The Void

During a night patrol police officer Daniel Carter finds a wounded man and brings him to the hospital. To interview the victim, to wait, when he wakes up, so a police officer remains in the hospital overnight. As night begins to happen things lasciviousness, the nurse cuts your skin from the face and kills one of the patients, and the hospital building surrounded by people in white robes.

  • Jeremy Gillespie
  • Steven Kostanski

Release Date: 2017-04-07
IMDb icon 5.8/10
  • Country: CA
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 1h:30m
  • Revenue: $150,372
Feodora Hoyt
13 April 2017 | 12:18

To write this review I have created a text file on my computer, I did with a purpose to Polish her to Shine, to Express what think about this movie, nothing to lose, no single piece, delecki, deluxecity.

I have to say — Oh expected, not be entertained on his account of hope, but waited. Well as well, six months ago, saw the trailer and thought, "Hmm, it might be interesting, wait, wait!" and I waited... And now, a few days ago, I had the opportunity to see this movie and... I put one from ten possible points. Yes, the film me very much, live unbearably hard, right here to shiver, here are rubbish, rubbish! RUBBISH!!! D!R!I!N!S!

I love old horror movies, I like when modern kinodely try to imitate the style of film 80-ies, some of it is very good job, and some — no. "The void", according to the opinion of different people, also tries to revive the tradition of horror films of the 80s years, but it is only the opinion of "those" people. "Emptiness" is a parasite on the classics of horror films, not more. All we remember the phrase Tarantino about what brilliant artists steal, the creators of "Emptiness" we have decided that they are brilliant and stole everything, but they are genius, the boy who catches the fly and inserts her ass with a straw, it is no way. Next, I will lead a short list of films that after watching you no longer will need the view of "nothing": "Something","Prince of darkness", "In the mouth of madness" (Yes, all the carpenter trilogy about the Apocalypse), "from beyond", "Dagon", "Reanimator", "the Rebels of the hell", "the Book of the dead"(Necronomicon), "VHS 2"(segment by Gareth Evans), even "Stargate" Emmerich. From all these movies borrowed not just ideas, but and the specific scene is, honestly, bad form.

Next, let me tell you about the film. The film of the category of those that tells the story of a group of people stranded on a state of siege — they may go their the camp of the enemy, it claims have I do not have. The hallmark of such films is the revelation of the characters: we open them terrible secrets (closer to the finale), talk about their personal tragedies of each of the characters are forced to see in the actors are precisely those who, according to the creators, we have to see so doing a good movie, "Void" all otherwise. We throw the hospital where a bunch of people, there comes a police officer with a bloody man, then running with 2 guy that we see the beginning of the film. Well, actually, it all you will think about this company — -some dudes. Their history reveals to us random phrases in the dialogues. So, we suddenly learn, and let it's no attention that someone whose the husband and someone wife, someone's grandfather, and someone "a friend of my father, I know it from childhood", and someone, BAM, a villain. The impression is that role the purpose of each character was right up at the during the shoot, the camera writes, and the actors make up their own stories, but while important we are interested in the questions the movie does not give answers. The acting is reminiscent of a school drama club: bulging eyes, open mouths, summarized to the nose eyebrows, unconvincing screams, but there are light moments, for example, there is an Asian nurse — she did okay with its role, there is a fellow, who for the entire film. I say phrase, perhaps it is and displays it in the category of good actors, but only this film. Here these two of a person, any of himself forced, all others represent some kind of meat substance with entities. Further, the trailer promised us Lovecraft, the title of the movie we promises of Lovecraft, the filmmakers managed to give only the tentacles, stupid puppets and the occasional gloomy landscapes of the unknown far, they are unable to concoct an interesting story, they made a banal tale of ancient knowledge, they did not bother to tell you about this knowledge more, the filmmakers give us a mysterious cult, they not telling us about this cult is nothing but the fact that they wear robes and serve any idea, the filmmakers do not tell us and the very idea of why she should work we also not say. In"the Reanimator" the hero of the film was true to his idea of reviving the dead, because it is turned out, they wanted to improve serum so, in consequence, to give the world a scientific breakthrough, the local characters about this I heard they not even believe that say, just recite the text on a piece of paper written mumbled something in hoping to be seen prosvezhenie ancient knowledge. In conclusion, all I want to say that the film is very boring, between the first appearance of the monster and the following is 30 minutes boring beating around the Bush the place, empty disputes, unnecessary shouting, some bustle, you say:"Monsters are important in movie!", and I answer: "Well, not the wooden acting and same production I look end all!"

