Molly’s Game

Molly bloom was called the Princess of poker. She built the most expensive underground casino in Hollywood. Every minute here was going for broke movie stars, sheiks, billionaires. Big money smells of blood. How to survive when you hunt the mafia and the FBI?

  • Aaron Sorkin

Release Date: 2018-01-05
IMDb icon 7.4/10
  • Country: CN, US
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 2h:20m
Arleyne Panta
25 September 2018 | 11:25

Let's just say, "Great game," Aaron Sorkin (among other things, debut!) plays by major. Nor for who not secret that it's great when a movie with the very first seconds charms you — so to the end. The viewer is clearly aware that it now under the rule, the bound and not a step, not yet inspection. If you are aware of these feelings, then you are not hard to imagine that "Big game" draws not is worse than players of the poker. And this passion stretches for all of two hours. Such is the "dark horse" of cinema. Chastain, of course, not far behind. So to speak, "Molly's Game" without Molly game like and the film without Chastain not the film (a bit stupid, but and Cho). In short, guys, all profile especially Chastain is excellent, so on this point.

What you can still praise, so it is dynamic, intrigue, a narrative that throws us back and forth so suddenly lose account. Despite the fact that the film uses the template methods of the disclosure and storytelling (flashbacks), but still somehow your, makes, so to say, the highlight. About the dynamics is for installation shooting is very cool. And even if you nothing know about card and poker you are not interested, then can this case to be quiet. I you example. Not wanted to watch this film as again because of it, for how many watched films on similar subjects nor the hell not understand, but it sounds interesting and everything is explained. Himself the film not concentrated still more about the man the business than the poker.

What about a man that only do not like — of Molly do hero, elevate her, these pompous and praises in her honor. If we turn to the real Molly, then not all so and smooth, but the us is shown. It is a small comment on the fact that after all, we saw the characters do not the scoundrels, thieves and liars, like Jack Sparrow, a simple good like Robin hood.

Gena Quinta
12 January 2018 | 10:49

Big game (or "Molly's Game" in the original) — good attempt to create a movie around adventurous women, who made his name on how they say the "grey" business.

The winner of the Golden globe and numerous nominations in different awards Jessica Chastain, embodied in the"Big game" image of a real person, Molly bloom, the poker Princess. The real Molly bloom chose Chastain to crucial reported the Director and screenwriter of the film Aaron Sorkin. In fact, the film is based on the grounds of its books the same name, and bloom participated in creating a script, along with Sorkin.

Aaron Sorkin is known worldwide as an acknowledged master writer. He wrote stories for films "the Social network", which earned him a bunch of awards, and "Steve jobs" (this is the chamber film, which was played by Michael Fassbender), after he he was able to grab a Golden globe. "Big game" have managed to bring Sorkin a nomination for the globe.

But in the Director's chair Aaron Sorkin sat down first, this has drawn more attention to your new job. I will be a meanie and say that inexperience Sorkin felt and not all he was a Director. If you watched it "Steve jobs", it will be able to see the similarities. I would highlight at least three: 1) this limited world space, people, events (they are not enough, no panorama) 2) smooth the narrative, the sharpness is added events and emotional talk about them, t e we see people don't in action, and experience 3) grinding of hard family relations some traumatic situations with"defective" parents who have not can give children the love and provide the right support.

In the "Big game" can be said not only the features of the script Sorkin, but and to evaluate him as a Director. As a writer he thinks in dialogue, and for a writer it correctly, but as a Director he does not understand that the film needs to be "divided" between dialogue and entertainment at least 50/50. The concentration around a single character and long straight events or unexpected twists, the dialogues and monologues make even a boring story, and the initial charge of the film is lost, we have to re-accelerate, and not to gain more speed.

The story of Molly bloom interesting until about half of the "Great game" where should be held the climax, but not, smooth the narrative becomes boring, you waiting for new turns, but not.

On the other hand, strengths of the film outweigh its disadvantages. Jessica Chastain, you can see the films "interstellar" and  the help, feels good in the role of Molly bloom and keeps the full story. Despite its questionable business and semi-criminal lifestyle, it paint as a very decent man. Molly bloom — fighter childhood, does not succumb to the difficulties and loves the risk, not killing people, aiding them in difficult situations, not substitutes the partners and trying to run your business with maximum legal and pure. It "goodness" and the desire to protect strangers from shame gossip even doubt — whether that Molly bloom on the it is an artistic fiction?

On the other hand, Sorkin chooses ambiguous characters, so about the heroine Jessica Chastain, you could say much more. It very knows and what is suffering, greedy money invites you to yourself for game guests who lose huge sums, and she stops them high word, but not limit them, and so, profiting from the unhealthy excitement.

Also Molly is both sympathy and confusion. Many times she if substituted for a similar painful situation, in which men hurt her and throw. But it is time and again, agrees to deal with a very typical friends.

In the "Great game" played an important character Idris Elba. Say, for a joint of the stage was left to fall short of time but the rehearsal went in fits and starts. Despite that the actors are talented and done their scenes felt kind of lack, the haste that y failed as you should play actors.

