Marie Curie: The Courage of Knowledge

After the tragic death of her husband Pierre, Marie continued to work alone. Its dual meets resistance because she is not only a woman but a foreigner. The situation will worsen, when we become aware of the secret relationship of Marie with a married colleague.

  • Marie Noëlle

Release Date: 2017-06-30
IMDb icon 5.6/10
  • Country: FR, DE, PL
  • Language: French | German | English | Polish
  • Runtime: 1h:40m
Linnie Owens
08 September 2018 | 06:48

Happens, synchronous events happen. On the eye catches something that has to your underwater flow of thoughts, feelings and experiences. Sometimes, I look at screen see the best part of ourselves that you slept and suddenly woke up. So was with the "Marie Curie". Long ago, I have not seen such films! Honestly, before I gave preference to books. But is in the movies kind of indescribable atmosphere created by colors, music and actors to its external and internal state. And I want to move this atmosphere of your life.

Time for me watching the film was a real vacation and meditation — so much it's beauty and simplicity! Remember the rest of the evening, coming home, I was in the state of inner quietness and peace that even thought not been. I just caught the buzz from the most routine cases. It was so unusual so beautiful and naturally, as the sound of the surf. To six months is the state has evolved into the state of inner purity and freedom from many attachments. I still then way to make this normal to build their future life, based on this condition.

A real discovery for me was the main character, Karolina gruszka. I like that she is who she is. Just A Real Woman. There are in it some clarity, inner purity, inherent only to it one, renaissanca and genuine. She lives in the frame, passionate and the life if it none removes. I'd love to see more quality films with participation of this actress. Such an original and real little, and girls and women need to see such positive examples of how can you need to be in this world.

The film is distinguished by the fact that it no hint vulgarity. Not tend to contemporary French cinema. Have characters have a sense of self-esteem and notion of honor.

Because "Marie Curie" help me on my way to live pure harmonically, I copy.

10 of 10

Darell Longo
21 December 2017 | 03:24

my opinion, this is a very curious film, there is a huge flaw, actually cut off his from the General public. It is a sense of the filmmakers that the vicissitudes of life a truly legendary Marie Curie is a priori known to all. Therefore, in the event the tape begins in 1904, when the heroine is already famous happened personality, happy marriage. And being prepared to view, it is difficult to understand the events and the dialogues, challenges and joys of the heroine and her family. Of course, you can try to watch this movie-like the second season an unknown series or well as a melodrama with invented characters (like advertise it some sites), but my opinion is complete idiocy. Therefore, introducing the film, will affect that remained frame.

Russian trace/feminism. Usually in modern Russia, foreign celebrities with remember how their, even if it is, relatively speaking, about great-grandson, who had escaped from hundreds of Odessa Jews. And so, was very surprised to learn that Marie Curie was born and increased the Russian Empire. Wow, the Empire is such a talent lost. And not the area of alien art, and in the field of nuclear research, which of the Moscow like to face the world. In General General I knew the power was hindered by many spiritual ties, including for example, the pale of settlement. Of course, I know about male chauvinism, but in particular a bright example of everything looks much more convincing. After all, the incredibly talented Mary was not had the opportunity to get proper education, because the lady. She graduated from the underground (!) women's higher courses, but that was the maximum. So I had to go in Paris, the benefit that has established contact with sister Armor. At first, Maria worked as a governess and containing a student at medicke sister, then she nursed the two until Maria mastered in the Sorbonne physics and chemistry. Only don't think France had equal rights, but about this issue, it is better to know from the film. But since that not married a colleague of Pierre, from Mary barely would have achieved academic heights. And completing the theme of the Russian trace, I note that 36-year-old Polish actress K. hruška ("In August 44-go") even in the last century (from the film "Russian revolt") firmly entrenched in Russian cultural space.

"They're Jewish do"
. This phrase, very worried, said the mother of Mary. Despite the fact that already in the beginning of the film, casually mentioned that Mary has such roots. Escalated and the Jewish question, when in the media spun the scandal associated with the name Curie and it was already enough that she is a woman and immigrant, need more convincing to the public circumstances. And it was quite simply a love triangle. Reached that the Nobel Committee intervened in the course of events. And Mary had, defensively, to find convincing words on that the award is given for scientific discoveries, and not high moral standing. And such is never get the laureates are men, otherwise would someone to give the award. This same line pattern shows such eternal concepts as: public baiting, yellow media and defense of honor, in this case, even the duel...

Who is she? the Most important thing. Maria Sklodowska-Curie (11. 7,1867-7.4.1934) genus. in Warsaw poor family, experienced in childhood a lot of trials, but identifying an irrepressible attraction to knowledge. And has achieved incredible results. Especially impressive are the Nobel prizes for physics and chemistry. Curie is the first and lady twice... But still — the first teacher in the Sorbonne. Together with her husband, Marie discovered the elements radium and polonium, and the second is named as a tribute to Poland, about which it was always nervous, eager first independence, and then prosperity by opening and the Institute Curie. Maria has achieved a lot in the field of medicine, was recognized in the world. It should be noted that the highest degrees aren't bring the Curie material prosperity as this is happening now. And therefore, becoming a star, she is engaged with household chores, then it is much more difficult than now. In the name of the business she took contact with the sponsors of that for Marie was a real handful. And always major companies to be the sole representative of the "weaker sex"...

Radiation. of Course, everyone knows that the radiation exposure is dangerous, and and death person. And therefore, all the life of M. Curie reported that its health was negatively affected by professional activities. Meanwhile, it from childhood grievously ill (and stopped because of this training), lived 66 years and her youngest daughter Eva, born right in the intense radiation lab, lived to be 103. I'm not an expert in this area, but agree that there are over something to think about. Of course, the curies in fully aware of all the consequences of their discoveries, however, he realized that they can bring to humanity and the greatest good, and terrible harm on the well described in the film. How about the era when the contacts with the radiation people were literally drunk. Sold glowing lipstick, medicated creams and household items that are rich in radioactivity. Terribly interesting it is to observe, realizing how many new people still have to know, staying at this fragile and Gorazde to die from the banal negligence as this, unfortunately, happened with Pierre Curie. Although the fabric pattern is a hint that he has radiation sickness.

Love. Pierre and Maria have created a truly perfect family (which is nice to see). It is applied to work, or rather to work, they were developed as a whole. They thought process was overall, therefore, left a widow, Mary, seemed to have lost half of myself. She had horribly worrying, to mobilize all of force, so that the case of the Curie is not destroyed by envious competitors. And after all, in spite of everything else, and want of love. And it is coming, though choice, to put it mildly, not free commitments... However, in this relationship to better understand the during the viewing, especially for fans of the "soap" genre. And not by chance that the slogan of the film — "an Inspiring story of love, passion and persistence." A little bit sorry for Curie, but life many manifestations.

Other information. Nominations for the prize of the German film Academy: the costumes, makeup, and music the famous B. sack ("Choristers"). Nominated for"Golden Frog"

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2h 20m
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This tv-show was directed by Marie Noëlle.
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The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, Biography, Romance.
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Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Karolina Gruszka, Charles Berling, Izabela Kuna, Malik Zidi, André Wilms.
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At the moment, the rating is 5.6.
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The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-06-30.