The movie "the Void" was one of the greatest disappointments of 2016 — it's badly made, badly played the story without fresh ideas and not a almanac of good old ideas, plastic crafts concocted with the purpose to show their "love" for the horror of the 80s and the works of HP Lovecraft. Not out, it is not out. It would be better this film never existed.

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Loralee Ogdan
18 November 2017 | 04:55

Sit back, because You in the house of horror, under the name "Abyss"! Not sure to please buckle up — put on the neck noose. Two chef Kostanski and Gillespie have prepared for You a special dish, in which: a little blood, a little dark shadows interspersed with a disturbing flickering light, horrific monsters, flavored with madness and a abyss of darkness. You will find a fascinating journey through the raw dark tunnels in a very warm place where You will find a very cold reception.

You become a witness to the incident, in which patrol Daniel Carter reveals a bleeding stranger, creeping on the deserted forest road. Carter drove the victim in the nearest hospital, in which is a nurse wife of Carter — Allison. A large part of the staff evacuated after fire. And remaining staff and patients of the clinic are direct participants to the extraordinary current situation where they all — hostages.

Meet the local wards and their crazy inhabitants. But be careful, because very close, in the nearest door, are staunch sectarians — the Ministers of religion that requires new victims for their bloody rituals. And I think You got their attention. But first, say Hello for a tentacle with unimaginable ugly creatures, after all, the next station — "a Terrible metamorphosis." In Your ears. pouring the beautiful music of darkness, from Lustmord and companies that whistling your monotonous solasia "dance" and play around with Morricone and carpenter, immersing You in a dark and oppressive atmosphere, of that world beyond, of the abyss which climb the ugly tentacles of terror of the unknown, so present that it is possible to disappear without a trace.

Script writers and Directors Stephen Kostanski and Jeremy Gillespie took just a terrific movie. The canadian independent film "The Void" (the Abyss) was created in the help of crowdfunding — donations via the Internet. However, the translators gave him a number of other names: "the Void" and"Nothing". Let the names and sounds in Russian also succinctly and effectively, but did not convey the information you wanted to convey to the viewer the filmmakers. By the way, monophonic translation — ridiculous triumph of incompetence.

"The Abyss" is not as easy as it seems on first glance. Despite the borrowing of certain patterns of the classic horror films, this movie is totally offbeat. Many do You know your movies, which would be used such a huge number of templates and would not look out of this ridiculous parody? Here I about it. Even just to combine all the elements together, not everyone, and make this is something the original can only one. And the authors of the film, as time of them. Using the gloomy atmosphere of terror, music in style of dark ambient, they have created an action-Packed journey in the universe of Lovecraft. Movie with an unpredictable plot, open ending which its oppressive innuendo leaves a lot of questions, including — Than You ready to sacrifice for a loved one?

Randolph Carter

Actually, it anthem so many horror movies of the last century and to the carpenter in particular, as the hero of Lovecraft's stories — Randolph Carter! And everything else is just beautiful surroundings in the form of the attraction for fans of cult horror films. And this ride is extremely good as a tribute to the classics of the genre, and creating a best-of album in its unique design. But it is just a Supplement, and base — the story of Randolph Carter, on what the filmmakers clearly hinted to the viewer the main character's last name — Carter. On the film examines the Parallels with many works of Lovecraft, the main character which — Randolph Carter: "In search of Kudat unknown", "the Gates of the Silver key", "Ineffable" and etc. And the character of Carter is shown as in the image of the main character and as his antagonist. By the way, the scene with conversation phone's reference to the story by H. p. Lovecraft "the testimony of Randolph Carter". And the story of a writer-visionary was a free retelling of a terrible dream that Lovecraft had a dream about what he reported one of letters to his friend. The most chic that the authors, using this stage, praise of Lovecraft, and induce the viewer to the idea that the whole concept of the movie is one large and a terrible nightmare. A sticky, alluring, mysterious, and the same time, this chaotic and troubled, but a real such a terrible nightmare. This those moments of awakening from sleep, when it didn't realize reality, no. When the mind is most vulnerable. When you Wake up covered in sweat silent cry mouth — is it was a dream?! And that is still there? a nightmare, in which there are unimaginable creatures, without any explanation where do not always understand the behavior of the characters (father and son) as part of their history of the relations were cut with the installation for the sake of the dynamics of the narrative. Using such an amazing concept, the filmmakers manage to hide all their shortcomings and small financial resources, to create something transcendent, in terms of visualization of irrational terror behind the edge and use classic effects, in the form of makeup and animatronics that any realistic computer graphics. And already is not clear, but has been committed any error or it was done intentionally? And if there are similar questions, whole nightmarish illusion managed.


