Beyond Skyline

In a world of chaos and panic. The sky closed hanging over the cities, space ships, which in a huge pillar of light delay on Board thousands of people directly from the streets. To find the kidnapped son, the intrepid detective would have to penetrate the ship aggressive aliens, to repel the attack of these angry creatures, and... try to return the planet to the earthlings.

  • Liam O'Donnell

Release Date: 2017-12-15
IMDb icon 5.3/10
  • Country: CA, CN, ID, SG, GB, US
  • Language: English | Indonesian
  • Runtime: 1h:45m
Natalina Rodi
30 December 2017 | 06:07

After a successful victory in the rolled first part low-budget sci-Fi movie "skyline" the creators of dare to continue and the Director Liam O'donnell goes on to write the script. Seven years later on the big screen comes the long-awaited premiere. The budget has increased in twice, but has been quality? And then I was, frankly, dubious suspicions on this score.

The plot repeats the plot of the first film, only now we tell the story of other heroes, who, after the invasion take the fight with foreign aliens. The structure is almost no different, just in this case, the story is immersed a little more, touching themselves aliens. The characters are already spend more time not on earth and on the alien ship. With one hand the idea is not so bad, but in the result then all becomes banal personal enmity. To and the scenario we are seeing some pretty serious flaws. On the course of the film the viewer so not explain the reasons for the alien invasion and do not reveal their goal, objectives and aspirations. Of course, some explanations appear, but all occurs in the moment any action, in which the spectator needs to guess about the essence of the problem characters or the main villain. The words and dialogues in the movie not so much. In all run, shoot, kill and even show good kung fu in the end of the film. It is surprising that even the aliens themselves are quite well trained in Krav Maga.

As for the cast, then there is nothing special, although in some points very bad. Sometimes it feels like the characters are empty and without emotion. Like I shout, but with such hypocrisy that even the bad becomes. A dark-skinned man, like "die hard", the whole movie over all stebetsya and gives sparkling jokes. The setting for the most part made in the setting the background all-consuming computer graphics, which is visible to the naked eye. I certainly don't going for this judge, but still perceived seen as an Amateur movie from the fans of "war of the worlds", which in his time took Steven Spielberg. The worst thing I do not empathized with the characters and had no feelings for events. How to me, this is a very serious problem when the viewer interested to watch what displayed on screen.

In General, if you want a quality big screen to pass by, but if you love fiction about alien in any form, nice view. Personally, I the first movie is more like it.

4 of 10

Gill Karilynn
07 January 2018 | 01:47

From dull, spat in time for the helplessness and a cheap, DIY for number one, there were only a start, such as the stage itself, the first direct confrontation with the alien; the beginning, which will need to endure. And then what? Dynamic frenzy winking bully, with a simple plot, but a sharp story in several locations, the most endearing of the believe that the inside of the ship, in which are scattered the insides of Homo sapiens.

The change of persons, who came up with myself that they are Directors, as and roll in the direction of Comedy definitely influenced product part of the entertainment of the masses, as in technical terms, and the work plan of the creative team who frankly enjoy not straining from spent on site in the frame.

Pleased with what he saw in viewing sat close to the screen sacrificing comfort. Here this "Attraction" I waited Fedor, the more so on the money resources Vitim in them, they are equal. With 14-year with the first "Guardians of the Galaxy" and"Faces of the future", not received a sci-Fi movie action so irrational positive, because devalued every year the release of "Star wars" especially not satisfied, probably will tire...

Close the spirit of the films - the wild child: "Alien invaders" in 2005 and trilogy "Feast".

The case when clumsily charming, details, more

8 from 10

Maude Dyche
28 December 2017 | 10:32

Skyline 2010 occupies a special position in the history of bad cinema due to several factors. First, despite the cheap special effects, still don't they were the main reason for the failure of the film audience: secondary ideas and flat characters affected as the "Skyline" a lot stronger. Second, as strange, but the first part of the "Skyline" was as a Grand, and how ridiculous. Somehow after watching that not the best sci-Fi movie, probably almost every viewer would agree see it more successful sequel. It took seven years to materialize the sequel, and the main question that was asked yourself Studio bosses were apparently the following: how to make a sequel of the film met with extremely negative reviews? The Strauss brothers, Directors of the original project, was downgraded to producers of the sequel has lured Frank Grillo and star of the RAID IKO WISA, want to have effects, but still left the rather weak script, silly characters and General banality of what is happening.

Mark — a former police officer who suffers from alcoholism. The son Brand name Trent at all strayed from hands step away from prison. The way home from the police station the father and son are faced with an alien invasion. Next, the heroes meet other survivors, get on a spaceship and create a kind of resistance to combat the invaders.

"Skyline 2" is not a continuation of the story of the first film. This some branch, something like "Cloverfield" for"Cloverfield". The events here occur in the same the world, however, with another approach to plot the situation in which was the characters. The original film was unfolding in the tiny rooms, and confined spaces. Here are a large number of decorations from Los Angeles spacecraft "foreign" to an exotic jungle. A instead of the forcing of the atmosphere the writers have chosen the path of action.

The abundance of scenery it's easy to miss from main operating entities. this is a problem because the characters here are divided into two types. Heroes of the first kind added to the story solely for the fact to murder. The viewer is not can shudder on-screen death of the individual; we, in fact, nothing about them know many of these are just faceless extras. The characters of the second kind here are such that seemed to have migrated from any other sci-Fi action movie: tough COP, Golovaty scientist and etc. And these personas are built from the stamps clichés (even the main character's wife is killed the events of the paintings from a widespread disease, "get it out of the film"), are such terrible dialogues, unable to show even the most flimsy human emotions.

If we consider the "skyline 2" as extension of the world, and here. The script does not give answers who are aliens and what they want. They invade just like that. "Monster-movie" is in need of the monsters. At some point the characters fall in South-East Asia on the invasion of the humanoids forget and start some story about the rhythms of Partizan.

As for the special effects like computer, and practical, then they can say, successful. Of course sometimes you see bad green screen, but in the adventure the fight scenes are not out the framework is acceptable.

All the same, exemplary feature of the "Skyline 2" is the tone of the apocalyptic seriousness, though, with the overall quality of the narrative, the irony here is not hurt. Despite it to one of a few of the main advantages of the film include some plot surprises, which, however, does not dilute what is happening on the screen of uninteresting events. For some reason the creators of the sequel not wanted to tap into their creativity and to add more original material, though with their flaws or plot holes. In the result is led to that "skyline 2" is limited to the approaches and techniques characteristic of any sci-Fi project and given, perhaps, on the dawn of the genre.

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How long is Beyond Skyline?
2h 25m
Who is the director of the movie Beyond Skyline?
This tv-show was directed by Liam O'Donnell.
What is the genre of Beyond Skyline?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Adventure, Horror, Best Action Movies 2017.
Who starred in Beyond Skyline?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Frank Grillo, Bojana Novakovic, Jonny Weston, Callan Mulvey, Antonio Fargas.
What is Beyond Skyline IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 5.3.
When was Beyond Skyline released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-12-15.