Mr. Holmes

The world's most famous detective is long retired and spends old age in a quiet village, caring for his own apiary. However, he still haunt the memories of one woman and her secret remained unsolved. Come what may, he decides to find a solution to the case, forcing him to retire for more than 30 years ago.

  • Bill Condon

Release Date: 2015-07-24
IMDb icon 6.9/10
  • Country: GB, US
  • Language: English | Japanese | French
  • Runtime: 1h:44m
  • Budget: $10,000,000
  • Revenue: $17,735,503
Karilynn Whittaker
24 August 2016 | 11:17

I am a great admirer of creativity of Arthur Conan Doyle. Even for 10 years, I my father gave complete works. And in the moment until today, Sherlock Holmes is for me the favorite characters. I read all stories it a few thousand times, watched almost all of adaptation now introduce their children to this infinite love.

After watching the film "Mr Holmes" I suddenly understood that it is not the only adaptation of the adventures of the beloved hero, where its really killing. And deliberately long and tedious. But more about this later.

Unlike beloved Holmes, I never loved Ian Machelen. I don't know how the actor does an army of fans? Well, he played a Gambl... Oh, Gandalf. Well, played  the"X-Men". And what? To 2000 was known only to a narrow circle of connoisseurs of cinema, who drew attention to his role in the telenovela Rasputin, yeah and Richard 3. I think the venerable age of the man or always talking about that he's a good actor. But in my humble opinion, far comrade Machelen to same Mike Kane. Not can I need to a row. So here: the choice of Machelen on the role of the aged Holmes was a huge mistake. I did not take this symbiotic relationship.

Ian Mackellen killed for me of Holmes in this film. On for all viewing me I had to mentally remind myself that it's Holmes. Because I have sometimes thought that I'm just looking biographical Saga of the actor, once played Gandalf. Holmes was so boring, incoherent, unpleasant and tedious, that watching the movie turned to me in agony.

And that I say? I don't know what the movie is. Investigate how such, does not been. Examples of phenomenal deductive method of Holmes (for which we and love) — too. We watching how Holmes then writes a book, then give in to some memories, and incoherent. Something to procrastinate, crawl. And what is — is not clear.

Also I felt I understand why the storyline with the boy? And in addition to reading books about the adventures of Holmes, what of the knowledge of the boy in the deductive method and he uses them? Although this is made in the description of the film. We just find out what wasps differ from bees. This their business together. However, the boy there is something muttering about the book, but not noticeable on the General background of this morass.

Fact: it is said that the action is in 1947. The assumptions of "Halmamedov", Sherlock was born approximately in 1850. Considered? Right. Before us is a 93-year old man, who rapidly leaves the memory, it do not understand that it happens what it does. Some plants, young Japanese, old Japanese, understand the woman diary records, bees, wasps... That is it? Where the culprit? Where tips? Where a brilliant decision and groan surprised the public? Nothing.

In my mind, even an aging Holmes — this is the crown of the human mind. It is an unwavering enemy of injustice. This hound Bloodhound that could smell the scent of game and rushes towards the facts, details, clues. And we have here?

Imagine a movie about a brilliant rider. What are you curious to see? A story about how he is brilliant on the turn ahead of the opponent and won the world Cup or about how he now treats gout, nothing sees on propaganda chair listening to the radio? Here for the second variant we saw about Holmes.

The question arises: why do we found it? After all, there are a million ways to show Holmes others not like in books. Though the guy Ritchie ask, though, Benedict Cumberbatch, yeah though at Petrenko ours. And you can do interesting. Given visitest the figure of Holmes is possible to do not straining. But here the authors of this movie tried that would ispohabit such a bright image of the beloved hero.

I guess the answer to your question. They showed Holmes seem less intimidating, strange, and infirm in old age that would tell us that loneliness is a terrible thing. For that they and I brought it "pseudogene" with a single woman is for this I brought the boy, which the authors should keep the fire of interest in life the old lonely old man, lost downloaded the meaning of life, and then common sense. That's why they showed us Watson, yeah and a glimpse. That is why Machelen in the end of the film and lays out the stones.

But I wanted to do we see? No. We need that movie? No. And no — definitely. We playing the old heroes? You looked like movie the old woman Alice Seleznev? About coughing Harry Potter? About grandfather Kibalchish? Anyone not need those stories. Need stories from the same characters, but on a new way.

Maybe I say blasphemous, but it is a reality. I want new stories (albeit invented of the head to anyone not a famous author) but with the old hero. With old — not meaning the old man and so from the past — energetic, intelligent, adventurous, talented, smart, great Sherlock Holmes.

And its author's vision of how it occurs old age the most famous of the detectives, let the authors of such a film keep to yourself. Why it to pour out on us. And again, all this is made it's boring, pretentious and a Philistine. Why are they so us? They killed for me, Sherlock Holmes. Now times over and over, rereading notes Doyle, I 'm going to go back to the film and curve of of disgust.

