Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White House

The film is about the main link of the loudest scandal of the twentieth century "Watergate" that led to the premature resignation of President Richard Nixon. The identity of the person communicating to the press revealing information to the head of state, has long been shrouded in mystery and set only 30 years after his own confession. Shocking incredible story based on real events, about the life of a brilliant and uncompromising of the Deputy Director of the FBI Mark felta, who has sacrificed everything — his family, his career and his freedom to let the world know the truth.

  • Peter Landesman

Release Date: 2017-09-29
IMDb icon 6.4/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 1h:43m
Elga Iolanthe
31 January 2018 | 04:56

For many years one of the most powerful and influential people in the United States remained the chief the Federal Bureau of Investigation John Edgar Hoover. In the spring of 1972 all-powerful Director, which is feared by even the President, has died. On the vacant chair was intended for him Deputy Mark felta (Liam Neeson), however, White house chose to appoint to a responsible post of his person — Pat gray (Marton Csokas), hoping thereby to monitor the activities of intelligence agencies, which had very broad powers and formally remained independent. Already very soon the new leadership of the Bureau had to intervene in the scandalous investigation: in the hotel "Watergate" was arrested burglars penetrated into the headquarters of the Democratic party. The story received a huge response and had enormous consequences for American policy, up to the impeachment of President Richard Nixon. At this huge value was the coverage of the Watergate case in a media: journalists "Washington Post" obtained and made public evidence of the involvement of the Nixon administration to the break-in. These evidence they received from a confidential informant for the nickname "Deep Throat"...

As you know, the story of "Deep Throat" and the journalistic investigation by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, the most detailed and fully illuminated even in 1976, directed by Alan Pakula in the legendary Thriller "All the king's men". Tape with the participation of Dustin Hoffman and Robert Redford was treated kindly by the critics and the audience received four "Oscar" and has become a classic of the genre. "Watergate. The collapse of the White house" gives the chance to have a look at same event from another perspective, following the chronology of the scandal through the eyes of Mark felta, which was the most "Deep Throat." The Director of "Watergate..." Peter Landesman have stopped at films actual events. He is directing the "Parkland" and"Defender", and as a writer was not working just over all of the above bands, including "Watergate...", but over high-quality Thriller "Kill the messenger".

In the scenario "Watergate..." is the autobiography of Marc felta, however, sensational revelations from the film to not wait worth it. Alas, the tape is little that is a new able to add to existing public information about the Watergate scandal. About the actual political component of the case, as well as and journalistic investigation, the film very sparingly. Perhaps the most valuable thing he can give — more or less detailed portrait of felta with his ideals, doubts, troubles in personal life and etc. It is motivation of the main character and is the fact the main subject of the study for Director. To unfortunately, Liam Neeson is unlikely to be able to relate the role to felta the number of its creative success: too often, it here depicts not a living human being, a monument to the indomitable perseverance and pursuit of the truth. Important strokes to the portrait adds a scene with his wife Audrey, (Diane lane), but most of the episodes with her participation were cut with mounting with the sake of timing, promising to release in the expanded version for digital media...

To expect from the ribbon of an exciting Thriller also not worth it. Here, well reproduced atmosphere of General paranoia and distrust, but really tense moments — one-two and obchelsya. Communication "Deep Throats" with journalists takes force half scene: Woodward (Julian Morris) appears for a few moments, Bernstein in the picture is not at all. Perhaps it and rightly so, because the story of their investigative journalism brilliantly described in the classic tape forty years ago, which is to surpass all still is almost impossible. However, trying to look at the scandal from the inside is rather dull story about the turf squabbles of cones from the FBI, rather than an exciting spy Thriller. This new take on a familiar story is not can boast neither informative, no drama. In fact, we are broken a year and a half hours watch as a group of men in expensive suits, plotting, suspect each other, talk about the possible consequences of the crisis — all this is interspersed with beautiful panoramic shots of Washington DC and its attractions. This approach makes "Watergate..." is more like a documentary reconstruction of real events, which is appropriate would look in the scientific and educational channel like Discovery or National Geographic, but not a wide screen. After all, to hold the viewer's attention in the framework of the full-length of the tape required some no dynamics, sharpness, and they there are, unfortunately no smell.