Much better brush up on the Duo Chastain Kevin costner. If Idris Elba was only a lawyer, and relations with him was fundamentally important for the character of bloom, then costner played the heroine's father, who had on her tremendous impact. It turned the game in all, it showed great character, who with great difficulty was able to understand the myself as did Steve jobs in the eponymous film, thanks to the relations with the daughter.

The film advise you to see and draw their own conclusions, than power and in — shortcomings. In any case, don't spend time in vain. A well-deserved silver I give the "Big game" with a clear conscience.

8 from 10

Jerrilyn Mathe
12 January 2018 | 04:54

Strong women is now a real trend. Their history could be heard everywhere, independence in society is becoming more tangible, and the examples are inspiring (we will not specify how you themselves course). But sometimes these stories can be found the story of the principles which people do not refuse even in the face of justice.

Molly bloom, a former skier who has been raised by a strict father. He childhood taught her to that her weaknesses — it's her problem. At 6 hours per day it plowed the track, trying to hide the fatigue. It helped her, and she has achieved heights in the sport, but one tragic accident put an end to her career. Broken and upset she is moving from the parents, arranged in the local bar a waitress, raise visitors to bottles of "grey goose", and this attracts the attention of a certain Dean, who performed underground poker. After his personal Secretary and being fired due to the fact that she really painful a good job with their duties, she decides to open his "Vegas", of course with the "blackjack and the stars."

Once again Sorkin, for whom this film was the directorial debut, gives an ironic and sardonic narrative, where punchline is skillfully combined with the soul, which is hurts the main character. Suffering have grown-up girls turn from provocations father for dining table business-like approach to the case, which will bring bloom tons of money and popular girls high school.

The story "Princess of poker" is also developing rapidly, such as the dealer deals the cards sitting at table players. First extravaganza from that she step participation in the Olympics in salt lake city. Then light the apathy on the couch in a friends house that sheltered her. After business lessons from fixers-head, and at the end expensive room in the hotel where hang out, movie stars, entrepreneurs, rappers and a Chaldeans street, came to her to blow a million other. All this fits in the first hour, looks on one breath, and awakens the desire to call in homies to home to distribute to the deck.

But buried in the pleasure to all these "gambling" talk, Sorkin begins to get lost when the narrative goes into the jurisdiction of Idris Elba — a lawyer who decides to defend miss bloom, even though that the protection, especially not needed. Sensual motif painting too prosaic, and it is very difficult to penetrate. Too often the main character slips cynicism, disregard for their fate and reverent attitude to millions of dollars that she needs of its players. And to say that it features her character, from which can not to get rid of, but the scene where we kind of like allow you to see what have her the soul, served with the complete lack of emotion, because of what they seem to be superfluous. Walking through the lawyer's office and a neat touch books on a shelf, like must reflect the experiences of the heroine, but in fact it seems pathetic beginning of a video clip the pop singer.

However, to criticize Sorkin for these emotional flaws are not succeed because his back is Jessica Chastain, naturally burning Napalm hypnotizing your neckline, from which the way, the role of more than those of the Elbe. At a glance it reflects his strength, which is not know what to do. Even in the most emotional moments, her character holds the mark, and dares to look up at the room. This fully reflects the fact that bloom absolutely do not care about property, money and time, which she can solder. She is well aware that its principles, with whom she wakes up every day, the most important thing in the world. Not sell the names of those who just came and played, to the last to deny involvement in the "dirty money", and keep head and shoulders above all around. To be someone you want to be, not to create idols, and to be an idol for themselves. This idea, along with strong acting performances, it becomes almost the main advantage of the whole picture.

Yes, the closer to the finale, the clearly you can see the snotty end, but Sorkin manages to turn sentiments in sincerity, adding here justice. Justice, which always wanted Molly's against yourself. The dialogue in the Park, of course, trying to become lesbijkami for most adults, but to a certain point it too logical, and cleverly convinces the viewer that this is the case and nothing else. Here do not want to be grateful to melt what is happening. You just perceive, design, thinking.

There is in the film is the scene where Chastain goes on a skating rink. Only she touch ice immediately start to peel the flashbacks. She recalls his youth, training, and suddenly starts to pick up speed where all travel exclusively for circle very slow. At some point, notice the staff of the rink, you start to urge her to slow down, to miss bloom responds to them, and world in a whole: "Catch!". The chase begins, where girl a smile from ear to the ear escapes from the two scowling uncle. Perhaps it is here and hidden that the main reason why the heroine Chastain decided on this card adventure — the desire to run ahead, stand out, to prove to dad who she she do everything is correct and no harm for others (it lasted until "the chase", bloom not hurt knocked a one person). To constantly move forward for the sake of their loved ones, their beliefs. Now this is rare, and only one is the desire Molly bloom deserves respect, recognition and not marked deck of cards.

Of 9 10

How long is Molly’s Game?
3h 40m
Who is the director of the movie Molly’s Game?
This tv-show was directed by Aaron Sorkin.
What is the genre of Molly’s Game?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, Biography, Best movies 2018, Best Drama Movies 2018.
Who starred in Molly’s Game?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Jessica Chastain, Idris Elba, Kevin Costner, Michael Cera, Jeremy Strong.
What is Molly’s Game IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.4.
When was Molly’s Game released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-01-05.