Lovers of Sherlock Holmes — beware of cheap imitations. Not see this movie.

Gene Lemieux
13 November 2015 | 09:32

Pretty good sentimental movie. Popular comic character, symbol of rationality and even some autistic shown in her declining years, when physical infirmity inevitably draws to a moral aspects."Darkness low truths", according to the creators, much higher elevates deception as in a letter to the Japanese heir. Plot the film is very simple and traditional, in fact, filmed for penny not to say that the venerable Mackellen too much had to try. Your tasks — call a purely positive emotion — the picture decides to hundred percent, but it is easy to forget after viewing.

Want to get one of the art Directors drew attention to  the"Final solution" of Cabana with same the dying Holmes, parrot and less sentimental boy-a Jew. Where as a more violent history, leaving opportunities for the nuances of the topic celebrities in the old age.

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Kiele Gothard
29 February 2016 | 10:39

Launched in Russia, the festival "New British cinema" in Moscow was opened with a picture of bill Condon (Director of "Twilight", among other things) "Mr. Holmes". The film is an adaptation of the novel of Mitch Kallina "Bees of Mr. Holmes" and tells the audience a story about antiquated Sherlock Holmes, which has as thirty years ago ran off with a Baker street, after an unsuccessful investigation, the details of which he trying to remember, tormented by senility. Along the way, the breeding of bees and berating Dr. Watson, who wrote about Sherlock a lot of artistic nonsense. The Watson's have long time no alive. Its place in the film took a clever son of the housekeeper, trying to grasp the basics row breeding of bees.

The main action takes place in 1947 Sussex, where thirty years. live 93-year-old Sherlock Holmes. The company are housekeeper Mrs Munro and her cute son Roger. A former detective in beekeeping and tells Roger about his latest case, which he led being on Baker street and the gone into the exile. But it is given to him with difficulty due to problems with memory. The details of the case elude Holmes, leaving only scraps of muddy memories. Once Watson have followed case in one of their stories, but intentionally concealed from the public fiasco of his friend, in again putting him a hero. Realizing the inevitability of impending death and treating this matter of respect calmness, a former detective is trying to understand yourself, remove the burden of mistakes leave a sense of completeness. That is why he takes write your own story about his last case, with the support of Roger.

For the last time the audience was able to see the many interpretations of the famous detective invented by sir Arthur Conan Doyle: the craziest Robert Downey Jr. the attraction of Gaya Richie; boorish Benedict Cumberbatch from the successful series "BBC"; the caller johnny Lee Miller the American adaptation. But Holmes, played by Ian Mackellen, — is a logical continuation of the legendary iconic image. Holmes, though, and old, remains a gentleman, polite and knows how to treat the ladies. True to change determination and vigor, with whom Holmes once took a new case came physical weakness and memory loss.

Just want to note that the film is not is a detective. On the detective line here represents only one third of the screen time. "Mr. Holmes" — this touching drama; Elegy, telling about old selfishness. Bill Condon skillfully combined with three history (current life of Holmes, his trip Japan search for the miraculous plant, able to return the memory, and then the last thing about the depressed wife and her troubled husband) in one big philosophical reflection of the hero, trying to understand himself, his past and the legacy he left, in a world where it — the hero of novels and films, the person already mythologized.

Such reflection, of course, not have taste of the mass audience. There are no action-detective and thrilling action. Instead, the film offers a measured narration appealing not to logic, but to the feelings and emotions of the viewer, where the most famous logician was deprived of his brilliant mind, but it came wisdom.

Actor Ian Mackellen not have no doubt. He masterfully transforms to the screen ascetic grumpy old man impressive celebrity with the Baker street. Only one movement of the eye or flick of the wrist, the actor skillfully expresses the emotions of the hero. Not satisfactory acting of the other actors Laura Linney (Mrs. Monroe) confirmed in once again that no wonder is the winner of awards "Golden globe" and"screen actors Guild USA". Pleasantly surprised by Milo Parker (Roger Monroe). For the entire film is its assertive character is not called questions or leniency because of the age of the actor. Not mention Colin Starkey, who played the hands of Dr. John Watson.

Result. "Mr. Holmes" — this is the tragedy of a great man who was on the slope of their years with banal weaknesses, which is at war with its zabronzovevshy way in society, between courting bee svar with a servant.

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How long is Mr. Holmes?
2h 24m
How much has Mr. Holmes made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are $17,735,503.
How much did it cost to make Mr. Holmes?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $10,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Mr. Holmes?
This tv-show was directed by Bill Condon.
What is the genre of Mr. Holmes?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, Mystery, Best Drama Movies 2015, Best Thriller Movies 2015.
Who starred in Mr. Holmes?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Ian McKellen, Laura Linney, Milo Parker, Hiroyuki Sanada, Hattie Morahan.
What is Mr. Holmes IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.9.
When was Mr. Holmes released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2015-07-24.