Verdict: tedious, unnecessary prequel to the outstanding film by Alan Pakula reminiscent of a documentary reconstruction for science channel and a little able to offer even people who are interested in American history generally and the Watergate in particular.

6 from 10

Rosa Zeeba
21 February 2018 | 08:18

-Who would we could blame?


-Maybe the President?

I love movies about the inner life of the secret services. About all these middle-aged men in identical suits looking at each other aggressive looks and know what you don't know other. it is IMPORTANT to NOTE THAT IN THAT MOVIE THERE is ACTION, and cash dips "the Spy, come forth," "the False temptation" and"the Most dangerous man" proved a massive audience of this movie does not interested. The surprising that movie Mark felta do decide to put in production.

Mark felt, consciously made perhaps the most significant leak in U.S. history, the consequence of which was the resignation of President Nixon. Think who came across this movie, thinking about watching is know. Lack of understanding can deceive your expectations, and generally, the best option is to watch this movie at arms the English Wikipedia. Almost every character is involved. some big shot in the structure of the CIA, and to discover their we do not bother, reading the Wiki, the characters will at least to seem more interesting and more significant. Same with the flow of the story. I'm afraid IF NOT to KNOW, EVEN BRIEFLY, ABOUT the WATERGATE, YOU JUST don'T UNDERSTAND WHAT ALL SENSATION. I wasn't comfortable to follow the chronology of events, even though I watched "Nixon", "All the President's men", and even gave a presentation in the school in the topic. In the film is not even explains why felta nicknamed deep throat (a joke on the analogy with the popular porn film). Not even felt that the felt remains anonymous to journalists. By the way, what is used immediately to fight off the desire to look at fans of reconstructions of tap INTO entertainment do NOT SHOW, and the scene of meeting Woodward and felta is just a shame compared to the same scenes in the movie Pakula.

In fact, before us is a typical biopic about "man, what did the right thing". In him as usually there is a line with the wife (Diane lane) which is not needed, but...not. The conflict is very clear and sometimes the script smacks of fanfic. WHY WATCH? If you love Liam Neeson, it looks very different than and have the typical action roles. Guess if not Neeson this movie and not been started production. Well, or you are madly in love this kind of movie, forgive him bias category B. Plus for moviegoers in the cameo (and then all the characters except felta count a cameo) is Cocas, Marsden, Lucas, sizemore, Greenwood and "man of the Dexter." Note, film, what-no, is.

The Watergate scandal not matter the importance, it is not a fascinating story for script writing. We must not just to understand the scale, it is necessary to do all aspects of the story interesting for the viewer not matter General understanding of the interchange. With will do the job, for example, Spielberg, he is already have proven the "Spy bridge" and"Munich". Director Peter Landesman, is not learn to your mistakes. To this shot "Parkland" around the Kennedy assassination, the film which is so also pointless in its existence, and wrote the script for a good movie "Kill the messenger", too, about the drainage of intelligence information. Both movie I watched can vouch for the words. Apparently Landesman's just specializiruetsya on a low budget (by Hollywood standards) drama about about political games on the basis of real events. And the actors are just happy to play the role of a historical figure, then don't blame Neeson, the potential for interesting character has been traced, but that's inner conflict, no one registered.

do NOT JUST HAPPENED not for the money, and probably for all the wrong accents on the very difficult for the perception of history. And still there is one fat plus in this film. It is the only justification biopic as a phenomenon. PERHAPS AFTER VIEWING AUDIENCE will GO AND READ the ARTICLE ON the WIKI about a historic event or person. How we there was Dunkirk. It is not a big achievement, but something.

PS I write "this movie" just because long and boring pretentious names. Sorry.

