When the town of Derry Maine children begin to disappear, a few guys are faced with their greatest fears — not only with a group of school bullies, but with the evil clown Pennywise, whose cruelty and the list of victims goes back centuries.

  • Andy Muschietti

Release Date: 2017-09-08
IMDb icon 7.3/10
  • Country: CA, US
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 2h:15m
  • Budget: $35,000,000
Lonee Joiner
05 February 2020 | 12:51

With this film from my own history of relationships. After his classmates cinema, we were not to satisfied, most notably Pogorely. Plus after watching I set the trend mimicking Pennywise, and I think you once will understand, who played the role of a clown.

However, with the time, of course, having watched the film, I started to notice that behind a veil of dirty jokes, antics Pennywise and a new brand of "LOVER" at this film has the advantages that pull her out of swamp. Can, done properly, frightening scenes, not so many thanks verdict "CLOWNING 2017 year" is falling apart in eyes.

By the way, the time of viewing me though I liked the creativity of Stephen king, but with the original to see u I don't worked. Moreover, the creators knew that big enough material is not will fit in one film, so it was decided to make a two-part story, focusing in first of all attention to the childhood of the characters. The script was unique and tried rely on the novel, but place liberties there. In addition, the book contained many moments that would be transferred to screen many reasons. Yeah and original interpretation of history from the Cary Fukunaga, Director of "true detective", Studio bosses seemed too hard, so on his place was invited Andres of Moschetti, who was able to catch up with the horror setting and competent technical performance.

The fact of the matter is that the majority of the audience was frightening picture shown with the right camera angles and other technical people shit. To the instigator of all the fun, and it Pennywise have me a lot of questions. First of all, creating a terrible clown, Stephen king, veiled the idea that a good appearance can hide that still scum. The main reason why Stump all scared — it character. The children were drawn to him because he was fooling, could speak little, and as soon as the child comes closer — Kus, and leads to your drains. By the way, if to compare the old and the new, then this way is much more happened in performed by Tim Curry from TV film 1990. I sure, it porter from "home Alone 2" in the time also forced to fidget nervously from his gaze.

What we in the tape 2017? bill Skarsgard tries to be just... creepy. Local Stump looks like the illegitimate son of Ronald McDonald and Marilyn Manson, so already in the first scene where a little boy loses his paper boat, logical thing would be to skedaddle from this clown to hell. Secondly, it is unclear the behavior Pennywise. You might say that he feeds on the fears of the main characters, but that he would be great to eat with kids in the raw. So why it not destroys the Club Losers when he had a billion opportunities to do with them anyone — though alive to eat, at least for winter pickling.

Speaking of the Club of Losers, the combination, the main characters of the film. To my surprise, the image of the local children did not annoying. Local suicide Squad is half of the clichéd images — hypochondriac Eddie, reflexive fat Ben, Richie — gross Joker sassy girl Beverly and two frankly background of the character — Stan and Michael. And is in charge of this club the boy on behalf of the bill, whose younger brother died from hands Pennywise. If in horror kids provided are mostly nondescript cannon fodder, then these castes want to kiss in both cheeks. The interaction between the characters is great here there shoot jokes teenage subjects, and in each of the Losers have their own personal tragedy, from which is developing its own. For example, Beverly has a father who looks at it is not just like to the daughter. He keeps touching her hair and she clips. Then we show the scene, how a girl reacts to voices shell, just get close... and drain out cropped her hair with erupting with blood. In General, the main fear Beverly climbed out.

The only the Losers, who are frankly annoyed by their thinking — stuttering bill, who thought his brother is alive! Yeah, after nine months, as the same! Every time he said "My brother is not dead!", my hand automatically reached out to face. I see, he loves the younger brother, but seriously, almost a year after the disappearance was! Yes that it still one man to make copies, and the unbelief of the bill, when it him they say the real thing, just freeze.

What can you say about the fear? For the most part, "It" — this is a story about growing combat fears, rather than horror. Yes, there is there a good scary scenes that happened due to the interaction script, good camera work and the soundtrack. But again, medals for two side, some scenes not caused the desired effect. About Pennywise same to me there is more to say. The attempts of practical jokes not taken seriously, but the position of the head, clamped under the angle 45 degrees, nothing but giggles podiatrist, not cause. A little sad that the monster, which is kind of like to terrify, according to the course of the story loses its way. He having a shock I have to agree with sample — "Well, if you see the situation is heating up, well, change the switch on the other day!"

Laetitia Logan
08 September 2017 | 04:18

Good day, dear friends!

As promised to write a review for the movie "It", which premiered yesterday.

I am a big fan of Stephen king, and I can safely say that of "wave remakes", which began in two thousand thirteenth year, that this entire period, on my opinion, one of the best.

The film is good, and he well as for fans of Stephen king, so for those just like movies of this genre. Hollywood "horolskiy" as such a long time ago is exhausted. We are not afraid of conventional techniques that use modern Directors.

Why the film is worth a go, even if you familiar with the work of king?

If you have never familiar with the work of Mr. king, though, as I am aware of the king in two thousand seventeenth is a little incorrect, then I still, I recommend you go this movie. Why? Because it is a well made Hollywood horror, where you wish, you can even see a little Chuchkovskoi of suspense. There are all something we love Hollywood movies of the genre "horror".

And all I highly recommend that before watching at least to read the summary to work "It" — will get a lot more emotion.

