Arctic Heart

A humble worker of the laboratory Christofi many years hopelessly in love with the outstanding Professor selfish Quinera standing on the verge of absolute immunity. But when all his work is under threat from Christofi gets a chance to prove himself and she decides to test an experimental drug on himself. Will it help her to bond with Cinerom? And do not turn it suddenly... a penguin?

  • Marie Madinier

Release Date: 2016-06-22
IMDb icon 5.2/10
  • Country: BE, FR
  • Language: French
  • Runtime: 1h:21m
Valera Babara
25 October 2016 | 11:51

In the world there are no two love stories are alike. Each of them is unique in their own way. In the name of the most pure feelings the great discoveries are made, heroic conquest and tragic crime, claiming in a different world thousands of innocent lives. It is not surprising that love was the main inspiration that drive man to things about which he never thought. And if your life there was an Epiphany that blooms with a light hand restless Cupid, then it's time to think — why do you was on this mortal earth?! We know a great many love stories, painted in comic and tragic colors, and sometimes passionately wish to us also happened emotional adventure, a warming heart fire. Love professed by one and the same and with but have never is repeated. And because it is not surprising that for centuries, yeah that centuries, even millennia, poets, musicians, storytellers, and finally, playwrights from the cinema again and again turn to the theme of love poetry in all the multi-faceted manifestations. And most interesting is that the history of love between heart, never lose your passion, otherwise life itself will lose relevance.

As all we know, love descends suddenly, when it not wait... She may appear on the landing, in public transport, the Internet and, of course, work. How many happy couples met with a noisy office or on-site production plants. Such an impressive number does not seem possible to calculate. When you work together long enough man in a tight space, you only have two output — love him or hate. Comely worker progressive laboratories Christofi (Charlotte Le Bon) went on the first, the fly with the head a maelstrom of complex emotions and experiences. The objects of attention of a girl becoming her senior colleague and part-time luminary of science, a bit arrogant, but surely a brilliant scientist with Quinera (Guillaume Canet) working on the problem is the human immune system. Method of endless trial and error character is gradually approaching the most important discovery in the history of science — finding absolute health, excluding the effect of any viruses and infections. Realizing the importance of the work of Quinera, Christofi all not have the strength to concentrate entirely on work is making a desperate attempt to hold the attention of a doctor, taking an innovative product that changed her life.

For the creation of one extraordinary love stories should praise or blame Mary Madine, for which "Love and penguins" became the first feature-length film in his career. Director and part-time writer ventured on a very bold experiment that combines a traditional romance, eccentric Comedy and a piece of fiction. Due to the effect of scientific surprises still one office romance turned into the quite extraordinary spectacle, in which time to call some strange. The heroes of the film is very detached from the world, although their actions actions are inextricably linked to a reality. Concluded in the framework of the excellence research center of spectacle precludes such romantic things as a hike in a restaurant, watching a movie in the last row of the cinema or run & under the rain of the umbrella, but Mary Madine and did not set a goal to repeat. The form of presenting their own history for it is not less important than a genuine realization of one's true feelings in than it is how could, and succeeded. "Love and penguins" then the case is torn between two extremes. With the one hand, we see almost classic emotional drama, but then she utterly unusual and is based on the notion that love — is sex, and nothing else. Director to open tells us that the physical joy are in the head of everything, however the spirit of "Love and penguins" not like the works of Sigmund Freud. Because of this, when you are viewing arise mixed feelings, hindering the identification of a common point of view regarding the film.

All additional moments of the narrative, such as fear Christofi will transform into the penguin, are designed to make a picture of a necessary share of eccentrics, although actually doing it was quite unnecessary. Instead of playing with style and sharp insights, Mary Madine would cost focus on the true essence of the story and is a warm, heartfelt story with the obligatory happy ending. She didn't cost considerably to overwhelm the effect of artificially planted elements, although it is recognized that in some points they look pretty intriguing. From a serious dramatic and artistic changes in history "Love and penguins" save perfectly matched to their roles the actors. The inimitable Guillaume Canet as always surrounded by an aura of mystery, and very difficult to predict what to expect. Not amenable to analysis an actor makes of him the perfect villain, but the beauty of Cana in that he can easily switch to a romantic plan. No doubt also Charlotte Le Bon, for recent years managed to become a major player in European cinema. Of course, the special uniqueness of her game "of Love and penguins" is not different still she managed quite reliably convey emotions to "ride the sheep", who decided on the most important of the ever taken actions. And all for one only love, always teetering on the brink of the abyss and Paradise.

