Loving Vincent

A film about the life and mysterious death of Vincent van Gogh.

  • Dorota Kobiela
  • Hugh Welchman

Release Date: 2017-09-22
IMDb icon 7.8/10
  • Country: PL, GB
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 1h:34m
  • Budget: €5,000,000
  • Revenue: $5,157,116
Audy Hullda
11 February 2019 | 02:34

From the beginning of the picture captions tell about that in the creation of this work involved more than 100 artists around the world. In General, it is the main characteristics of the film. At all the huge amount of work, time and spent on the creation of the film, he brings itself is not more than the visual execution of the story.

Hand drawn images are quite impressive on first, then bored. Here remember the film "Awakening to life" created in a similar manner, but compared to the picture here is missing the author's intent, rather a simple story of investigating the last days of life of the artist, not supported by coherent acting and the presence of drama in the development of the plot, it quickly becomes boring.

Perhaps that is the transferability of acting, and has led to limited use of technology prorisovany personnel in a new feature film. Here, this is just not enough.

Besides, given the modern capabilities of computer image processing, to create such things manually seems pointless.

The movie begins to carry the cheap Souvenirs or true for students.

Along with the separate episodes can be identified, well passed the atmosphere and landscape sketches.

Audy Delano
05 March 2018 | 03:52

Aesthetically beautiful animated film -"biopic" about, perhaps, the most tragic and most mysterious artist of all time.

Now world-famous artist Vincent van Gogh in the days of his youth was alone, a typical outcast, which suffered failure. It work not recognized didn't understand. Van Gogh painted not to bask in the glory or to get a lot of money — it is it was an opportunity of self-realization and interaction with the surrounding reality.

About the picture in first of all I want to write about that never thought the film may have me so many emotions. I can confidently call it a work of art, as it first released on the big screens 104 minute animation fully drawn butter. 125 artists, 65 thousands of paintings and 7 years work. But even this description fully pass all the rigor and technicality of the work done by the authors to create this unique picture. Producers used 94 paintings in high quality locations for movie, also "revived" their real heroes — friends and friends van Gogh — to solve the mystery of his recent days.

The plot tells of the most significant events in the life of the great artist — postimpressionist Vincent van Gogh. The main character in this movie is Armand Ruler — the son of the postmaster Joseph a Ruler who was a good friend to Vincent. After the death of the artist's father asks Arman to send the last letter from Vincent, written to his brother Theo. He wants the letter was handed personally. Soon, reluctantly holding the order of my father, Armand gradually immersed in finding the cause of the death of Vincent. In the end, he takes an interest in last days of life van Amsterdam the reasons for its mysterious suicide.

The basis for the film was a small quote of the letters van Gogh — "We can speak only as our paintings". About it says itself Dorota Cobella. "I thought that would so fine and do — make pictures speak and tell a story"

A small part of the film consists of black-and-white scenes that are not takes place on the background of paintings by van are created in the technique of rotoscoping. The in the vast majority of scenes the Directors wanted to see the actual strokes made by hand, which would be transferred the style of the artist.

At first I was very unusual to observe a picture. For me this was something extraordinary, but soon his eyes begin to get used to everything but closer to the middle and is forgotten about all. You're not notice you have dived in this in the midst of mystery and through her tears begin to open for itself something beautiful and unforgettable. The music, the dialogues, the main characters, all it touches you to the depths of the soul. And of course, there were movies about the talented painter of a different kind of quality, but the film is like "With love, Vincent" don't find it in one of them. And now we can say that thanks Dorothy the Dog and Hugh Welchman now van Gogh is a piece worthy of its own. "With love, Vincent" — this animated film, which you never be confused with any other. The viewer will always understand that on the screen in front of him talking about van Gogh and nor one else. And believe me, don't even need to know the story, which tells of the investigation of the last days of the artist's life. Not at all. Enough, how and his creations, only look at the picture itself.

"well, I paid with his life for their work it cost me half of my mind is so."

10 of 10

Melany Blake
25 December 2017 | 11:27

When I heard about "With love, Vincent", the first animated film, written entirely with oil paints, I decided that it must exist (because different experiments with form important yourself, just to prove — Yes, it possible), but to watch it not need (because technical experiment makes the film interesting). So was that I still have seen the movie, but just are convinced in his innocence.

Formally, the experiment is successful. However, it is difficult to say whether we animated film with the use of rotoscoping, such as "Fire and ice" or"Princess frog", or the feature film with the application specific image processing, as in "sin City" or"sky captain and the World of the future." The thing that, although each frame is really painted in oil, the potential of animation as a means of expression almost never used "With love, Vincent" looks like passed through the filter of a normal movie. In fact, he this method is needed only for the "fit" of the actors in the portraits of their characters — what really is done quite effectively. To unfortunately, it is only a few moments on stage, the rest could be same successfully filmed just for film.

Not in any scenes rotoscoping actors managed to blend in copied the paintings of van Gogh background. Sometimes the use of painting and just strange: for example, scenes of flashback, the emotional center of the film, made some reason black and white, which kills all sense of their execution the oil. These moments make you think further, the idea with the transformation frames in picture the idea of the authors do not was as to use this effect and why it is needed, what will be the look of film in General, they thought.

If talking about story — film as oddly enough, not van Gog. The film is about a young man who scorned him. it forced to learn more about the artist after his death on how Vincent of ridiculous a crazy grows in his eyes up to the sublime sample. There is in "With love, Vincent" and a detective story, a sudden turn to final — perhaps the best part of the script... but still not justify the banality and stupidity of the rest. The identity of the van Gogh the film is nothing deep or interesting not disclose; to really, it is so clichéd story about the inspirational misunderstood Creator, Vincent could to replace on anyone else (which is especially strange in a movie, even visually designed to mimic it) fabric.

In the end to the plot very quickly lose all interest, and it remains only to amuse themselves, observing, in what frame of again changing the artist and as affect colour the shape of the smear. This, incidentally, is really quite curious. To unfortunately, such thinking is more appropriate in an art gallery, and not a theater.

"With love, Vincent" — a purely formalistic experiment and fucking boring, uncreative movie. Its place in the history of cinema (or is it animation?) he will surely find — and, I hope, in the result will appear in the films, where the oil animation will be used meaningfully.

6 from 10

How long is Loving Vincent?
2h 14m
How much has Loving Vincent made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are $5,157,116.
How much did it cost to make Loving Vincent?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least €5,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Loving Vincent?
This tv-show was directed by Dorota Kobiela, Hugh Welchman.
What is the genre of Loving Vincent?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Crime, Drama, Animation, Biography, Best Drama Movies 2017, Best Animation Movies 2017, Best movies 2017.
Who starred in Loving Vincent?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Douglas Booth, Josh Burdett, Holly Earl, Robin Hodges, Chris O'Dowd.
What is Loving Vincent IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.8.
When was Loving Vincent released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-09-22.