Kostanski and Gillespie managed to follow the razor's edge, connecting together all the images and the achievements of famous authors same time to add them, the most develop these ideas, bringing them to a whole new level. With help create the oppressive atmosphere of mystical horror, paranoid psychosis and the constant presence of something alien, not of this world, the filmmakers have created a genuine feeling of impending and inevitable Abyss which has already been opened his mouth to absorb all that only in contact with her.

Moreover, the authors of the film, collecting all this eclectic horror together and showing footage of heavenly swirls, creates an impressive image of the Yogi Sotot! Yeah, that he is Being-beyond-the-edge (Crouching on the Threshold), the all-knowing Yogi sotot at the same time embodying All-in-one and One-in-all that implies a space, time and the entire limitless universe. And is a new word in the genre of Lovecraftian horror! The authors outdid the classics of the genre. Similarly, they took the banner of "Terror and fear" at their teachers, and singing praises in honor of their teachers, walked through their heads (up their skulls), when they reached the mountain peak, on top of unknown Kudat — the source of all inspirations. And with a space of sincerity and incredible reverence played the national anthem with using improvised entrenching tools, paying tribute to, with their incredible tribute, writer Howard Phillips Lovecraft.

The film, which for a long time nobody can beat. With time "the Abyss" will be a cult classic in the narrow and secret circle of limited people who are not people at all, but alien crustaceans creatures, puts its terrible claws, the highest rating this movie.

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Bridget Okwu
10 April 2017 | 10:30

Original title of the film — The Void that means the space between the galactic filaments in which virtually no galaxies, and other spatial thread. In other words, it is the all-pervading Void, best suited to determine the paintings.

When the horror genre was absolutely not as it is now. The Directors do not afraid to go for experiments, acted contrary to the opinion of short-sighted producers, from what light appeared in fact, ambitious projects that managed to penetrate the veil of time and to gain a foothold in history as a bold and daring artistic researches that are worthy of citation and mentioned in books. Staying in early 80's on the peak of their fame legendary filmmaker John carpenter released in hire a remake of the fantastic the forgotten horror of "Something" hitting the critics and the audience masterfully drawn by the enveloping atmosphere of a nightmare, wading cold to the bone. An extraordinary storyteller, a genius from the world of independent film, David Cronenberg does not behind colleagues, demonstrating to the world the frightening and with the enticing "Fly" is perhaps the most naturalistic horror film about human rebirth in monster those has ever been removed. In your time and  Something "Fly" has set the highest standards of quality a good horror with a scientific background, the most creating a wave of imitators that have with varying success tried to comprehend the precepts of the masters, however, in the appropriate form is managed not always... Tried to pay tribute to the classics and also two canadian fellow Directors Jeremy Gillespie and Stephen Kostanski may not be the most eminent, but the stubborn fans of the genre, responsible for the creation of the anthology "ABCs of death 2". Making next more or less diligent work, exploring the dimensions of human fear, Gillespie and Constance went on the territory of the true mystical madness, borrowing the ideas of carpenter, Cronenberg, and even Howard Phillips Lovecraft on a Stephen king. However, the desire to capture the Opera, many components of all sorts played with the Directors of a cruel joke. That worked with short sketches United by a common title, not able to show themselves worthy in a single piece of history, being chaotic, ambiguous spectacle, winding in itself.

