2036: Nexus Dawn

The action takes place in 2036, around Yandera Wallace, a representative of "advanced" Replicants called the nexus 9. Wallace is looking to reverse the ban on the production of Replicants.

  • Luke Scott

Release Date: 2017-08-30
IMDb icon 7/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 6h
Dale Shaffert
18 October 2017 | 11:11

Scientific and technical progress inexorably moves forward, symbolizing the incredible ability of the human mind, not know the obstacles. Just a century and a half our community has made a quantum leap, which had previously seemed nothing but a distant, intangible fiction, born in the inflamed fantasies of eccentrics. And the less after the invention of the light bulb, the internal combustion engine and of the aircraft followed by irreversible changes in our planet turned into a race track for dreamers and dealers science, wanting to give the man incredible. With the advent of the first computers people began to think about how to re-return to the fashion slavery. But as imagine more of such individuals could not be bound in chains because of moral and ethical norms, have muted the instincts of the development of powerful civilizations, the powers that be decided that over time, artificial intelligence will be touched on the role of servitude, the us and achieve greater heights than the first fundamental discoveries of scientific and technological progress. Scientists at the world year;after year perfecting your work, striving to deliver the perfect artificial body, capable of becoming for human support in his most ambitious undertakings. Metal machine gave way to plastic and Vice versa. Form and dimensions of the unnatural mechanisms ranged from lo the giant, however, the revelation that came to the minds of Eldon Tyrell, the head of the Tyrell Corporation gave us to understand that a true servant of the man can only be a man. Let and synthetic.

A series of experiments, marked by the hundreds and thousands of attempts to create the perfect servant in the end was crowned with great success. The scientific Department of the "Tyrell" managed to bypass the numerous competitors and put the sale of a line of Replicants under the name "Nexus". Humanoid essence, possessing the most powerful brain function and incredible power allowed man to finally turn his gaze to distant cosmic vistas and begin the full colonization of suitable planets. The reputation of the creations of Eldon Tyrell was surely the Replicants has repeatedly proven its usefulness in human society, however, such a perfect artificial organisms not could be eternal humility. What they became the more dangerous questions they began to ask. Having the likeness of a real human consciousness, the Replicants began to raise local rebellion against the people, but until they you can tame in the shortest possible time, social unrest has been kept to minimize all of responsibility for the disobedience of the servants of random software failures. And the at least the spark that erupted once engendered the fire was difficult to extinguish. Escape a whole group of Replicants to freedom turned out to Eldon Tyrell catastrophic consequences. Its technological Empire and he collapsed the abyss of obscurity and a line of "Nexus" was made to disband and leave it only the pages of history. However, the fact that opened documented, once coming back. And when it happens, the world again will survive its rebirth.

In 2036, after a decade and a half after the escape of Replicants in led Roy Batty, mankind has been managed to forget about the danger caused by the works of Eldon Tyrell. Life could go back to normal, let the Earth has become a hostage of his own ambitions and unlikely not destroyed mankind hunger, there was one man, who have rooted out the impending Eclipse and who found a way to eliminate the lack of food. One Mr. Neander Wallace, inspired by the discoveries of their great predecessors, were able to synthesize nutritious protein and thereby save millions of lives from approaching a painful death. Organizing their own production company, Wallace became one of the most influential citizens of the planet, but he was little of this. With the incredible financial possibilities, a businessman and a fearless experimenter decided to buy the destroyed remnants of the Tyrell Corporation in order to put myself in favor of lost secrets, thrown somewhere in the middle destroyed the long-vacant buildings. Putting an incredible effort to in order to return Tyrell in structure, Neander Wallis for a long time concealed that does it is going to do with the production of power, once responsible for the release of dangerous Replicants who refuse to take their place in the structure of society.

Having money, influence and unbridled ambition, Neander Wallace was forced to obey the rules of the game, which was built long before his appearance on the light. To implement all he was up to, it requires the consent of the authorities, without which all the actions of the businessman is akin to a serious crime directed against the order, won at a bloody price. And this despite all the credit to Wallace in front of mankind. But as his ideas are a potential which knew the story, the businessman has to visit with visit the College of magistrates responsible for the proper course of things designed to prevent another unrest that was when the Eldon tyrelle. The infamous escape of Replicants left in the past, as themselves and still only a true fool does not could not to suspect the true plans of Wallace, bought the Tyrell Corporation. Having studied the legacy of the industrial giant, Neander Wallace decided to show his invention to the Magistrate, hoping for understanding. And when such a respected man says that knows their capabilities and power means to him worth listening to. Yes, the Replicants when he had left for himself an indelible mark, a civilized community has learned to live without them hope your hand, but trampling on one place can hardly be called a movement. It is clearly understands Neander Wallace and he prepares the ground portion of our revival. On the courtyard is 2036, rumors, fears and gossip has partially lost its relevance. It's time for the rebirth of the line "Nexus", and it will be a brand new revolution in our history...

The universe is "Running down the blade," the rebels in Noir all its beauty a few decades ago, again returned to the screens in order to show the audience that is high quality science fiction with a fair admixture of intellectual particles. Directed a full-length sequel to the cult film by Ridley Scott, Danny Villeneuve, understood responsibilities the destiny tried to make all necessary to "Running on the blade 2049" became a worthy continuation of the original. But while the audience and critics could only speculate about how to continue the story of detective Rick Deckard, himself Villeneuve appealed to colleagues, that they put several short prequels to the events of 2049, so the audience re-opened for itself, the Universe and understand how her work laws. One of such film was "2036: Rebirth Nexus", directed by Luke Scott. Thanks to the information provided on the film, we found out what kind of mood has gripped society after the ban on the release of Replicants and why humans again back on the streets, because they were not controlled unpredictable. A light gust of wind part of the secrets of the conspiratorial project, Danny Villeneuve opened our eyes, but the true secrets to still wait our meeting with the feature pattern, which does not tolerate premature haste.

8 from 10

How long is 2036: Nexus Dawn?
Who is the director of the movie 2036: Nexus Dawn?
This tv-show was directed by Luke Scott.
What is the genre of 2036: Nexus Dawn?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Sci-Fi.
Who starred in 2036: Nexus Dawn?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Jared Leto, Benedict Wong, Ned Dennehy, Ade Sapara, Ania Marson.
What is 2036: Nexus Dawn IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.
When was 2036: Nexus Dawn released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-08-30.