Truth or Dare

Eight friends-students take off on a Halloween haunted house. But starting the game that brought this house of creepy glory, they again awakened the evil spirit, and now he will not rest until the company will play it to the end.

  • Nick Simon

Release Date: 2017-10-08
IMDb icon 5/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 1h:30m
Mirelle Vivyan
20 June 2018 | 09:57

Alexander Colchis, her beloved Tyler Pekhart, and also six friends "cooing doves" at the College, the efforts of a mutual friend of Carter Boyle, right on the doorstep of the celebrations Day of all saints, relieve the famous house with ghosts, in which thirty-four years ago there was a horrible event resulting in the death of several people. Crossing the border bright building, the younger generation awakens the mighty phantom, launching the most notoriously the fatal mechanism of the game. Eight individuals. Three round. 48 hours. In order to preserve as possible number of survivors, you must act cohesively and collectively. And make it easy, because not harmless creatures appear unsuspecting tenants...

The production of "Cinetel filmz" especially for "the psi Phi Original". The wherever possible try not confuse and then imdb in comments page analyze film already mistakenly writing a review of it on the same name, released in a year series Lucy Hale.

Cable (accent on"A") channel "psi Phi" and similar to large deprived, because of the policies of censorship reasons, only one: what would any it was nudity. In the rest of the very strong holding products aimed at the delight of the audience through the extraordinary story of freshness, give in the session, despite the presence of large amounts of blood in the frame. The brainchild of nick Simon ("the leftovers", "the winter Look") at once without any foreplay and unnecessary rocking is throwing us in the whirlpool of events, it is not to seek to stop a speeding car full of drama passions. The film will enjoy an abundance of spectacular scenes: episodes with hanging, pulling teeth with pliers, breaking the brains of the gun, pulling nails, cutting off the little fingers, feet, pushed on the iron bar and etc. Makeup attractive, computer graphics in microscopic doses used directly in the purpose, those moments where her presence is necessary, and especially not forbidden. To the acting of young performers, no complaints, it really catchy, a good bringing of the peace of mind. The appearance of Heather Langenkamp forever forced to awaken deeply entrenched nostalgia. The final crumpled, fragmentary, but by and large logical.

You have the right to determine for themselves which of  the"Truth" is better. I believe this. On the order. Hand on heart, responsibility declare that in front of us a pleasant surprise in the world of tleuzhanov taken over last two years. There really is something to see.

P. S. I have a handful legkomyslennyh friends, consider all of leaving wide release a benchmark in world cinema, even if after the attacks of the cinema hall not left pleasant emotions. And what squad you reckon?

7 of 10

Bernette Wyn
11 September 2018 | 07:37

I found out as recently about a new horror movie under the name Truth or action. Trying not to miss the new movie, I decided to look. However, found in the Internet two movie this name difference in year. One, one who originally decided to watch, was in France this year, and readiness — it's a cheap horror film, released in 2017 channel Sy-Fy. Looked at both, but the review decided to write on this, CY-Fiske film. So, about the film:

A group of young people going to an old house with a bad reputation. Say in this house a lot of things happened in the past years. Deciding to play a game of Truth or the notice a game controlled by some evil force. Now companies in need to all costs to finish the game in order to survive.

The plot of movies are similar. In principle, the subject is quite popular. The game, which is controlled by certain forces. You can remember the great movie 1995 Jumanji for example. Then start the game with the old woman's death, it is reminiscent of the destination or the Flatliners.

Liked the movie. Emotions are good after viewing, then spent the half an hour is not in vain. Interesting, frightening, exciting Thriller, at times rendered more capacious and forcing intently staring at the screen than a film of 2018, at the time of watching that I in the phone was picked, then the sandwiches went. And there is not even yawned no time like. Funnily enough was watching this youth, who in the struggle for your own life is ready for anything to save his life and the lives of their friends.

In the course of viewing felt that movie TV shny. The picture is fairly saturated, that those movies are rare. The plot is not curls straight, and a little scary even. Because tasks to style is much more complicated than the film, released a year later. The film will show us now the desire to survive at any cost, sending in the course ripped out with pliers the nails, cut off body parts, eating the flesh of the other, griping the bare wires and other times, decorate this movie.

Yes, not all so it was running smoothly in terms of acting. The young actors tried I could, but somewhere overacted, and somewhere on the contrary, nadogradi. as in the stage with the cutting of the seven parts of the body. Just unreal eyes from the girls from pain, but 2 seconds after sat normal expression, deciding what to cut next. I realize there is the shock, the struggle for life, but, sorry, from the pain will not go when you are not enough for the body of the ear lobe, finger, nail, a foot or something else you will need at least to wince from the pain. Well that's so, most probably carp. In this whole the company of young boys and girls did good.

If the personalities of the cast to walk, you only 2 familiar name and face saw in film.

First, it is the leading lady Cassie Scerbo. Not with some outstanding acting talent, she however, takes effort and desire. For is it I like it. So was the movie My life-like the dead girl; there were also in the franchise sharknado. However, to sharknado acting wasn't need it there. basically no one happened. In this movie Cassie did a great job, but again — scene the end with the cutting off limbs too badly played. And generally in good health.

The rest of the guys don't know fat where something like saw, but not remember where. Played all about how Cassie Scerbo — alright, but sometimes replayed.

It was nice to see Heather Langenkamp on the screen, though I discovered it only after examining the cast before watching. With makeup in the mutilated half of her face, she appears the middle of the movie on 5 minutes in the role of the only survivor in this game, held on 30 years back to the events of the film. Heather, the only role which will forever be Nancy from the original Nightmare on elm street. In General, career it is not turned out, although after the Nightmare in 1984 could happen. Have a partner of the Nightmare johnny Depp for example has turned out. But still it was nice to see her.

Made the film Nick Simon, Director of the Girls on photos the second part of Laventure. This film can bring itself into the asset is Nick, so to keep. It's talent, low budget and group of semi-professional actors to concoct quite sensible horror film. The only thing is, the ending is too blurry. Even though I expected a similar ending, but too abruptly ends the film in the end.

Summing up, I advise to watch the movie to all fans of the horror genre and fans of mystery and the unknown. I want to advise those who shrink films released directly on TV channels. In basically the low-grade stuff, but have these movies that are really good.

7 of 10

How long is Truth or Dare?
2h 10m
Who is the director of the movie Truth or Dare?
This tv-show was directed by Nick Simon.
What is the genre of Truth or Dare?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Horror.
Who starred in Truth or Dare?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Cassandra Scerbo, Brytni Sarpy, Mason Dye, Harvey Guillén, Alexxis Lemire.
What is Truth or Dare IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 5.
When was Truth or Dare released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-10-08.