Brigsby Bear

"The adventures of bear Brigsby" — children's TV show, filmed for one viewer: James. When the transfer stops suddenly, his life changes forever, and he decides to finish the story yourself.

  • Dave McCary

Release Date: 2017-09-21
IMDb icon 7.3/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 1h:37m
  • Revenue: $532,669
Therine Euh
13 November 2017 | 11:04

Absurd (or rather, absurdly charming) "Bear Brigsby" might scare her annotation. In fact, it sounds unbearable. A young man after decades of living in a confined space without contact with anyone other than crazy couple gets into the real world. Yes here in the real world there's favorite TV show boys — "the adventures of bear Brigsby" that caring kidnapper filmed for child. James, first, attains all advantages and disadvantages of the real world, and secondly, suffering no action-adventure show in which he has been literally obsessed, and of course, thirdly, James is going to continue the show about Brigsby came to filming my own movie.

By and large, "Bear Brigsby" is an amusing and touching look at the pros and cons of the obsession with pop-culture generation of "Millennials". The parallel between the inability of James to get rid of harassment of Association with the things of the world his favorite TV show of the past life almost obvious. But it's more fun, more interesting metaphor: the protagonist uses the bear Brigsby as an emotional security blanket to avoid significant psychological contact with a frightening world. Even when the real origin of the show he laid out a detailed way, he still refuses to accept, instead muttering a virtuous quasi-religious myths bear-prophet. Of course, the circumstances connected with an obsession with James is much more extreme than those can be attributed to other works of pop culture, it is still sounds an awful lot like many modern "fans".

In the same time, "Bear Brigsby" demonstrates how obsessions of pop culture, seriously restricting any individual, can be a source of liberation and inspiration. Like James stops consuming episodes of the show and decides to create his own original work he immediately finds like-minded people with their own creative ambitions. In the process, he finds himself in the film begins the process of socialization. In other words, in contrast other films of the harmful "obsession" with something, "Bear Brigsby" is a picture in which the hero not only overcomes his obsession, but and even something takes.

While viewing "the adventures of bear Brigsby" often leads to the feeling of awkwardness, so in many ways, the picture is very condescending to the audience, all still very warm and sincere. It's kind of an odd variant of the "Room" Abrahamson, but more positive and advanced. And, frankly, something gets in the atmosphere. "Brigsby" never falls into the nonsense for the sake of Comedy, but the sweetness of the story won cynicism. For example, the relations of James with a newly discovered sister do some far-fetched: first, she thinks it strange, and then abruptly to it is warming. Or not disclosed fully the characters: who was the kidnappers are the parents of James? Why he was really need one? And what do real parents? They it?

It is impossible not to take into account the depth and subtext of a film about fandom, especially if the role in this film played by mark Hamill — people for a long time which is a personification of the fandom. Remembered and Kyle Mooney in the role of James. In addition to Doug Jones of the "twin peaks" is probably the most important queer cinema in 2017.

"Bear Brigsby" certainly alienate those with whom not obsessive geeks or who not so is. In the best case, such a viewer will only twist a finger at the temple. Here weaved together different metaphors and ideas: childhood's end, the therapeutic power of art, the annoying nature of fan culture... of course that reveal all topics entirely in format polutorachasovogo film was impossible. But it doesn't matter. Director Dave Makkeri, screenwriter Kevin Costello, and also starring Kyle Mooney directed his eccentric "Bear of Brigsby" — something corny and naive, but what is strange and eccentric drama. And if they still not been removed vsamdelishny special edition "Show Brigsby" about the adventures of bear for new fans something they really do not so.

7 of 10

Mariana Karolina
14 December 2017 | 06:32

We all live in different from "their worlds". Someone thinks of$ 100, someone on the$ 10,000 someone thinks millions of lives. Different principles, different cultural values. Someone considers working hours, some survive in the jungle. In class society there is a place for all for the most marginal, and fashion white Raven never passed.

Globalization has given more push on the color, the contrast of the separation companies. And those who achieve success, we sometimes referred as geniuses, lunatics, thieves, criminals, tell them just got lucky or they are God. But do not can cross that hell, we are afraid at times to share the experience. Our laziness and insecurity, the inability to go to deal conscience, to ruin the foundations, inhibits and represses our personality. And those who wants to change the world, we convince, we say: you went um, why are you doing this?

Bear Brigsby — in a moment quitting. from dystopian drama with warm a good movie, full of hope. Circumstances dramatically demolish ideas about the world of the hero and casts him in an unfamiliar society all alone, where he has to understand how arranged new world to find yourself in it. This movie for those in search and always looking for inspiration.

