The Greatest Showman

Phineas Taylor Barnum always wanted to go down in history, but his lessons did not bring him the satisfaction. And when it seemed that the whole world had turned against him, he decides to go after his dream. Barnum creates a fascinating presentation-a sensation that was the birth of the world of show business.

  • Michael Gracey

Release Date: 2017-12-20
IMDb icon 7.6/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 1h:45m
Claudelle Starbuck
15 January 2018 | 11:28

To take the risk. To all. And then again no what to understand all that is — next.

"The greatest showman". Two weeks of desires and all desires to see this movie. Great actors (Hugh follow me game in musicals),bright decorations, great music and all set to face the "wow"effect.

The film, no, more musical, tells us about a hero, which was the dream, and who knows, would it if near him there was will believe in him more than himself.

A little retreat, but, you know, something that the musical genre they moved slowly with the stage of the theatre on screens, makes me very happy, because few of us can afford to see the musical in its original form, and then the opportunity is available. And here's "the Greatest showman" gives us this opportunity.

The poor man, who had gone on the Scam to bring in my dream the dream of his family, but when he began to all,how and often got dizzy from success. The poor guy who made "freaks" believe in yourself, show yourself to the world, and to tell the world how he is wrong. And here in pursuit of  the"American dream" (read big money) it begins to understand and losing the most precious thing he has — family. But family and given that even if you will turn away from it, then it from you never. So turned and here, when the hero, Hugh left nothing then the family came to help.

How cool and spectacularly choreographed with dancing. For dance the song, which was performed by Zach Efron and Zendaya separate respect. Direct believed the spark between them.

A song sung by a heroine Ferguson also falls into a point. There is not even need subtitles, you so all know, we can say without words.

Very powerful film, and same vivid emotions

Catlee Haldan
09 January 2018 | 05:41

After the resounding success of "La La land", revived interest in the musicals to see on the big screens creation of a similar genre was a matter of time. Such a creature and became "the Greatest showman", which tells the real story of American entrepreneur Phineas Barnum, who was able to organize one of the most popular traveling circuses of the nineteenth century.

In General, this project has been brewing for long, myself and Hugh Jackman dreamed to play it still with 2009. Surprisingly, the Director of the ambitious pattern with budget 84 million dollars was appointed the debutant Michael Gracie. Have closer to release has information about that Director "Logan" James Mangold Studio was invited to that helped by postproduction and pick-UPS musical. As there was on the result we have a great concert, but a mediocre movie.

The main problem, as is often the case, lies in the scenario. For film, lasting a little over 90 minutes 1/3 of which are given under the musical numbers, the remaining duration was not enough for the presentation of a coherent, solid and interesting stories. The only positive part of the scenario of the tape can be called a more or less marked development of the main character, in respect to which there is a classic, but working principle: success — drop — a subsequent revival. Only here there is at least some causal link, at least some conflict, and the rest sewn with white thread.

First, the events in the film rapidly succeed each other, or what not really stopping. For example, in the first 15-20 minutes we have time to show the growing up of the character, the place they families, dismissal from work directly organize the show. As a result, the creators do not pay enough attention to neither the characters, nor the opening of their characters or explanation, anything at all. Problems arise either from anything (a Prime example: decoupling relations Barnum Opera singer), or are resolved not just easy, and simple: from the audience did not choice but watch a neutral person formally successive series of scenes: on some kind of sympathy, empathy, passion narrative, and the question is. Even a bit of tar in scenic honey: in contrast to our circus troupe put ordinary folk, the cause of the discontent which is... clear that, finally, the logic in the film also suffers greatly: the girl known as finds the boy, the lender on takes care of potentially costly collateral, no checking for accuracy and etc. 

And now, a couple more thoughts about how to what do the creators do not regret time and forces: the music scene. In short: they are awesome! In the musical presents 11 songs no one of them gives it sounds very great. Interestingly, all songs were written by Benjam Pacecom Justin Floor, had a hand in writing of compositions previously mentioned "La La land". Apart from the fact that music "the Entertainer" on beautiful, as put under their numbers, not can not good news: technically, artistically and simply beautiful.

The main star of the biopic, addressed the national pet Hugh Jackman: it his first role after a brilliant farewell to the way Wolverine. In new creation, the actor is not offer anything outstanding, but it looks quite organically. Most Jackman as however the others failed song episodes. It seems that after the success of Les misérables Aussie liked to wail even more even when tour the "great entertainer" Hugh performed a series of songs of this film. Surprised Zac Efron of the cast it tries the most and in the dramatic scenes showing the necessary emotions. And if the Wolverine only in the second time the opportunity to demonstrate their musical abilities (talking about a full-length work), the for Efron is already the fifth experience after pictures "Nail hair" and trilogy "high school musical" from Disney. For Rebecca Ferguson completed in the time music school in Stockholm, is the first appearance as a singer in the movie. And the debut of the uniquely successful: actress although she does not performs the song in the tape, the frame looks touching and fascinating. About the rest actors and their images speak in fact nothing is simply conventionally existing heroes, necessary for the further advancement of the plot.

