A woman with four children, three sons and a daughter, from something hidden. They find shelter in a large secluded old house and decide to live here. At the nearest to their home farm lives a pretty girl Ellie, with which the children immediately became friends. But soon the idyllic life comes to an end, the mother dies, and in the house begin to happen strange things.

  • Sergio G. Sánchez

Release Date: 2017-10-27
IMDb icon 6.6/10
  • Country: ES
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 1h:50m
  • Budget: €8,000,000
Elinor Hartfield
07 July 2018 | 08:24

Overall impression: In the movie is interesting and slow, a bit chaotic middle and exciting, measure completed end. Let's analyze.

Start: Mother with four children, from something is hiding. They find refuge in the many secluded old house and decide to live here. On the nearest their home farm, lived a girl ally (Anya Taylor-joy), from where they became friends. But soon the idyllic life comes to an end — the mother is dying, and in the house begin to happen strange things. Because the children are minors, they decide no one tell about the loss of a loved one, and waiting when the elder brother Jack (George Mackay) becomes of age. Jack cares for your family cares. The kids decide to break all the connection the real world, closing completely in their own little world. Unhurried transition into it start to means portend anything terrible. Kids live well, bake pies, plays in the evening in the Board games. But

Middle: Periodically guys hear footsteps and knocks in their home, the mystical atmosphere completely envelops the tape, but this atmosphere is slow pace reveals the details, which were formed around the family. The guys play a very convincing, age almost one and the same, but there's a boy 9-10 years Sam (Matthew Stagg) pleased most. So small, and already knows how to show his emotions. The art style is a mystery jumps, nauskivaya the puzzle that we need to determine the end, guessing you I wonder how just all can destroy one detail.

End: Ends in the picture completes your chord dramatic move. And this drama has roots, who sat still in the beginning of the film, it is necessary only to pay attention to. Like and horror, but and drama, for which the characteristic bias in crazy. Thriller.

In the film enough pros for you to enjoy. Cinematography; the story — shows that it worked, and details; actors — character each reveals for his, of course, hardest erection from Jack, and other characters do not without attention; an interesting finish with a passage of mysticism in the true reality, where we are waiting for the end, which is simple but also terrible.

7 of 10

Page Grover
12 October 2018 | 10:45

Interesting, psychologically powerful film that is charged with emotions, filled with an interesting plot and stocked with great actors.

Can be quite deserved congratulations to Sergio H. sánchez complete and successful directorial debut.

The film delights us with beautiful shots on the whole picture. Plus, camera work is undoubtedly. You can show and to fit much more, but is quite compact cinema, where is where needed strictly placed on the shelves. And is great be found.

Film moments recalled Split, but at first I thought he discharge Islands of the damned. Even actress Anya Taylor-joy moved from the split, I wonder it attracts the subjects or the filmmakers found in her special role?

Again, the horror genre is superfluous, if there scared just terribly interesting. For a couple of points to assign a genre — this is wrong.

I believe that overall, this film provides a space for criticism, so and praise. Well and leaves room for thinking after viewing.

Melanie Orlantha
13 July 2018 | 09:55

Screenwriter of "the Orphanage" and"Impossible" Juan Antonio Bayona, and also several other pictures of "pen and frame" Spanish film Directors, made his debut in 2017 with its very interesting, atmospheric and intense mystical Thriller, in which everything is not what I think.

"Abode of shadows" it is necessary to see it twice. In first time you relish a movie in as a researcher: not knowing anything about an unexpected turn closer to the finale, it remains only to examine the pieces of the mosaic plot on individually, intuitively picking one to another, but defeated for a defeat. Sergio sánchez manages to write so good script that the viewer is not a priori can become an accomplice of the action: it — face of a stranger, but is very interested in the exposure of all the current intrigues. But when that happens with a sudden turn, the whole picture is changing, and reviewing — already as the medical examiner — suits all knowledge to pass a familiar path, having learned exactly where dwelleth righteousness, and where — illusion.

Unconditional tactics for the defeat of the audience's imagination is also backed by high quality polished visuals: in addition to atypical, not worn-out actors that are ideal for similar history; we scary, mysterious house, where curtained all of the mirror that the attic creaks from strange sounds, where at any time, you should see the Ghost, and so, you need to run and hide, because, most likely, Ghost — not that some as the reality itself. This galaxy of genre cliches scattered throughout the plot is not in vain: we can you talk about their secondary, Recalling an incredible number of works of cinema and literature, where was houses, lofts, mirrors and ghosts, but unlikely to bet with the fact that they are directly connected with each friend — one comes from the other, creating a third. Here there is not a single superfluous element, every detail — as the stairs leading straight into the halls of madness.

Given that for Sergio H. sánchez's debut full-length directorial work, it is impossible not to recognize the great potential of the Spaniard in his craft. Chances are that witnessing the birth of a new Bayonne or even early Del Toro.

8 from 10

How long is Marrowbone?
2h 30m
How much did it cost to make Marrowbone?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least €8,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Marrowbone?
This tv-show was directed by Sergio G. Sánchez.
What is the genre of Marrowbone?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Thriller, Drama, Horror, Best Drama Movies 2018, Best Horror Movies 2018, Best Thriller Movies 2018.
Who starred in Marrowbone?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: George MacKay, Anya Taylor-Joy, Charlie Heaton, Mia Goth, Matthew Stagg.
What is Marrowbone IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.6.
When was Marrowbone released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-10-27.