2048: Nowhere to Run

Sketch of the life of the fugitive Replicants, which are being hunted.

  • Luke Scott

Release Date: 2017-09-14
IMDb icon 6.9/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English | English
  • Runtime: 5h
  • Budget: $200,000
Amalee Arakawa
20 October 2017 | 08:57

Once famous science fiction writer Philip K. dick thought about that dream, whether the Androids funny Electrohouse, and on the basis of this idea wrote a story which has become a cult genre piece. Taking in account the ideas of colleagues working in a given direction for decades, dick expanded the established framework of understanding the psychology of the machines, when trying to speak in an understandable language to the reader. Talking about why artificial people who are able to the underlying reasoning and analysis of their own actions, to submit to people just because they have created, led the writer to the revelations, which were examined not only to fans of fantastic literature, but and a very eminent psychologists, trying to figure out what same will happen to mankind in the near future. Giving the story dynamics, and also a favorite of paranoid atmosphere that permeates his every piece, Philip K. dick thus creating a work that is equally well accepted as a mass audience, and the intellectual, refuse to a blockage of consciousness to everyone. Not afraid of his own to overshadow the bright rays of hope, brightening the path of our civilization, dick the less excluded understanding of hope and faith as the fundamental characters of any civilization. And no matter what she is, blood the flesh, or the opposite engine. Rational beings are obliged to coexist in a single society and do not build illusions about the fact that one is that would any must become exalted above the other. But until we, the people who live in the spirit of the conqueror, the world on the planet installed long.

Approaching the level of 1982, written half a decade ago, the story of Philip K. dick has finally acquired features of the film adaptation, which was happy with himself a demanding author. It is known that once over Time of the writer's bent Martin Scorsese, but its power and patient enough to fully appreciate the legacy of dick and build on its basis a decent movie. One Director replaced the other, around the story that it curled eminent masters, and also ambitious newcomers, and just staying in the grief because of the premature death of his older brother Ridley Scott managed to cope with the obstinate character of dick and not less complex works, under the heading "Running on the blade" and out in rent. For the irony of the repeated processing of the script and other production problems are allowed the author to see a complete picture, so he left our world. We never know dick regarding "Running on the blade", but the years that followed the premiere has shown that Ridley Scott managed to remove do not just an entertaining movie, and a kind of masterpiece, full of interesting ideas, thoughts, arguments and unforgettable visuals, reminiscent of the Noir of the future. As know, the time "Running on the blade" the audience saw not the best way, and still not prevent the film to gain immortal status and with the lay belief in a possible continuation of the story of Rick Deckard, the solution in obscurity.

The widespread return to screens cult films and franchises of the past, what happened in the dawn of a new century, not could do without the rumors the beginning of work on the sequel to "Running on the blade". Despite that original paintings gathered in the hire mere pennies, it influence the emergence of modern fiction was undoubted, and for the producers, among whom were also Ridley Scott decided to tell the world about how the events unfolded after Rick Deckard finished his investigation and made from the unexpected truth. The problem was only in to refresh the memories of the audience about those old events, but at the same time show her that have occurred such a long period of time in the Universe of people and Replicants. Invited to the post of Director of the full-length sequel canadian Danny Villeneuve at no could be distracted by third-party additional projects, so all his attention was entirely given to Rick Deckard and his successor on the field of capture of the fugitive Replicants. However, he came to the aid of Luke Scott, agreed to supply two short prequels, can clarify for the audience the events with a fundamental role for fully understanding the ribbon "Running on the blade 2049". One of stories told by Scott at the request of Danny Villeneuve was the short film "2048: Nowhere to run," demonstrating a segment from one of characters for a feature film.

The events presented in"Nowhere to run", takes place on a bustling market for a year before as a police detective Kay discover a revelation that can change the Outlook of the whole society. In the center of the story is a runaway Replicant Supper Morton (Dave Bautista), a long time ago who managed to escape from authorities to live secret lives of the ordinary average citizen. If possible Supper would be ruled out any contacts with people, but the atmosphere for the outside of the big cities and the almost complete lack of money has forced one to appear periodically in Packed to failure places to get what you want and as to quickly escape. But this time for Supper harmless walk on the market will result in very serious conflict with unforeseen consequences. Remembering that such honor and valor out depends on who breaks it, Supper gets involved in a fight, which in any other circumstance would have ended in a couple of bruises and bruises, but not only at this time. Violent action taken by the police, to encourage people to look at images of strangers and at the slightest danger to call a special outfit. And as the Supper is hard to call an ordinary person then;he is no special problems brought to the attention thus spurred another head Hunting witches, also known as the Destruction free from the oppression of the owners of the Replicants.

Valuable than Luke Scott's short film, so is its domestic aspects, showing the life of a fugitive Replicants, is forced to indulge in everything not to be caught. The title character in performance of Dave Batista appears before us already an aged man, who clearly told the century a lot of troubles, but his eyes clearly continues to burn, and character is not preclude empathy and understanding. Yes, Supper Morton refers to the Replicants who escaped from their masters, refused to obey and tried to organize their own closed community, but they have not lost the human traits. Not able to come forward with suitable raised her chin, Supper all tries to live according to the moral code that distinguishes it from most people, just all around frankly all like that is thought Replicants what the canons he lives each allotted by Providence day. People are still not can accept that they are not alone are the dominant force on the planet, trying all possible ways to eradicate the self-willed toys, once nurtured in the Tyrell Corporation. And in this case, the line between good and evil becomes more blurred, because the real truth ready to see not everyone.

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How much did it cost to make 2048: Nowhere to Run?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $200,000.
Who is the director of the movie 2048: Nowhere to Run?
This tv-show was directed by Luke Scott.
What is the genre of 2048: Nowhere to Run?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Sci-Fi.
Who starred in 2048: Nowhere to Run?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Dave Bautista, Gerard Miller, Bijan Daneshmand, Gaia Ottman, Orion Ben.
What is 2048: Nowhere to Run IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.9.
When was 2048: Nowhere to Run released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-09-14.