The musical is also notable for elegant suits, good makeup, that important — clear mount: this is especially in dance rooms. In such moments, gives of himself to know and the statement that the filigree work of the camera, moving in one step with the singers.

"the Greatest showman" — it to unfortunately, a rather superficial tape, which is not enough depth, slowness and study, but it is professionally staged musical performance, where form the contents correspond to each other, and if you go to movie, just for the sake of it worth it.

6.5 out of 10

Averyl Turley
11 January 2018 | 03:34

Have you seen this movie not once. Yes. He just go to screens, I have a tooth give: you already know what I saw. Because a whole series of similar American (and not much) pictures category B 've told this history. This those movies that played on STS to 21,00 or early in the morning in the weekend. Communicating niochemnye and colorful. Sometimes with very recognizable faces.

Now prove that all  the"Great showman" known not only me.

1. The main character — man like is ambiguous. Only because it is not fit in the surrounding the society. But we know that it is only because of his strong sides. All Downer, but it, the hero — a dreamer. All miser, but it — not think of money. All obsessed with rules, it — breaks them, dancing under modern rhythms.

Something familiar, Yes? Then, of course, more.

2. Our hero is embroiled in obviously a failed business. No one took it, in fact complete nonsense. And it — Yes. Someone from these characters coached the school team for Rugby to the local League (and team wins), someone is taken to make an ugly duckling beauty (and she is becoming a prom Queen), someone Yes... there to tell? Someone here makes circus freaks, which, of course, becomes a sensation and the greatest show (C) as we uncomplicated hinted in the beginning at the end of the picture.

3. Even in this character unfolding Large-Lyubof (S). And despite all the difficulties (social inequality, strict parents, distance), there is a chance that the end is not be Long-and-Happily (With).

Usually this set of templates is enough for the whole film. In  the"Great showman," all these events fit in the first 15 minutes. Because sit and can't help feeling that watching a movie on fast-forward. It like is a retelling of the movie. Because to another predictable pattern we would be stared at how long fight by stage fright and their own sets of actors theater of freaks. Here about this is the only song with a cool body-positive message of "I'm beautiful, go to hell". Or how long self-improvement Barnum to lass after all, he chose. Here again, only one happy song, for which show a walk of children, funeral folders, poor childhood and the first ten years of marriage and little hut, which we know, heaven if you try.

All this would be a good prologue for something new (all times expected told in the beginning). But no. Then comes a repetition of the same story again and again. There no development. The greatest showman just doing his job, stepping on the same rakes again and again. There are no characters. The main characters — brilliant pictures. And most of the minor characters — a faceless crowd of guys that go from scene in the scene. Dance, sorry. Walk-in the musical is bad. Here even there is no logic. Because barely seems to consider somewhere in the suspense, twist, well even just the character — pfft. No, it just the song was, guys.

The songs, in fact, accommodation in circus — is strange. Asfaltobetonnye the chest of a bearded women and meaningful simultaneous steps forward. I all sat and thought it would be interesting to look at this in a real circus? And no, I don't think it would be...

All this seasoned with a huge amount of truths about what family — this is important, with a sweet heaven and a tent, be yourself and everything will work out, not hundred rubles, and hundred friends... All of the Proverbs that remember — there will or otherwise shown. In quite contemptible, naive puppy form. With blissful smiles and provocative songs of Eurovision's format.

One of the advantages. On Jackman all even nicer to watch than the Effron. There is a whole one memorable song. Hmm... well, bright picture — it's still good. On the background of St. Petersburg's winter little red panties one of the heroines do seem to be a beacon, and painted backdrops reminiscent of flowers in the world just grey).

This, perhaps, and all.

3 of the 10

How long is The Greatest Showman?
2h 25m
Who is the director of the movie The Greatest Showman?
This tv-show was directed by Michael Gracey.
What is the genre of The Greatest Showman?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, Music, Biography, Musical, Best Drama Movies 2017, Best Music Movies 2017, Best movies 2017, Best Musical Movies 2017.
Who starred in The Greatest Showman?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Hugh Jackman, Michelle Williams, Zac Efron, Zendaya, Rebecca Ferguson.
What is The Greatest Showman IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.6.
When was The Greatest Showman released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-12-20.