Dr. Alice is studying nightmares and behavior of people in the dream, she suffers from paranoid visions. She tries to help a young family to get rid of the unbelievable horror that they face every night. But during the work a woman has to abandon standard methods of treatment and realize that at night the souls of this family enters something otherworldly. To save patients from harm, she would have to meet face to face with their own fears that haunt her entire life.

  • Jonathan Hopkins

Release Date: 2017-12-01
IMDb icon 4.7/10
  • Country: GB, US
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 1h:24m
Hyacintha Ashbey
28 March 2018 | 11:35

Another Thriller on the theme of nightmares and Segodnia, and about that the reality may be safer than in the dream. And this, they say, there and actual events. Only unlikely this fact plays in favor of this product. In General, horror on real events are such themselves, in the most part.

And this film also does not represent anything worthy of attention. Interesting idea, which is sparingly implemented and sadly filed. In this has a big problem. It is possible and had to do much more interesting and intense. But that's a curious name, I read it and immediately want to see. But there is always need to have in mind that the cover can not match the content. And is as the case.

One caveat: a horror whether this in General? &Nbsp;okay, that no screamers, most importantly, it is that no atmosphere of horror. For the whole movie is there just a few small episodes where trying to create and even partially successful. But this is not enough. The picture is absolutely not afraid, not holds the voltage does not makes you feel uncomfortable, do not cause any emotions when watching. This is a failure. Not interested. The movie seems to be about a demon, but its really does not show. No dive in the atmosphere there is sympathy for the characters in they also do not care. Except that main character in one of episodes is both bewilderment and disgust for that at first agreed to help and has given hope for the salvation, and then refused and thereby took it away.

But it's already the fault of the writers. With the script here is also a big problem. Strange and intractable logic and common sense decisions and actions of some characters in particular the protagonist, can kill innocent people in need assistance. When such things happen in screen, caused only bewilderment and lots of questions. Do differently, and it could be less tragic and would not come to result.

In General, a bad script, bad implementation of good ideas, uninteresting characters, lack of atmosphere of horror, myself the demon there a few frames, indifferent as and the entire film. If you really want, then you can see, even though I would not recommended.

5 from 10

Ophelia Solana
19 February 2018 | 09:34

Introduced in the error description of the film, from "Slumber" I was expecting something like the legendary "the Cell" Tarsem Singh, once shook me with its visuals and the General idea, but adjusted genre. To unfortunately, "the Maze of sleep" and not around lay not that with the "Cage", but and even just the concept of "good movie".

Alice, played by Maggie q, in the child witnessed the death of his brother at a very strange and frightening circumstances. But since then, it took many, many years, the circumstances are almost forgotten, have Alice already have own family, and successful career. To about a career working girl, in the Center for sleep and helps people suffering from disorders of the sleep. As I understand it, specializiruetsya Alice to sleep paralysis, its causes and consequences. In General, the heroine is quite a measured and quiet life, full of good works.

The idyllic picture comes to an end when Alice appeals by the family of Morgans in the total members: father, mother and two children of different sexes. From each member of the family with a dream different degrees of severity, but suffer the little boy. At first Alice tries to solve the problem with using traditional medicine, but at some point realizes that the case involved a supernatural power. And even after some time to her realize that same forces may be guilty of the death of her brother many years ago.

In General, the original title of the film — Slumber, which translates "the Sandman", and I understand why you wouldn't translate the movie on Russian language verbatim. Added our nadmozgami some "the labyrinth of sleep", not have the story of the picture absolutely nothing, just in vain shot down with confused into thinking (me at least) that the action will take place in dreams. And that there are real world, with the exception of just a few scenes, each of which lasts no longer than a minute and a half. Oh yeah, these same scene are the only horror elements of "Slumber", and now with them the film is in big trouble.

I have to horror movies, for with the exception of slashers, one simple requirement — they should frighten. Suspense-horror, and tries to pretend to be "Slumber" should scare the heavy and dark atmosphere, a growing sense of hopelessness and despair, feeling that are about to happen something terrible. In other words, all the things that have "Labyrinths of sleep," no in all.

Although, I must give credit to Jonathan Hopkins, for whom "Slumber" became the directorial and writers ' debut in a big movie he tried. But after all, the audience appreciate the final result, and don't attempt, so that, unfortunately, Jonathan has failed.

"The labyrinth of sleep" — the film is not terrible, but it is boring. 90 percent of his timing is so  - called "talking heads" discussing what is happening in the manner of the notorious captains of the Obvious. Did something happen? Be sure to the next five minutes the characters will relate to you what happened second by second, and then make some conclusion, to which even inattentive audience came and myself. It bad itself myself, but with the advent of the frame of the character Sylvester McCoy (Radagast of the trilogy "the Hobbit"), "Slumber" finally says goodbye to trying to look serious horror. Well, no, tell me why horror film to enter into 100% comic character, while making it local sage and expert on supernatural beings from the world of sleep? Of course, there is a possibility that thus, Hopkins was trying to show the madness of the hero McCoy, the injured long-standing contact with the faceless antagonist of the movie, but this method simply does not work. In the end, the last half hour of "Slumber" seem somehow delusional and incoherent a medley of Comedy scary horror scenes. The only question that arises with the appearance on the screen in the final credits: "Why I don turned it off for 10 minutes?".

Achtung! It to watch a movie not have you can easily find the best use of the extra half hour of his life.

Thank you for attention.

Babbie Pincus
15 January 2018 | 01:10

The middle of January 2018, is especially active in horror. In one-week rental from 3 film fit. Astral 4 we already know fit to go. Dream — is yet to come. And now without menu to the story will tell about Slumber.

The idea of the film, generally interesting, although nothing new. About what people lunacat often not just as all connected with the demons and the paranormal. With attempt bringing scientific observation and logic, some explanations... But that — a try.

The film Slumber the Maze of Sleep — it turned out as such a good continuation of the franchise the Paranormal. If you remember, some time ago, there was a succession of such "horror stories" which allegedly filmed on a minimal budget in the documentary style from one and a half hours of running time 1 hour and 29 minutes nothing happens, but then 1 minute abruptly, stupid and boring take, and die. Here and Slamber — seeks to up to this standard.

However, taken here without all the documentary style, and a whole kind of history of all still there. But here to the elaboration of the plot, the authors treated carelessly and superficially, why the film turned out to funny stupid. &Nbsp;by the middle of the movie of the viewer so rod "feyspalm", akin to "if you have something destroys in dream night — why not to try not to sleep at night and to sleep during the day". Well so on. Mistakes, gaps, plot holes, in the film, just the ocean.

With all this, because of SITA in scripts, watching a movie boring and long. Is to end some point it seems that the plot is finally interested and attract — but it will be just an illusion. Re-start the incredible stupidity and inadequacy in and everything will be so bored.

Well, "the demon", which in the end of the film seem to the frame, which if the paint is painted, put the bullet in experiences view.

Total.. Boring, ill-conceived for the plot of the film. And idea after all, though is not an original, it was possible to uncover the history of a much wider and more fun. Screamer in the film will be 1-2 times even a good (which starts at the surprise) — not more. In General, viewing is recommended. If only a huge boredom, and with the proviso that the Astral 4 have looked.

4 of 10

How long is Slumber?
2h 4m
Who is the director of the movie Slumber?
This tv-show was directed by Jonathan Hopkins.
What is the genre of Slumber?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Horror.
Who starred in Slumber?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Maggie Q, Honor Kneafsey, Sylvester McCoy, Will Kemp, Kristen Bush.
What is Slumber IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 4.7.
When was Slumber released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-12-01.