Of 9 10

Winifred Walther
08 November 2017 | 03:31

The American dream excites and will excite the cinema to the end of time. The tale of the losers, who achieved success thanks to its "talent" visit us regularly. But the quality of such films rarely Shine. As one of samples on the thorny path to recognition zaturkanny geniuses, it is worth remembering, "fuck you, Freddie!". Still the film.

So, what we have. Near overgrown overgrown James Pope sloppy and chestnut on his head from the series about the adventures of bear Bixby. That's not opinion on the series duration — 25 seasons, approximately 800 series! You I watched something like that? No? Then "the adventures of bear Brigsby" directed by Dave Makkeri you not going to work. The film tries us break into the sympathy, but nedakonice thought the plot, in which is full of holes like the hat of the postman Pechkin after the sniper shot the Ball, gives us to understand what is to really James and all those people who surrounded by.

Movie have stopped to give us answers to questions: where did you a mansion, several cars, food in the fridge, although you it is unclear when work? Yeah You to hell! What a vulgar question?! — responding film. People live! You know? Just live! And parts no matter. Well here I and watched how people live.

1. Adoptive parents. Well here the darkness of Egypt. Who these Scientologists-conservatives and why they stole the kid and James they wanted him to do? Alas... not sex, touched only at hand. Below its touch in the real world, where he will find a real family and fame (apparently). The emphasis is on package baby handmedowns a series about mutated humanoid bear, which will brainwash the experimental boy 25 seasons... clearly, somewhere will damage the roof. I wonder it's what umische need to be, so long time to sculpt the hunchback? A time to the bullshit necessary? The plot for the new series to write, produce, edit, in chat Sonny to powder brains, well and live like it is necessary to stars from under the dome to look at, and all the bear, the bear... About the work is silent, not Hollywood's point!

2 Sister Aubrey. Much better to be an orphan. You lost a brother, and many years. again found. What a joy..! Well, to the joy... Aubrey decide lost on his head bro, but from the bounties of the soul gives it to the party, not forgetting viciously prosipat that say not talk that we are relatives. Well there you go... a Guy met a nice teenage family. Someone tabletochku put someone to his pants are useful, but being covered with head to the boy sees infernal evil and losing consciousness.

3. New-old parents. a Kind of couple who like glad to foundling, and that's where its thrust is not know. What they are engaged except parties at the house and an awkward practice of volleyball is not clear. But then they imbued with a creative genius... well, and will live long and happily.

4. He James. ed wood in the flesh. Google famously in grid Pro how play movie, the guy manages to whip up the continuation of the cult series (well, as speak with little help from friends). And everywhere, practically, it is met with understanding. COP who played hamlet in the pot group, stealing props from police gets the role in the series. James "wood" Pope removes the first take! And how else?! And with CGS friends. To the end getting better here and the family just pulled up. And finally the long-awaited recognition.

But I would have given Dave a little Makkeri correctyou scene in the cinema when all standing applause premiere. So say — for the sake of artistic drama. The door swings open, runs sister Aubrey, waving two envelopes. In one — communication and Academy of that the brainchild of James is to be nominated on Oscar. Already in three categories: best Director, best screenplay, best main character. In the second letter — a humble request to Mr. Steven Spielberg and Mr. David Lynch to take part in next 25 seasons of the series "the adventures of bear Brigsby". Crowned would I have the movie frames, where close-up shows the face of the adoptive father James. Old found out about all of Newspapers. Avaricious man's tears rolling on his unshaven cheek. Then if he happy for a foster son, and whether it takes the evil that the kid stole it content sold profitably. Judge for yourself...

The whole movie is boring and naive. Because of the crudity of the story, the motivations of the characters unclear, teenagers irritate stupidity and a bad upbringing, the main character to empathize with is not want to completely — it is not interesting personality. The wine goes into vinegar — Raymond Babbit in James Pope. Therefore, only...

3 of the 10

How long is Brigsby Bear?
2h 17m
How much has Brigsby Bear made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are $532,669.
Who is the director of the movie Brigsby Bear?
This tv-show was directed by Dave McCary.
What is the genre of Brigsby Bear?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy, Drama, Best Comedy Movies 2017, Best movies 2017.
Who starred in Brigsby Bear?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Kyle Mooney, Mark Hamill, Jane Adams, Greg Kinnear, Matt Walsh.
What is Brigsby Bear IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.3.
When was Brigsby Bear released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-09-21.