealing not the most beautiful side of the American army (I wonder, would give our Directors so boldly, without embellishment Patriotic slogans to tell about problems experienced by the Russian war veterans?)

PS And the teller in the dramatic role of all the same absolutely beautiful as all the same glad that he managed to get out of the role of surface character-a teenage youth Comedy. With each new film he reveals his acting potential.

8 from 10

Laurie Oza
26 June 2019 | 04:17

In 2013 the year of the film Studio "DreamWorks Pictures" was announced the purchase of the rights to artistic adaptation of the novel by David Finkel "Thank you for your service" about three us soldiers returning from the war zone in Iraq and trying to adapt to civilian life. For adaptation has been hired screenwriter Jason Hall, who already had to deal with similar kind of movie and even managed to get a nomination on"Oscar" in the category "Best adapted screenplay" for the tape Sniper, directed by Clint Eastwood. And on "DreamWorks Pictures" for a long time expected that the vacant place of the Director "Thank you for your service" is itself Steven Spielberg, but the employment of this great filmmaker is known to all, so that is so not managed to say Spielberg in as the chief Director and it was decided to offer the post to the writer-the adaptator, it is Jason Hall. Was produced a set of actors, among which are the miles teller and Haley Bennett, and 15 Oct 2017 year was the official release of the film.

So, in the plot, as mentioned above, there are three soldiers, past war in the Iraq now striving to re-adapt to normal life without machines hands up to fear a sudden sniper shot or explosion at the mine. At first they covers all the euphoria, because that a terrible period of life behind, but soon the guys are starting to understand that war want to let go so easily. And as a consequence start psychological problems, misunderstanding with family, quarrels in families. And each of former soldiers with post traumatic stress disorder is manifested differently and apparently, the tragic denouement is literally near, and medication very good. And only love your loved ones be able to reduce the effect of the war, and even friendship and mutual assistance with a soldier's brotherhood. And many of the social, psychological and physical problems are shown without a tinsel in the ribbon, "Thank you for your service".

In General, there was a feeling that the name of the book (and the author of the film) was derived from some sarcastic podsmysl. And all because only a few people say the soldiers sincere "thank you", and others are miss do not want to know about their military past. Of course, this attitude oppresses another and large young men, but they depressing the fact that the government turn a deaf ear to them is by staging a real bureaucratic farce. Once most of this inviolable classics for about the ex-military from USA was the drama of Michael Cimino's "the Hunter on deer" (1978). With it, any viewer experiencing the real troubles for about the main characters, and the brutal honesty of the picture plunges in shock. Of course, I would like to experience genuine emotions with "Thank you for your service", but must admit I personally have me so not happen. Not that I hard man, but the film is clearly not had the nerve, the effect of some ragged, like chaotic. With characters not have time to meet and give the assessment, to draw some conclusions about them.

And it turned out that painting, "Thank you for your service", despite the rave reviews from critics (the lion's share, naturally, Americans), got a few pass, but if not pass, then good one-time viewing. Because to view again her no no point — already first time everything is clear and dot "I" were arranged. To note the same there is only the efforts of young actors who, as true patriots of their country, understood that obscure work in the movie about such a painful subject no one forgive. Miles teller himself carefully selects roles, wanting to be a serious dramatic actor, on the unlikely someone will say it looks, but miles is worthy of finding its way to serious actors and his "Thank you for your service" can all serve as proof, although I admit that initially I not believed that he was a commander. The role of a troubled wife managed Haley Bennett, though at times clearly not enough of the emotional background. Harmoniously blended white Koala. And that someone was genuinely sorry and scene who caused a real shock — is with the hero of Jo Cole. Have a small role, but his character, perhaps, left a very deep impression on me.

And here subjective conclusion: that the rights her adaptation was acquired by one of the world's largest film studios "DreamWorks Pictures" and that in the Director's chair expecting to see Steven Spielberg himself says that from "Thank you for your service" I expected to get more, but the debutant Director is still not lost set a challenging task that can be attributed to his inexperience. Of course, "Thank you for your service" can be seen, but will to have the emotional volume — is a large open question. Decide for yourself.

6 from 10

How long is Thank You for Your Service?
2h 29m
How much did it cost to make Thank You for Your Service?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $20,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Thank You for Your Service?
This tv-show was directed by Jason Hall.
What is the genre of Thank You for Your Service?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, Biography, War, Best War Movies 2017.
Who starred in Thank You for Your Service?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Haley Bennett, Miles Teller, Joe Cole, Keisha Castle-Hughes, Amy Schumer.
What is Thank You for Your Service IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.5.
When was Thank You for Your Service released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-10-27.