So, the plot of the film takes place in the dead of night in a remote provincial areas where are on patrol, the local Sheriff Daniel Carter (Aaron Poole). At the custom of riding on the official car near forests and fields, the hero discovers a wounded man from which vainly to ferret out at least some explanation, and the Sheriff left with no choice but to deliver the victim in a nearby hospital, which is on the verge of closing. Arriving at the place, Carter discovers that in addition the huge building is only a few people in as the rest of the staff and patients transferred in other places. Thus, in addition to the Sheriff and the wounded stranger in the hospital is the ex-wife Allison (Kathleen Munroe) and part-time doctor, the shift supervisor, the Intern, the pregnant lady and her father. It would seem that it is an ordinary, everyday situation does not Bode from ordinary coming out, but that night, a mystical nightmare revealed itself in all its glory, not leaving the side of one of those who by the will of evil fate was in the hospital. It is not clear which image appeared from one of patients the monster marked the beginning of a night of terror, continuing the long, endless hours. With the arrival of a couple of uptight men with arms a sect in white robes with a black triangle on the face of the situation will only get worse and it becomes clear that safe and the safety of hospital leave will not all. But before death will find the last victim, the Sheriff should understand that the hell's going on here and why is needed.

Hard to take seriously a story that tries to impress you, forgetting at this common sense. Jeremy Gillespie and Steven Kostanski that in addition to working in the Director's chair was marked more and writing the script tried to build a multi-faceted, confusing description, so in the end to reduce it to a common denominator, showing the audience some transdimensional revelation, called to tell us answers to the issues of life and death, the emergence of new life, the causes of cruelty and torture. On first, "Emptiness" try to seem diligent thrillers with a fair amount of "Something" by John carpenter. And although to outdo the masters of horror Gillespie and Kostanski if no turned out, "the Void" seemed diligent and even low-budget horror spectacular, honestly pleasing to the eye. However, to repeat the word in the word covenants is a senior fellow with the Director clearly not wanted to, from what the course went the ideas of Lovecraft and king, supplemented by creative explorations by David Cronenberg. Out of nowhere appeared the people in white, who took the hospital in the silent blockade, were the first sign that soon we will wait or something brilliant, or frankly crazy. And am really sorry that the scales tipped to the second figure.

Of course not to say that "Void" is frankly mindless work completely devoid of common sense. On the contrary, deep ideas that considered the process in her very much, only submitted they really something quite messy, abruptly. The filmmakers tried to disguise the problems of occultism, science and logic in a spectacular attraction, however, they were periodically released from the thread of the narrative, which the audience will be hard to understand what exactly meant Gillespie and Kostanski, when he took over such a creative story. The idea is to erase the boundaries between the parallel spaces, to show the world an extremely dangerous and unpredictable cult awakening from a hibernation nightmarish monsters weak fit with a sound mind. But still such elements are perfectly combined in the pages of the works of Howard Phillips Lovecraft, and in this means that Gillespie and Konstanski more came on level venerable storytellers, able to build from frankly insane philosophy a work of true art. Although all of the multiple logical flaws, "Emptiness" is in the unexplainable attraction that drives away thoughts to finish the introduction in the first third of the view.

What happened the creators of the proper level without any reservations, so it's maintaining an atmosphere of inexplicable mystery, similar in style the best genre works of thirty years ago. Excessive impulsiveness of the characters, occasionally slipping stupidity and not place of panic uttered phrases evoke serious nostalgia for that "Emptiness" and its creators can be forgiven a lot. Not the Directors take on too much meaning the duties of their of the picture might claim fame even run through the global rental. However, the desire to go beyond the scope to bring in horror dual meaning, fissile to dozens of branches on this time had not place. Instead, the creators would be worth to pull the main a pair of three sources of inspiration, and to bring the arguments of his predecessors to mark it not jump on this others.

The result is that I say "Void" is simultaneously all nothing. And this is the feeling of great dissatisfaction, because the existing material was all the chance to make a really extraordinary film.

5 from 10

How long is The Void?
2h 10m
How much has The Void made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are $150,372.
Who is the director of the movie The Void?
This tv-show was directed by Jeremy Gillespie, Steven Kostanski.
What is the genre of The Void?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Sci-Fi, Horror, Mystery, Best Mystery Movies 2017.
Who starred in The Void?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Aaron Poole, Kenneth Welsh, Daniel Fathers, Kathleen Munroe, Ellen Wong.
What is The Void IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 5.8.
When was The Void released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-04-07.