The story is about a girl named Liz who tries to escape his dark past and hiding from persecution "of the devil" preacher.

  • Martin Koolhoven

Release Date: 2017-03-22
IMDb icon 7.1/10
  • Country: BE, FR, DE, NL, SE, GB, US
  • Language: English | Dutch
  • Runtime: 2h:28m
  • Budget: €12,000,000
Carena Caiaphas
28 February 2017 | 01:44


Incredibly hard, cruel, busy to intensity of a Thriller, thrilling the audience with the first frame and doesn't let go until the final!

The story is divided into 4 chapters, from each with its promise and the starting point to disclose the full story.

Special praise and enthusiasm worthy actors:

Guy Pearce, who gives here the best actor award for recent years of his career, which recreates a character so disgusting and repulsive that all eager to something has crushed the head of the bastard!

Dakota fanning played the Central character of all the chapters. The actress is perfectly opened up and flashed their talent, valorises on 100%. It showed strong spirit and body of a man who endured and lived much on his" path of thorns"!

I usually don't take thought it the game is mediocre, but after this picture the view has changed from accuracy on the contrary! Bravo Dakota Fanning!

Also worth mentioning the excellent supporting roles in played by the brilliant Keith Harrington, Caris van Houten that many known for their roles in"Game of thrones" and young talent Emilia Jones, the benefit is not each child could be so really convey their experiences and emotions.

From the start you realize nothing bright in this it but still hope waiting for the same was coming retribution and you get but what a price!

Robby Emelin
11 February 2017 | 12:49

"Hell," Martin Koolhoven this magnificent author's westerns, all of experience which completely ruins rationalized, but completely unnecessary, on my opinion, the ending is doing anything happening in the film events are absolutely meaningless. Here it happens sometimes with a good movie, and frankly, not sickly so confusing. It seems to be have you all need to a great movie: thoughtful, epic storyline, and exquisite visual component, and my in their places, but no, let's to all this another unexpected plot twist in the final add, and mess up with it all the power of history on revenge on the Wild West.

Here is that is called "pereuserdstvovat in the study of plot". Recently at this was the film "Genius" with Jude law as again raises the issue of how it is difficult artists to recognize the fine line between really need and clearly unnecessary parts of their creations. Here specifically this film is like an extra part, as already understood, there is not so sickly arachnae the finale a very positive impression of the film.

But Yes, leave them. Us mere mortals do not always understand that the deeper meaning is that (perhaps) was founded by the author in his work. Though the problem here, as I have said above, it is not this, but still the film is it is can only obtain from his pleasure in fact that it was written by the Director (though everyone thinks that the final is too certainly was would be much cooler). Here in abundance all the things for we love westerns: a grim story of revenge, epic timing, if neither bored for a minute (which itself is an indicator) and plus all that unusual directing the flow of auteur cinema. The only real downside to this film — the controversial ending, however, I have spoken, and despite its ambiguity still recommend this film to browse.

However, I think the most ardent fans of "Game of thrones" will see it out of turn, not reading any reviews or feedback.

7 of the 10

Even in the climax, and planned devyatochka.

Aili Hogarth
05 June 2017 | 02:03

"Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inside they are ravening wolves" (Matt. 7:15)

America, Wild West, 19th century. In the plot of the film is the story of the girl Liz her family: husband Frank, adopted son Matthew and daughter Sam. Attending one of the Sunday prayers, the main character suddenly hears a voice, and then he sees the local Priest, who immediately causes terror in Liz. With this moment, and begins to develop a plot in which we know who is this Priest why he so terrible and stalking Liz, and will also reveal the life story of the main character, which is not as easy as seems to first sight full of secrets.

The film "Hell" or "Brimstone" that means "brimstone", its main theme raises the issue of violence against woman selected entourage of the Wild West is for this is the best way. So, the life story of Liz, or Johanna, has a fetish for violence with childhood, starting with beating the father of her mother ending it itself. Many acts of violence are justified by the hypocritical religion and belief in God that in the future, leave traces on faith moral views most of Joanna, selected in the beginning of life, trade in the saloon. And though it seems, if we take figuratively that the main villain and antagonist of the Johanna, it is the woman, is a Priest, there is a blind fanatical religion which deprives it will opportunities to make decisions, then this is not quite right. The greatest evil, or  gray, black its essence, is society itself, blinded by their superstitions and dogmas are not recognize anything that way or otherwise, you'll be or out of him.

Starring Dakota fanning guy Pearce performed a wonderful level. And if the main character first runs from their problems, in the future we will be able to observe how she decides to meet face to face with fear end him forever, what was convincingly played Dakota fanning. The priest in the performance guy Pearce became a real embodiment of all the negative aspects of religious fanaticism, and also, the person hiding under the robe of the servant of God and outwardly respectable view all the worst vices of society.

Dutch film Director Martin Koolhoven in your film was able to a fairly good level to show the history of the main character and her rivalry with a society Priest, embodied in itself is a society. The society, which does not know love, and not then knows is compassion and happiness seeks to destroy anyone who is there. And although the plot is spelled out interesting and exciting, it should be noted some irregularities in scenarios that are a little smeared overall impression: when, how in the American slasher, with the main villain seems to have gone, but he then suddenly comes to life. But it is a subjective impression, and each audience should be put on the film his opinion, because the violence raised in it is always relevant.

7 of 10

How long is Brimstone?
3h 48m
How much did it cost to make Brimstone?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least €12,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Brimstone?
This tv-show was directed by Martin Koolhoven.
What is the genre of Brimstone?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Thriller, Mystery, Western, Best Mystery Movies 2017, Best Thriller Movies 2017, Best Western Movies 2017.
Who starred in Brimstone?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Kit Harington, Carice van Houten, Dakota Fanning, Guy Pearce, Paul Anderson.
What is Brimstone IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.1.
When was Brimstone released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-03-22.