A group of terrorists kidnapped a former operative of the CIA, to use it for their own selfish purposes. Without waiting for help from the government, his son begins his own operation to rescue his father and return him home...

  • Steven C. Miller

Release Date: 2015-12-18
IMDb icon 4.1/10
  • Country: GB, US
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 1h:22m
Sue Cida
20 February 2016 | 09:16

Harsh, with a sly screwed up eyes, clenched teeth, slow speech, low emotion... It is like clothing in front of each one film and the same sullen mask, often appears before the audience, the once-charismatic action hero Bruce Willis. And without that not the most versatile Hollywood actor, becomes more and more like dummy than a professional actor. More and more, thanks to cloned images and the same type of game begins to slip in the idea that the movie Bruce has already lost all interest and removed solely because of the desire in abundance contain his numerous family. Well, well, Willis can only rejoice, because thanks to such films as "Salvation" coming in light consistently, a lot of proposals actor soon, apparently, not expected.

However, what I 've jumped on Willis? Yes he played a frankly weak, but does it is the main problem of the film? Of course not. No one fight, a chase or a shootout, how much she is not well has been removed, don't fix the cloned plot to the familiar pain of banal dialogues, such customary "unexpected" plot twists, which is riddled with "Salvation" from first until the last minute. Husband is avenging a wife, a son — for her father's friendly Broscom team have long digging "mole", and once seemed lost forever, "the love of my life" appears again on the horizon, add terrorists and the threat of nuclear war and we have the Foundation, on which the project was directed by Steven C. Miller tried to build a quality fighter. At least I hope (though I doubt it) that the crew tried to make a quality movie. But, alas, it turned out, frankly, so myself... Nothing new and original even as I would film hundreds of him a similar bushing fighters, no picture. The only significant difference is the famous names in the credits.

Not felt in the film, drive, emotions. Yes, the film has some good action scenes, but in the midst of all the action they look, something foreign. The relationship of the protagonist with the father, with ex-girlfriend shows extremely superficial. The positive characters do not compassionate, and the images of the villains are not disclosed, in the result of which these characters do not cause imagine absolutely nothing of interest.

Passing in front of us is absolutely not the original action, which can be viewed (nothing to do) one more time, but the probability just bored at the time of viewing, and this in spite of a number of good scenes, fights and shootings.

5 from 10

Rina Carpet
10 January 2016 | 01:08

Bruce Willis rolls to the level of Dolph Lundgren, who starred in everybody out depending plot of the budget. Otherwise, there is no other than explain the fact that the viewer can see the "die hard" in paintings like "Salvation" or"Welcome to Paradise".

Tell me, can you think one decent Thriller, which is 79 minutes? Personally, I can't. On "Rescue" the film took so much time, adding another three extra minutes of "cool" titles.

"Homopropaganda" Savska the film has never a good sign. For a couple of minutes we see the brief parable of why on-screen son of Bruce Willis decided to follow in the footsteps of dad and become a tough CIA operative. According to his training, Turner Jr. endowed with a mind more hoping for a physical strength and obstinacy of jarhead. A vivid confirmation of — the ways to obtain the necessary information. Yes, of course it's cool to bring a revolver with one cartridge for a bad fight and to achieve recognition, but if the gun will fire after the first shutter trigger, all the coolness will disappear, because of a corpse with a bullet through the skull of the information is not get?! Then why this ostentatious coolness? The image of Superman appeared before his eyes? Yes nothing but thoughts about what the Americans are "all so stupid" not occur.

Watching the sudbinushku hero Bruce Willis is amazing how he was kept in the CIA almost to retire — every appearance the screen is accompanied by the taking in captivity. Do the overseas intelligence tactic — to be caught and put under the kick of their relatives?

On — more. How can be put on important task to blunt hero (Turner, Jr.), his former?! Why?! Where the logic?! Which in the CIA in Newark no more operational agents? And how the factor of personal attachment, which will put a blow a super important operation, from which again depends the fate of mankind and American nation? And how can you trust such an important mission girl, easy going on about your ex (about a miracle, about the none could have guessed), and how could the CIA to find one of their own, "cleverly" covering his trail, not being the operative operatives cut down whole packs and walk freely in Europe and USA. Although there are all true, because Turner Jr. is a very cool — he even once 5-6 with a straight right in the face beaten and he's henna, even the blood of the nose flow and the mind remains clear.

