Humanity was devastated by virus — infected are completely unable to control yourself. Rage, lust, fear and other generally civilized man pent-up emotions and impulses break out, but after eight hours, the virus passes. Derek Cho have worked long and hard to achieve a good position in a large law firm. One day, the colleague with higher position and the strong influence of his substitutes before the client and before the boss, and the same morning in their office skyscraper gets the virus. The building is surrounded, inside begins to wreak havoc, and Derek decides to use this opportunity to restore justice.

  • Joe Lynch

Release Date: 2017-11-10
IMDb icon 6.3/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 1h:26m
Marlane Kenay
29 March 2018 | 06:33

A moment of anger... who had in mind to name this film in our localization is the sequel to the "Experiment "the Office"? After the movie they is not. Yes, they are similar topics related to the massacre in the office. But that's all similarities and ends. Different studios, different people involved in the creation of films, different genres and so on. The original name of "Pogrom" and it better captures the essence of this film, rather than "Experiment "Office" (hmm, imagine that will, if it will really be a sequel to"the Experiment "the Office").

And now proceed directly to the film, I write a review (although to compare these two film I all the same I will). How you've probably understood "Pogrom" (Yes, in the framework of this review, I am so call) dedicated to the massacre in the office. Only difference in that the creators of "Pogrom" much better understand what must be their film. Now it is not vague mixture of the platform and psychological Thriller and a Thriller with elements of black humor. And if you look at the script then the film is more likely to resemble "the purge", only more simple and less controversial. In the world of this film there is a virus under name ID-7, also known as the name of the "virus red eyes". Any infected with the virus becomes more aggressive and much worse can be responsible for their actions. Also, was created a special precedent, according to which all infected, on the validity period of the virus will be declared insane and, accordingly, they will not be responsible for the crimes committed in the duration of the virus. Simple and pretty clear.

That decides to take a young lawyer, Derek is performed by Glenn... Oh, Steven, Jan. Shortly before the outbreak of the virus in his office, Derek was framed and fired him. the authorities. But only ID 7 is broken it plans to go to drown his sorrows in a glass, and provided unpunished revenge. Because Derek knows about precedent so it assumes they are to to get to his boss and good for him to explain why the last one was wrong. The most, Derek confronts a pretty specific goals in contrast "Experiment "Office" is not change the duration of the film, and remain concrete the end. These goal is pretty simple: to get to his boss, simultaneously eliminating an obstacle to the two scrap (also involved in the dismissal of Derek) and at the same time to help a young pretty girl, which he took yourself partner, at this surviving in the chaos that's happening now in office.

Also, "Mayhem" favorably "Experiment "Office" that it is not trying to play with the emotions of the audience, and tries to provide exactly the kind that can give a fighter with a pinch of black humor. He achieves this not because clearly defines to what genre this movie, but and clearly defining the aspect ratio. In this movie, all the characters are divided into nice and bad in the film, it is that need. It is very easy to hate all the villains of this film, so they are greedy corporate snakes that in order to achieve their goals ready for all (in the number of walk on the heads of their colleagues). It also, thanks to the virus they now can final to forget about those are the minimum standards of morality and decency that they were kept and finally to expose its rotten core outward. Therefore, you you want to our main characters got to them and expressed the backlog of claims at the maximum.

If I which did not like the film this lack of action and humor. Wish there was a little more cheerful action and a little more black humor. Of course, then what there was looked good, but if the film was a little more crazy than he is, then this would much better.

Thus, so called about a sequel to "the Experiment "the Office" was on a head taller than himself "Experimentation "Office". It is seen that the creators knew that wanted this film and in every way tried it to do. And although action was not so cheerful, film me anyway pleased. Hence, my recommendation to get acquainted with this film. Especially recommended if you as I have not received what they wanted from "Experiment "Office".

Daphne Talie
12 November 2017 | 01:28

Another work from a little-known Director John Lynch, who for his career, yet nothing intelligible removed, but now, thanks to not the worst stories from writer-debutant may, rating Director is sure to go up. According to the rating IMDb: 7,10, the project promises to be interesting, so, armed with the proper anticipation, immersed in a world of endless violence and justified violence. That is appropriate because unlike recent paintings "Experiment Office", in which all it was pointless and mercilessly, in this project has distinct characters, the purpose and motivation that it's getting pretty nice when you view. According to plot the country is raging a strange virus that dulls the mind, exposing the first plan basest human desires, and it is an unbridled passion for the murder and debauchery. The main character is tightly framed in the firm with the shame expelled from the works but this time the building is under the effects of the virus, and the government is not remains to cordon off the building, declaring quarantine for eight hours, so exactly how far is the contagion effect. But the interesting thing is that on the eve of formal and on a legal level the lawyers proved that all acts committed under the virus is not considered illegal, so as an infected is not responsible for his actions, therefore any crime, including murder and violence is completely justified and allowed. Taking advantage of this opportunity, the main character, along with his girlfriend for some time to figure out the whole truth ugly bases and punish the perpetrators.