In the end I want to say like Mary Madine not masked sweet and pleasant, albeit a little predictable the story for something more extraordinary and unexpected, have it is not very good at it. "Love and penguins" trying to show us something previously unseen, although the fact this tape is easy to a disgrace. In connection to the Director has had a number of aggressive questions that are likely to remain without answers. On my opinion, "Love and penguins" not be taken solely with a critical point of view, because a layer of feigned Cams hidden spiritual cinema, popular with all circumstances of life.

6 from 10

Georgeanna Nadiya
02 December 2016 | 06:21

The symbol of the film festival in Cabourg, where the first time was presented the first Mary Madine "Love and penguins" — two swans, necks intertwined. Participation in the festival implies the romance in the frame, even if the film is about scientists penguins. In the world of scientists this tape is also serious passions boil in the battle of particular stress protein with the strongest antibacterial action, which Madine called MRP (in the world more famous stanitsin). Penguins synthesize PPM Americans in contrast the French have prepared to experiment on people, not classic laboratory mice, in General, big science needs real sacrifices and not in spite of. For the romantic Comedy "Love and penguins" is something not romantic for the sci-Fi chamber drama — most.

Plot the conflict of the tape can be described in a few words — of love of laboratory mice, about way to science response for the experimental material. For the filming of the tape on a sterile laboratory world where to seduce the venerable Professor is possible only when you with him in a mad experiment, Madina invited such stars as Guillaume Canet ("merry Christmas", "fall in love with me") and Charlotte Le Bon ("Spices and passion", "the Walk," "Yves Saint Laurent"). In the role of the ambitious scientist, Professor of Kinyara, Cana manages to show man itself is quite notorious in the usual sense, a scientific recluse, able, the on the men's actions and decisions. Pearl "Love and penguins" — Charlotte Le Bon — is the just treachery scientific Lolita Kristofer name which almost always confuse and a twist of a Guinea pig, which is injecting herself in the genome of a penguin with that Cigar been found in the inevitable hostages of youthful beauty. Responsible for the comic elements in this ribbon of steel Xavier Beauvois ("Of men and gods", "Chocolate") in the role of Philip and Ann Le Ni ("1+1", "My Attila Marcel") in the role of Nadine, a matter of proving of gunpowder in the old dog yet enough that scientific Platonic love is always capable of carnal continued.

Desire Marie Madine to show the audience distant and infinitely strange world of big science, a world where the ratio is adjacent to the courage passion, is commendable. Scientists from "of Love and penguins" — the bulk far from stamps crazy glasses, regularly supplied by Hollywood is a team of professionals team of real lab where all worship of Kinyara. Problem of the movie is that in ordinary love story Madine trying to put all from: Romka, and drama fiction the tragedy of a scientific experiment with self-sacrifice. In the end, the script Madine for which 2011 was honored, surprised the scientific detail and authenticity, but not very artistically perfect. Soft femininity and altruism Kristien able to captivate Kinara as scientist is not capable of leading the history of the path is so essential for the successful experiment of fun.

Stage artist Stephanie Rosenbaum and the operator Pascal Marty was able to show emotionless artificial Antarctic landscape, along with a strict order office Kinara that are in perfect harmony with his inner world of scientific biscuit. "Love and penguins" shows how Kristofik, hiding their femininity and minimisethe for the way whether an assistant is a mouse, it is the subject of the penguin can unfathomable sacrifices to achieve victory. It is the Nobel prize for one and it — would cute next. Absolutely not in the trend and not feminist. A sweet — Paradise in Antarctica on an ice floe and even a tent to build not necessary.

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How long is Arctic Heart?
2h 1m
Who is the director of the movie Arctic Heart?
This tv-show was directed by Marie Madinier.
What is the genre of Arctic Heart?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy, Drama, Romance.
Who starred in Arctic Heart?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Charlotte Le Bon, Guillaume Canet, Damien Chapelle, Xavier Beauvois,
What is Arctic Heart IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 5.2.
When was Arctic Heart released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2016-06-22.