A rich couple in Paris gathers guests for a dinner party. Waiting for the mayor of London and other aristocrats, but the table 13 of the instrument. And the owner of superstition ask the maid to join the meal. Mary turns up incognito at the table, and it falls in love with a wealthy art collector.

  • Amanda Sthers

Release Date: 2017-11-22
IMDb icon 6.1/10
  • Country: FR
  • Language: English | Spanish | French
  • Runtime: 1h:31m
Karlee Voorhis
24 November 2017 | 07:43

The second directorial effort from the beautiful French women Amanda Stars that, writing the script, decided on a new way to tell the story of a modern Cinderella. Pretty tempting and original the plot is able to interest many fans of French sitcom.

In the story of a wealthy couple collects guests on a great supper, and by coincidence, the devices on the table is 13. So as the mistress is quite superstitious, she decides to add another one instrument, but someone put if there are no more guests? And owners nothing else comes in the head as put the table to her maid. And all anything, only the maid impresses all guests and charms distinguished himself rich. Being hostage to his lies, the main characters of nothing remains to continue your little game in a rich Madam.

Of course, many may think that this is the perfect story for a funny Comedy, but can assure this is more like a romantic melodrama with hints of harsh realism. Comedic moments are definitely there, but the morality lies in the deep drama of human relationships. The story is simple and not annoying emotional turmoil. On the is quite cute and nice. Movie characters do not push each character in its empathize and try to support, as almost all live the film is his personal drama and emotional outbursts.

Staging looks good. The picture is not bother generally merit perfect the cast. All the characters are individual, original and interesting. It is worth considering that this film is not in the spirit of youth romance. Here, the essence, shown the adult point of view on everything. It are not youth no pohrustyvaniâ popcorn. In General, it is easy, but a serious picture of the eternal! Pleasant viewing.

Gill Lozar
08 September 2017 | 07:37

French Comedy segment of our rentals is a young and inexperienced rejissery autorka script with the Austrian ski name Amanda Stars. "Madam" — only the second film 39-year-old Madam.

A pair of rich Americans Anne Bob are hosting a dinner party in his Paris home. Small, a dozen persons, with thinly sliced cucumbers and violets floating in something like liquid semolina. To the most important guests, including the mayor of London the collector who wants to buy from the owners of a painting by Caravaggio, unexpectedly joins Stephen, the son of Bob from earlier marriage. The maid puts on the table the 13th plate, and superstitious Ann persuades the maid Mary to dress, to drink less, eat less, talk less and to play the role of a 14th guest.

Before set the dialog and comic strips, Madame Stars pays the LGBT tithing, which is a good fit in the overall picture, it just more organic than the last Alien. Most of the characters — well-shaven members of the highest society, and not bearded colonists on a harsh planet. Belonging to the elite makes the conversations and the jokes are restrained, intelligent and predictable (and even numerous of the tasks to produce each other impression). "Don't say like a servant. Be unpleasant", — teaches Anne Maria rules of etiquette. That tries to follow rules, but leaned on wine as you know high school students and the kids, the drunk woman to themselves not the hostess. Natural and relaxed Maria, telling jokes about Tits, makes a lasting impression on company and roommate-the London critic for David is falls in love with her.

This film — not a Comedy for Comedy, the audience is definitely not see can not one far-fetched the ears jokes. But and boring the view is not call: a combination of and easy elegant juxtaposition of artificiality and the cynicism of relationships in high society with joys, concerns and the living aspirations of the maids of Mary have a very pleasant experience.

And it is not just the left Bank, is justified inherent in popular art (I think the roll in this way, the only permissible), it is not a story about honest poor and the rich villains: personality here much more than social, Yes, Bob in the performance of Harvey Keitel looks good. Anne rages not just that Mary disobeyed. She could not bear the idea that accidental love of a maid can be warmer, fuller and sincere to artificial life, it is prudent marriage and sluggish novel (Anne secretly meets with her lover. From the Palais Royal. Day. Secretly).

This is a film about love. Almost all of movies like or so love, but it here a lot. Here are the different types of love: runaway background novels and sex, flirting, gay and misalliance. And the most important question: will there be happy love simply Maria, the ugly maid? Does David practiced his art look so much inner beauty to overcome this outer plainness, or he is obsessed with fake story of belonging of Mary to the Spanish Royal family, a joke he slipped Stephen? "I know who you", — soothes David his beloved, but will he calm when she really?

On the way from questions to the answers it becomes clear that the obvious reference to Cinderella, such as shoes 41 size fairy costume and the rich Prince (the beautiful, perhaps, Michael smiley not called) — this is a false path. History does not fabulous. In addition, the film gradually loses the characteristics of Comedy, to its unexpected finale (in thanks to him) turning into a good romance with goosebumps. So what if I wanted oborzhatsya — pass by. If you would like to smile, to be sad and nice to spend an hour and a half — this movie will do.

Rycca Adorl
18 January 2018 | 08:33

Madame — second account Director Amaden of Stars. The story on first glance seems another exersism on the eternal theme of Cinderella, but after looking carefully, you can see that the chewing of solusinya suffering so and remained perrogative Disney, the young the Director's approach to the topic is much thinner.

Maria — a maid in a rich house. It is a simple Executive, it I love children. For owners it just a piece of furniture, comfortable as a dishwasher or washing machine, the thing to which are used, people are so impersonal in the eyes of the Lord, that they do not hesitate. The sudden arrival of the older son, ruined harmony gala dinner. An incredible thing for table 13 man! Obeying mistress, Maria agrees to play the role of a guest N 14, vowing not to drink and be silent. The son well, the writer-loser, decided to turn a simple joke and told one of the guests, the specialist who was sent for authenticating the paintings of Caravaggio, about that the mysterious Mary — not just a lady with a strange appearance, as a person for blue bloods! The irony of fate, a noble man, an expert on the Renaissance was blinded by the catchy title the guest, and noticed that had duped him. Pay attention to it Mary, see he it lays on the table? Hardly. But title fascinated, and then charmed and woman — immediate, not spoiled, modest. Between the two young people broke out the real passion.

Stars not stops the development of love lines, elegant, with feminine ease, it verdict elite, the most of the gentlemen owners of Mary. We see Anne, mistress Mary, from those behind the mud in the princes (yesterday it gave lessons in Golf, the aging rich man, and today it is a sleek lady and his wife) shaking due to the fact that the maid plays rules climbs in your circle. He same owner, Bon vivant Bob, watching the situation the interest of the viewer watching the show. Anne angry jealous of the passion he felt Maria, because her love life is converted to expensive dresses and jewelry, and failed romance on the side bursts, as a soap bubble. The confrontation between Anne and Maria, a Duo of beautiful Actresses Toni Collette de Rossi Palma, to bring the situation to an explosive condition. The collision of two worlds, honesty and hypocrisy, innocence and tricks keeps the audience in suspense. Two women push the other characters on the back burner, however, is the story is not about the son and not the husband -- add to excellent script, excellent work decorators and costumers of Paris and humor — would make a great film, which I would recommend to watch!

8 from 10

How long is Madame?
2h 11m
Who is the director of the movie Madame?
This tv-show was directed by Amanda Sthers.
What is the genre of Madame?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy, Drama.
Who starred in Madame?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Toni Collette, Harvey Keitel, Rossy de Palma, Michael Smiley, Tom Hughes.
What is Madame IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.1.
When was Madame released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-11-22.