Olaf's Frozen Adventure

Cheerful snowman teams up with a reindeer Sven, to bring the occasion to your friends. Since then, as the gate of the Royal Palace were open to all residents of Arendelle, this is the first Christmas vacation. On this occasion Anna and Elsa have prepared a large feast for their citizens, but they were surprised when every single guest suddenly, going home immediately after the celebrations to enjoy a holiday in a circle of their own families. Here are Anna and Elsa was not the Christmas family traditions. Olaf couldn't let friends be sad at Christmas and with the help of Sven went on a journey through the Kingdom, calling at each house in search of the best festive traditions and customs.

  • Kevin Deters
  • Stevie Wermers

Release Date: 2017-11-22
IMDb icon 5.4/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 2h:02m
Imelda Crispen
30 November 2017 | 08:21

Published in 2013 animated film "Frozen" on love to extremely ugly, bug-eyed dolls almost immediately became a cult classic for the LGBT community. And the Americans well see the lesbian orientation of this creation, and fun of it (in Russian the movie "Honest trailer" about "Maleficent"). The comic looks naive (if not more) of some of our compatriots who continue to believe in"pure sisterly love". Especially after a large-scale Internet action fans under the name "give Elsa a girlfriend". Probably "a Cold heart-2" it turns out that one of the daughters was a foster, so that imaginary relationship will no longer be a hindrance. That some way will be found to be seen by the short film "Cool celebration". After wedding cake and the clock tower (where opposite-sex couple figurines replaced the same-sex) no doubt left. The not this short film is of particular interest.

As seen on name, the center of the plot here would be Olaf the snowman. Which attended to that they there are no family traditions. What and no wonder, as the mudslinging of the family is one of the main features cartoons from"Disney". Flawed parents, forever in conflict with children -- what here tradition. However, it comes to cartoons where the opposite-sex spouses (including "the Mystery of Coco," about already said). Well and since there is a new type of family (same-sex), then it is, of course, shows a very positive and prosperous. For a complete happiness she what is lacking is the tradition that Olaf and went looking. Naturally, they were associated exclusively with same-sex family of three persons (two "mothers" and"child"). Deceased parents has nothing to do with which side.

But the most interesting here that. In the head of the Kingdom is dangerous and unbalanced witch, which of the mood swings might trigger a global catastrophe. A benefit from her "gift" — rink just for fun, yeah more Christmas decorations and everything, not very meaningful. Residents clearly not to be envied, ever sit on a powder keg. With the previous king and Queen (straight), it was much safer. So, for the Kingdom would be far better if parents that the witch still in childhood.. . well, let's say, eliminated. Society does not would have lost, but the threat of a global catastrophe.

Usually work on "not these" in the good sense of the people (scientists, inventors), their talents to help save the world from some catastrophe, they are not to blame. So they began to appreciate and respect. But they themselves were a threat to others (and therefore the required tolerance) — this is called "tolerance under the barrel of a gun". Well, that in the lesbian movie she such — very realistic and disgusting. The obvious plus.

It is worth noting also a few moments. For femoralia now there was even a place in a short film, dedicated to the blessed and good Christmas holiday. Another pussy got slap from his wife. Even in a 20-minute video without it now cannot do. A song "When We're Together" in the original leaves no doubt that is about two lovers (which it and sing, hand in hand). The expression "the family that we have created" applies to spouses who created through marriage. Ice axe here not more than a friend and the sisters do not saying. This is probably why in the Russian translation is the expression was removed, as well as in his time the words of bestiality Kristoff of the song of trolls (and not only).

Some advantage here, as ironically, he is Olaf. Many of this character annoying with their stupidity, or rather mental retardation. But, on my view, it is very realistic and time of life. Olaf here clearly performs the function of the child — "mom" it so gently embrace that no doubt left. It is clear that naturally such a situation children do not happen (as snowmen in the summer or in the bath). And artificial.. . often get with such problems. And again interesting point. The late king and Queen have left their legacy. Capable heirs have even monarchs of the "Sleeping beauty", "Cinderella", "Aladdin". And who is the heir to the throne? Demented character? Another plus in favor of the straights.

In the end, we can say that same-sex love, in fact, already has become public. With this agreement, even many fans of the cartoon. From which all often you can hear that tolerance this phenomenon is the duty of any civilized country and etc. and etc. Left the formalities. Probably foster's daughter in"the Cold heart-2" will do Anna. Stupidity and hyperactivity which clearly contrasts with the parents and sister. Similarity of appearance does not important — they it all the inhabitants of the Kingdom on one person. Not mention of "Rapunzel" and many cartoons "Barbie", where are used all the same clones the plastic whores. Though it is often less ugly than here (eyes less).

But since some pros have, you can put

4 of 10

Edythe Barcellona
25 December 2017 | 03:02

Maybe something like we would see, if William "our" Shakespeare had to make a new year's (well, Christmas) the view Romeo and Juliet in the lead roles: the main idea presented in a very sweet and touching, but approach to her tightened, not original filled with a primitive sense of humor, so I and did not understand what is — corporate children's party. (Just in case, if someone I do not understand is the hyperbole.)

For viewers unfamiliar with the main movie ("Frozen", in Russian translation of "the Cold heart"), this must be absolutely unintelligible, because a lot of quotes, and without the knowledge of the prehistory of the junction is strange. Try to guess why at Elsa gloves so much, and what role was played snowman in the relationship of the sisters.

Lesbian theme, which some attribute to the princesses, starting with the first film, seen only by those who way or otherwise much of it concerned normal relations between brothers and sisters don't seen. Moderate homophobes can not to worry.

Unfortunately, the characters of some of the characters have changed not for the better: Christophe began to show clear signs of dementia, Anna lost all his irrepressible energy, and Elsa had forgotten how to conjure with the inspiration was when she has built his Palace (and sang "Let it Go") or organized ice rink for subjects — it now puts an ice tree and hanging decoration humdrum and it is not trying, as previously, to test their limits and out them ("to test the limits and break through"). The magic of the Snow Queen here is not important its absence would not changed.

However, about this I thought of this cartoon, although it and spoiled my picture of the world Arandela of the original film, which I think the best of the made by Disney and Pixar.

5 from 10

Bonnibelle Capone
21 December 2017 | 12:01

This short trikvela "frozen", so that familiarity with the original definitely. Western audiences are extremely negatively responded about this cartoon in General and even took the tickets without waiting for the beginning of "the Secrets of the Coco." I they are not understand me like.

Starts cartoon sad. Past Anna and Elsa continues to spoil their life, is miserable and lonely. Reproduced a scene from childhood, when Elsa closed, and Anna's behind the door. And in the "family" holiday.

In the end, we show that most important thing is not the price of the gifts, and the love who provides. Anna and Elsa still have become sisters and family of orphans. On a cool adventure Olaf's worth a look for those in whose families have ceased to follow the family tradition of the New Year (or Christmas).

Cartoon perfect: some of the jokes were not too decent. Much in the behavior of Olaf was annoying, but the cartoon short not have time to get bored. Kristoff, too, was a very strange man. But it was funny to see that Kristoff — the only one who doesn't understand Sven, and gives out wished for valid.

I want a full-length continuation of the "Cold heart" to see Anna and Elsa more and more)

8 from 10

How long is Olaf's Frozen Adventure?
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This tv-show was directed by Kevin Deters, Stevie Wermers.
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The tv-show belongs to the genres of Adventure, Animation, Music, Best Music Movies 2017.
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Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Josh Gad, Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell, Jonathan Groff, Chris Williams.
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At the moment, the rating is 5.4.
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The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-11-22.