1946. Henry Macallan moved his family from Memphis on a remote father owned a cotton farm in the Mississippi Delta. While Henry is engaged in physical labor on the land he loves, his wife, Laura, accustomed to city life, with great difficulties settling in a new place under the watchful gaze of a harsh father-in-law. Soon they are joined by those returning from war, the younger brother of Henry, and Jamie.

  • Dee Rees

Release Date: 2017-11-17
IMDb icon 7.4/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 2h:14m
Toni Mirth
30 January 2019 | 01:25

Pretty good movie, presenting the history of racial discrimination in United States like an unexpected side, for me at least. The plot touches on this issue in the years immediately after the Second world war. However, in fact, nothing unexpected in this problem those years, no, after the war (in which black and former Americans fought shoulder to shoulder against a common enemy and become brothers at arms), back home, the former soldiers returned to the same old society, from they went to front — a society where haven't have shown themselves to Martin Luther king and other fighters against the infringement of civil rights of black people and where segregation all were still the norm. This meeting of the old society and, in fact, the new, burned by the war of people for the logic was to lead to some social change in the question of racial discrimination (well, not as white brother weapons without the indignation to see how to the citizen humiliate him black brother who is there on the front, at great personal risk, rescued it from destruction?! Yes themselves black veterans after participating in the war are probably still more than it was before, consciousness). However, of the history, we know further developments in the United States developed not quite a violent scenario, a movement for the rights of blacks were inspired in many respects the religious principles of non-violent resistance, and the at least we can assume that this time (of veterans) has made some contribution to the ground and subsequent struggle for equality the country. Here on this ground the film — not the solution of the racial question, and about the experiences of people.

The film is close to someone with his female character. It so... feminine down to earth, as it, it about feelings and emotions, the importance of it I would say, even as not so much a racial problem as the inner world of the actors on the background of this problem. After this pattern waiting to continue or in additions to complete understanding of all the American history male movie "Mississippi in the fire", in which the change of soft and closed emotion of the film comes to an emotional more active and expansive, there is a sparkling tension and active struggle with unfair practices.

Unexpected for me how would the home side have offered this film to me his subject, he showed if not the official history, known from popular books, movies and so on, and the history of everyday life of that time, which in my case have filled a gap in Outlook, added to him a few extra strokes. For I put the film above the average.

7 of 10

Bianka Jemine
29 November 2017 | 08:20

Dirt. So nice little in this language. Few have the desire to dig in the mud, knead it, and all have at least some business with the repulsive mass. Dirt is contrasted with the magnificent views of the sky. As long as the top of the clouds and the clouds paint pictures unimaginable, for the land of little people-from treading water in the endless mud, opposing inner demons, arranging skirmishes with each other violating the law with injustice. Gradually you realize that actually the most disgusting dirt located in a human being. Even cleaned to Shine a handsome young man can be stained with a head to your legs inside of his soul.

Against the background of superheroic, fiction, action, thrillers and comedies of creation Di Riis looks like a true movie alien. Though the film and covers the 30s and 40s, in their story is practically absent so called spectacular moments with masterful mixing of the sound or the shots of the gun. The great Depression and World war II marching giants far away. In Mudbound simply not to them. The man's head filled with thoughts about how to cultivate the ground, to pave the harvest and to feed the family. It is very difficult and requires patience. But why, when there is almost no-ka residents, and permanent interlocutors here could not be found.

Honestly, the first hour of the film is measured, without anguish and pain to peace. Many can start an unequal fight with the Morpheus to the Mat, forget about the movie forget in sleep. However, after an hour still is an important turn when white and color begin their bromance. Both the soldiers, both have lost colleagues in battle Yes feel like aliens on their homeland. With this point on the plot, like a river, takes a new direction, which will lead to irreparable consequences. In those moments you begin to realize that creation Di Riis not could to act otherwise. He needed a long introduction, the smooth flow of time and a deficiency of emotion with a touch of great sadness.

You can compare guys, how a delicious and mouth-watering dish is prepared is not directly that must pass multiple stages of cooking. But eating a meal not to understand because he never sees the process. Uncle mistakenly thinks that you can do everything as quickly as possible. So with film "Mudbound", which is not gives nothing. Here there is the main characters, because there is someone to speak on your face. There are no good and bad, instead of them — villains and victims. Here the senses are muffled to time to time. Here the paradox is that the war you can be someone, but in time of peace — a complete nonentity. In the end it will be a blast, and see: Netflix is again on top.

Valentine Crissie
26 January 2018 | 05:57

Netflix with every year more and more rooted in the field of filmmaking. Here now nominations the statue of the Golden man reached. With one hand, it just fine, the border has expanded, competition is good movies has increased. But the creeps in question — why this picture? The thing or in the subjects raised so now, that neither the applicant, then the representative of the discriminatory class.

How to objectively determine suitable tape to Oscar or not? Let's break all items submitted for the award.

Best song: Mary J Blige — Mighty River. The composition is sensual. Maybe she really deserves to take part in the race, but honestly I did not even in viewing. Maybe she was a background, though usually put those on which was emphasis most cinemea.

Cinematography: Here here I completely I agree! Working with light — terrible, the camera is always shaking, permanent fixation is not those entities. For me this aspect was one of the downsides of the work.

Scenario: you Know what the laziest reception in bringing ideas to viewer — a voice-over. The creators do not can visually show the emotions of the characters and they need to speak a little do not every thought. As in your opinion, how many individuals uses the unspoken monologues? Six! Almost all the actors tell us that happening, instead of we will understand the essence... Although the plot is very entertaining, the story makes some interesting turns, and the characters spelled out notably. Still an implementation of some scenario solutions, is quite controversial.

Female role of the second plan Again Mary Blige. She of course played well, but Mulligan was better, her scene more heartfelt and emotional moments more. Then why is it so? Due to the fact that Blige, black? I do not know what criteria the Academy at the selection of nominees. If you would like to increase the number of black applicants, could replace Plummer on Morgan or Mitchell worthy castling.

The verdict: "the Farm" fit, conscientious movie. But that charged the ceremony, even in the categories makes me wonder what they are plug "racial problems" and in the end it can become an anti-advertising as with "Moonlight" (at least on the territory of the CIS).

7 of 10

How long is Mudbound?
3h 34m
Who is the director of the movie Mudbound?
This tv-show was directed by Dee Rees.
What is the genre of Mudbound?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, Best movies 2017.
Who starred in Mudbound?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Garrett Hedlund, Carey Mulligan, Jason Clarke, Rob Morgan, Jonathan Banks.
What is Mudbound IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.4.
When was Mudbound released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-11-17.