What I... Because the heroine Gina Carano is so steep that do not hesitate to direct the gun at the man in the street, in the time when the same street car ride and people go. About her ability to hold on hot pipe generally keep quiet. And that the tree man-Turner to find can — is understandable — he's a CIA agent, he — invisible, but if you need to find a biker gang — is that happens a piece of cake.

In General and overall, "Salvation" has been so cool movie, that I watched him with the unblinking gaze and the thrill of the heart. Kidding. The movie is not to once — it looks time of time spit on a deliberately ostentatious coolness, which are the characters from the warped and tattered plot, where all so just because even envy, as all oil from people. Well and of course the bad Russian, which without them! Dmitry Kovrov and other riff-raff from the post-Soviet space — so frail and helpless that kill them for the honor of the more so for ten years they have poisoned the life of Turner the elder.

Much better than the first "Peanuts" review "the Last boy scout", to enjoy "the Sixth sense" and"the Death of her to face," to remember the days when Willis was cool appeared to truly spectacular, beautiful and interesting pictures...

However, to watch You. Your opinion is not impose.

Nice view.

3 of the 10

Brena Mathe
30 March 2016 | 05:25

Say in each work you can see it author. Writers tend to give their characters those traits that have them. The actors, to embody in it some part of himself. In the movie "Salvation" the characters are alternately repeated phrase "Love, when it is" and is as the case when pesky repetition does not reflect reality.

The film — weak.
Weak modes weak terms of dialogues. A typical action movie without a hint of me and mnogohodovok. In essence I personally it became clear the minute 15, given that the movie has a rather overcast start, but, however, it is not really important in the end it is all sinking in secondary setting the implementation of the action without stop. Heroes rushing from locations location, break muzzle of various bad guys, shooting and etc, etc. And you could even say that itself his action is well done. For fighter — will fit perfectly... But script... you the owl, which is so hard on the globe.

The plot is full of extremely dubious assumptions and outright nonsense, ranging from the girlfriend of the main character, which, being in drunk-ass drunk, driving Aki Dominic Toretto, or the main character, who runs around with a gun, but when the enemy removes it in his bosom and begins sparring on the Cam. List all not make sense, but most like for me, a magical moment, it is final Harry... however, it will be a spoiler, so that just limited to the rhetorical question, and those who saw the film, you will understand about what speech. So the question is: And then what? Technology-the fact remains that bothers to make even as many of these "birds"?

Separately want to dwell on the dialogues. Personally I was under the impression that sometimes the authors would like to resurrect the spirit of old hits, investing in the lips of lurid characters and simulated things, which the plan would have to emphasize the entire the incredible coolness of the characters. Here is only clearly not grow together, because in order for this thing to work, the character he needs to have personality, and that have characters of the film and no. Yes, the things, let's face it — not too flashy. However, the dialogues in General are not Shine with confidence that sad.

Now actors: in General is it that just before "Rescue" I came across a movie with Bruce Willis "daylight" so that when the beginning, it turned out that Brusca of the CIA, I involuntarily chuckled sardonically, saying: "What, again?". Frankly I'm gettin ' sick of this output is in circulation. Cool operatives in his performance has already tired set the teeth on edge, the more so they vary little from picture to picture. Like in CIA is a stamped clone army.

As for Kellan. Lutz of... nothing to Say. That there is nothing wrong with that, but no good. Brand communicating the role, without some highlights and at least something that could attention.

Gina Carano, perhaps only, for whom it was interesting to see, yeah and not because of some outstanding acting ability or interesting character, and just because her appearance and facial expressions personally, I very impressed.

Here actually and all. More here about than to speak. If you too "Love when hard" when the plot really keeps screen makes the viewer wonder what will be in Chapter clearly not worth watching "Rescue". If you like simple fighters, similar to what filmed 80-90s, in overall this picture might have you like.

5 out of 10

How long is Extraction?
2h 2m
Who is the director of the movie Extraction?
This tv-show was directed by Steven C. Miller.
What is the genre of Extraction?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Crime, Adventure.
Who starred in Extraction?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Bruce Willis, Kellan Lutz, Gina Carano, D.B. Sweeney, Joshua Mikel.
What is Extraction IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 4.1.
When was Extraction released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2015-12-18.