5 from 10

Winonah Fay
09 January 2018 | 11:34

The Watergate scandal — the most important event in the modern American history. Information surfaced in the course of journalistic investigation, was so explosive that brought ultimate the resignation of the first persons in the United States — President Richard Nixon. And "Deep throat" not only the name of the legendary porn film, but and the alias of FBI agent by the name of mark felt, who merged known facts political crime reporters. Because the arguments on the theme of this known to all Americans, the events were repeatedly presented to the cinema, then more and more Directors and screenwriters want to tell that same story but in a different shell. And here the main problem of the movie "Watergate. The crash White house", because what could be "All presidential men" told the other point of view, looks more like a prosaic TV movie, which only fuels the interest to learn more about this event other sources.

In the end, as it seemed to me, despite that the film is dedicated to the scandal of Watergate, it only the background for the main events — political games with high stakes. 1972, mark felt — a promising FBI agent who worked closely with the legendary John. J. Edgar Hoover. Felt, Hoover and the FBI in General, have collected hundreds of files on the political establishment, saying the elite that the secrets those in power in security. To really, Hoover could almost not alone to blackmail half the country. 2 may 1972, Hoover is dying, and a month later (June 17) is the Watergate scandal. In a few days felt stipulates that the CIA and the White house staff responsible for the wiretapping of political rivals of President Nixon. How people, probably, once he involved in the dirty political scandals, felt puts all facts decides to transmit them to journalists, of course, imagining himself to be a patriot.

"All the President's men", another film on the subject, is a classic of American cinema. "Rat" and heavily it equal to the film "In the spotlight" passed the test of time for two reasons. First, both films were a strong political comment, but it was unobtrusive. Second, and "All the President's men", and"In the spotlight" was hypnotically real: you can literally read through the screen of thought cine journalists feel their work, almost not the smell of the ink. "Watergate. The collapse of the white house" went on the other way. The script tries to explore political problems, typical for those times, but because of this lost truth. Here you can see that FBI — just actors, they are very nice one-sided. Any dark lighting in shades of blue no survey "shaky camera" is not saves; I never believe what is happening.

The second problem is "the Collapse of the White house" is in detail. Film, the center of which is the informant mark felt as it seems to contain the or other information about directly the data transfer process. Legendary meetings Parking, developing relationships Snitch and journalists, remorse — all could add to "the wreck of the White house." Again, it is not known what exactly prompted Mark to go to felta connection to journalists. At this would play the sake of entertainment, but not to show stoic felta so by far.

And finally, the third main problem of "the collapse of the White house," on my opinion, based on a weak drama in favor of the politicization of the picture. Painful personal life felta, which here is not so  & catchy. A depressed wife is an alcoholic inserted as comment felt prefers a family, but the daughter who went to a hippie commune, was felt to me some overkill. All these story elements really painful artificial.

"Watergate. The collapse of the White house" — good stuff for Liam Neeson. He towering over all the other actors. And just — the entire film is dedicated to him and other known persons only glimpses of in episodes. Michael C. Hall, Bruce Greenwood, Tom sizemore and other — they only the actors of the second plan. Among them I would allocated creepy philosophizing "special person" in the performance of Eddie Marsan. It appears only at but is stored as I think most.

The story of the Watergate scandal has been told already several times: from "Nixon" by Oliver stone to "frost / Nixon". Of course, this topic is almost inexhaustible and you can do a lot of films about this event. But "Watergate. The collapse of the White house" looks a bit boring and the theatre on the background of his predecessors, despite an intriguing description. At some point all the starting in the picture of the events becomes an endless string of scenes about people in the offices, talking to each friend in a raised voice. Conversations — the most important part political Thriller, but overly static visual style is not animates any characters, or the story is how was at other films Landesman ("Parkland" "Protector"). But worst of all, in this political "Oscar bait" has left some innuendo. Except that the final shot showing frozen in fear of the face of the Brand felta, recalled that White house indestructible.

5.5 of 10

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2h 23m
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This tv-show was directed by Peter Landesman.
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The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, History, Biography, Best History Movies 2017.
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At the moment, the rating is 6.4.
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