Just want to note that the plot of the film is very compelling and quite interesting. Hero share and wish him all the best, but then, alas, future actions fail in a scenario of insolvency. All the middle of history seriously sags, as not causing any strong emotions other than boredom, though the plot is hinted at the narrative is brutal and tough sequence, in which the hero had to climb on the floor to its main enemy, and meanwhile, the villain promised to each employee almost a half a million dollars for the death of the enemy fired. But in the end, the viewer watches as a strong outset is spreading to the eyes, turning all the action a farce with silly humor. But in addition to the collapse of history, staging the action scenes are, to unfortunately, looks fake hack not showing the characters real feelings of rage and cruelty. Everything looks dramatic and theatrical, although in the same "Experiment Office" at all scenario huge the disadvantages of the atmosphere of the events looked hard, stern expression and adult blood. But here, like children's shooter game without a hint serious brutality, although it was like this. What goes for actors, then there are certainly better and brighter all looked like Samara weaving, good manifested itself in the movie "Babysitter(nanny)". A poor the unfortunate Stephen Yang, who looked good in a dramatic role on the series "the Walking dead", here lost at all fronts, not stretching out the story, even on the average level of watchable. And the problem was, on my opinion, it the talent and that he's just not suitable for this role.

In General, if you like the movie "Experiment Office" and are you a fan of rigidity in confined space, then this movie is for you. Others may safely pass, or all once to look, not straining the brain. Separately want to mention the music, which was trying to highlight the currently fashionable trend of melodic 80s, but she may sound, alas, is not convincing. Movie of the series ", and Looked forgotten". Pleasant viewing.

Olenka Geanine
08 February 2018 | 01:39

Attention, attention! Anyone who is going to watch this movie: despite the name is the movie is not nothing film "the Experiment "the Office" (or "Experiment Belko"), which was released on wide screens in 2017-year and tell about how ready to go colleagues in order to increase the service.

The title of this work, you can move as "mutilation" and it will be more close to the truth, because thereby the characters and do almost the entire screen time. Of course, the decision to shake up the audience a new "Office" speaks about the ingenuity of those who is the movie called, then this is makes the viewer's a lot of swear words, because inserting and hoping to see one sight, you get something else entirely.

"Mayhem" talks about one company employee which turned out to be a carrier of a dangerous virus ID7, inducing at a person's craving for violence, mutilation and makes it has an incredible lust. Once one of the citizens who got this virus, being infected and killed another, but was acquitted because guilt shoved it on the infection. But here in the giant building, placed in quarantine for 8 hours, a Horde of workers who just give an excuse to let off steam and mock colleagues (why and no, because it still be be justified). Also thinking about the main character, played by Stephen Yan, who was unjustly accused of violation of labor discipline, and believed not to him and whoever is above him in the professional chain. Being insulted and even humiliated, he decided to get to the bosses to defend their point of view and return the workspace. Have to beat kill — know when you turn on the "Mayhem".

I think that any other name, this film simply would have remained aside from a wide audience, and so the creators and distributors had the opportunity to take over the expense of interest, prompted by the first part, which was quite spectacular and interesting.

"Mayhem" is also able to arouse the viewer's sympathy and primarily due to the dynamic action. Interesting camera solution, the rigid formulation of the fights, even cruel, but sometimes funny murder in combined with bold statements and sometimes shocking shots (like sex on the background in one of scenes, and if you believe the facts, the sex was very real). In a word, the story idea was good and a sort of symbiosis "Experiment Belko" and"Skyscrapers" was quite impressive representative of the genre of horror with elements of black Comedy. Well and Samara weaving, recently flashed his chiseled figure and big charming eyes "the Nanny" (also a Comedy horror movie), may become the Queen of this genre, the more so and "Mayhem," she played beautifully, presented in the form of a fatal beauty.

This movie, like and belco, perfectly demonstrates the mood of colleagues in situations where they are directly to work can let off steam and give vent to all your secret, dark desires, participants are colleagues at the office. Plus everything this film perfectly demonstrated the caste ladder in large firms, where the office plankton not has no value in compared to those who is at least one step higher. One — weight gold, others — no one. The word alone has a weight, other — no. But things can change if the ventilation system will be dangerous virus ID7.

However, to watch You. Your opinion is not impose.

Nice view.

7 of the 10

PS the Review was written in the day of my fifth birthday in as a registered user of "Kinopoisk". With the first anniversary of me:)

How long is Mayhem?
2h 6m
Who is the director of the movie Mayhem?
This tv-show was directed by Joe Lynch.
What is the genre of Mayhem?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Horror, Best Action Movies 2017, Best Horror Movies 2017.
Who starred in Mayhem?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Steven Yeun, Samara Weaving, Steven Brand, Caroline Chikezie, Kerry Fox.
What is Mayhem IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.3.
When was Mayhem released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-11-10.