Conor McGregor: Notorious

The film tells the story of high-profile ascent to Olympus of the Irish mixed martial arts fighter — Conor McGregor. Started the boy in utter poverty. He lived at my mom's house in the guest room with his girlfriend. He had neither money nor influential friends — only talent and dedication. Now Conor gets huge fees and live to the fullest. However, the dizzying results did not come immediately. For four long years he went to the cherished goal, to do a story with their own hands — without fear and doubt.

  • Gavin Fitzgerald

Release Date: 2017-11-08
IMDb icon 7.2/10
  • Country: IE
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 1h:30m
Sibyl Certie
20 February 2019 | 04:23

This documentary tells a little bit about life sandalnike the Irish. A little — this is the most accurate word. I wanted to see his life, the roots of motivation, family, more than the stories are self-confident guy. Yes, no talk about enough, and samopovtorov, at than in the word, evoke serious boredom.

The only thing that is of interest, it is the training process, where finally, there is the opportunity to witness a true athlete, and not a chatterbox, geek on beat. He fighter with dignity to overcome all the difficulties. pain thresholds.

The picture shows the huge value of the command. It is not just the guys who bathe in someone else's glory, they family. Thanks to these people occur the training process, from them comes a constant support, damn, these guys all free time devote to McGregor. With this sincere support can move mountains. What Irish does.

The film can be recommended to view, but only to fans of McGregor, who love to hear his idol, but a viewer configured to see the fighter closer, will be disappointed. It is clearly not the best documentary about a really good fighter, but I have viewed it is not exactly nothing — opinion McGregor has changed in a positive direction.

I wish you all a pleasant viewing!!!

Morgan Nikolai
27 November 2017 | 04:19

After reading the book of John Cavani and after seeing this picture, you can change the attitude to McGregor to completely the opposite. Despite all of his tricks watching his pseudo-fights and showing off, you can decide what man, he arrogant, narrow-minded, greedy and obtuse. However, the above sources show — poppy does not be.

Very clearly mounted the ascent of the boy from Ireland fighter of the "basement", to the actual ten thousand viewers just in the weigh-in before the fight. Their participation is able to increase the attendance of any event in ten, a hundred times.

People who are surrounded by his family and "family". In first I cell part friend (with the last they all believe him), mother, father, sisters/brothers who have supported and support Conor at all. The second "family" — this trainers, partners and the entire team as a whole. And the film clearly shows that the environment is not profiting from the glory of the Irish fighter, but helping him. deliver — to be the best.

A great example — the first defeat after a string of victories. No one is turned away, no one is gone. It just a lost battle. The team just started training and training and... won. Not a tight, truthful and a rather interesting project on good-natured and fun guy from Ireland capable of a few seconds to be transformed into a real beast, battering their opponents on the battlefield.

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How long is Conor McGregor: Notorious?
2h 10m
Who is the director of the movie Conor McGregor: Notorious?
This tv-show was directed by Gavin Fitzgerald.
What is the genre of Conor McGregor: Notorious?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Documentary.
Who starred in Conor McGregor: Notorious?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Nate Diaz, John Kavanagh, Conor McGregor,
What is Conor McGregor: Notorious IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.2.
When was Conor McGregor: Notorious released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-11-08.