I watched the original "It" nineteen-nineties year of release when I eight years — two thousands fifth year at the channel "Ren — TV". To be honest, this film shook me to my heart and do "It" scared me, to the time a second grader, how should. Perhaps because of this film, and I won the author's genius king.

We all I'm afraid of clowns, so anyway.

In the original "It" role Pennywise, the dancing clown, played the Tim Curry and, to be honest, in the movie of the nineties, the character of Curry overshadows all the other characters. Between Pennywise nineties and the two Pennywise thousands the seventeenth year, a huge number of similarities so and differences. The character Tim Curry frightened by their liveness. It was as two of the incarnation of the clown — human inhuman. In the new film adaptation this year Pennywise role was played by bill Skarsgard. If the antagonist of Tim Curry scared just his "humanity", it performed Skarsgard clown scary is the fact that it do not nothing human. He image of Absolute Evil became more savage, more fiendish.

The devil is in the details.

Those who knows me, understands how I love to pick on the parts, especially if it applies to any adaptations — or religious works.

The main disadvantage of the first film adaptation, on my opinion is that was not up to the end solved the "collective unconscious" of the city, which place all actions. It as influence the children and adults, just the fears of children are easier to visualize. But, in essence of both film adaptations, as in the original composition of the king, It only thrived on fear, hatred and other negative emotions, in as the evil created people. In the new film adaptation, the question of "who creates evil?" opened wider than in the original.

Children's characters to the word revealed is more interesting than in the first film. In the original series the children, like the pioneers, full of enthusiasm combined with the purpose to destroy It, but my opinion a new film adaptation of children — this is children. They just kidding how kids think as children and most importantly, they are afraid of it as children.

In same time, the adult characters in the new film are revealed not all that due to the work of the writers. Hopefully, screenwriters can learn from my mistakes, and reveals the impact It out on the town in the second part of the movie.

So, considering that

The film is good. Go to him — worth it. Personally, I put it is 9.5/10 as the film adaptation of the novel by Stephen king. Minus half a point for bad open line adults, but I really hope that the writers will straighten up, and the continuation will be even more exciting.

As a "Hollywood horror" — high quality, but all already.

Friends, if you had this review, please give feedback. Adequate criticism is always welcome. So if you already watched this movie, I please comment on this film.

To all who haven't went — nice view!

With best regards,

Nikita Ryazanov.

7 of 10

Doloritas Hands
15 October 2017 | 02:27

We all know the quality of the movies based on the works of Stephen king as the most filmed author, is very different. The premiere week, I twice went to the sequel to IT and have now we can say, even without check is to us one of the best adaptations of king for all the time. The totality of these qualitatively important factors such as a good caste of actors, inventive camera work, skillful treatment of literary original, the atmosphere of the American heartland 1980s, a decent horror elements.

Plot book. it is Noteworthy that the creators of the sequel not become one with single copy book or to repeat the TV adaptation of 1990. While maintaining the overall concept and atmosphere they have created their story is quite original, at which is a creative person. In based — characters interaction with the universe of books. There are those here the bullies who do not give rest to the school children under, there is urban collector and Hiking him as and home the horrors of children. However, the specific implementation of each of the scenes were rewritten under the modern concept movie.

Derry. In a new film adaptation of the city got more interesting, though, and concise history. We don't know screens something is out of view and activities of the characters, except the terrible secrets of the past. Newspaper clippings, hearings, darkest corners of Derry — all work on creation of the General atmosphere of the American heartland, which are mysterious and until then inexplicable things. It turned out almost the quintessential images of the king's towns like castle Rock, which is two hours viewing pulls the viewer out of reality. Even the scenes with the local collector came very strong at the sensations. Not the last value here was played by the excellent directing and camera work — ability to squeeze the most of the atmosphere of the locations.

Characters. Children's characters of the new "It" immediately come to yourself. And not because they are purely positive or so well written. These kids seem to live, and not a superficial set of templates, which we are usually offered in the movie. Have their own fears and complexes, own, let and fleeting individuality. They show off to each other, sarcastic joke, I'm afraid, make friends and fall in love. Plus the actors themselves, who have been selected to the roles are ideally suited to the written characters. Born in twenty years later of that epoch, they complement the atmosphere of America of the 80s, with music, fear of AIDS and so on.

Pennywise. Character who deserves separate words on its modernized implementation. And although the clown of the movie 1990 still seems creepy, now he is it seems funny, compared with the new version. Pennywise sample 2017 — this is the real evil essence, the totality of the fears of children and adults. One of his appearance frame accelerates heartbeat, and even tilt the head forward and a look from under his forehead plays overall atmosphere. Although many scary moments of the film based on the screamer, they are implemented closely with the way Pennywise and almost bored, even to the end of the second hour. What to say if the iconic opening scene from rain boat delivered almost a masterpiece and gives a brisk start for all events.

8.5 10

How long is It?
3h 35m
How much did it cost to make It?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $35,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie It?
This tv-show was directed by Andy Muschietti.
What is the genre of It?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Thriller, Drama, Horror, Best Drama Movies 2017, Best Horror Movies 2017, Best Thriller Movies 2017, Best movies 2017.
Who starred in It?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Jaeden Lieberher, Jeremy Ray Taylor, Sophia Lillis, Finn Wolfhard, Chosen Jacobs.
What is It IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.3.
When was It released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-09-08.