Jenny's Wedding

The plot is based around the girl Jenny, who is preparing for the wedding and suffers from constant hassle. More all the nerves of her swinging parents, mom and dad did not like the "groom" her daughter. The fact that Jenny is a lesbian, and, accordingly, enters into a marriage with a woman. For conservative parents, the news was a shock.

  • Mary Agnes Donoghue

Release Date: 2015-07-31
IMDb icon 5.5/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 1h:34m
  • Revenue: $2,254
Ameline Prebo
16 October 2015 | 09:12

After watching the film one gets the impression that it worked narrow-minded people... or stupid. If the Director was going to seriously raise the topic of discrimination of homosexuals, then he obviously chose not to those actors, not the screenwriter, and composer he actually picked up on the Congress of comedians or in the children's sandbox! No, I don't know why the background of mental agony, quarrels and conflicts constantly playing cheerful music!? If I understand correctly the message of this film, and the gist of it — relax with the whole family in the weekend — when the movie you need to watch with your eyes closed.

The dialogue is too simple and awkward. Quarrel at times absurd! And theme lawn (who have watched will understand) — just the head not nalazit, it looks like the audience believe for the retarded that we first you don't catch up with that it's a subtle subtext, the symbolism of what grass carries in itself a reflection of family life understand, or you still time to repeat? The lawn home — welfare family...

There were a couple good moments, even touching, but it was rather a tiny ray of light that breaks through the brown clouds, a hurricane and a tornado! The overall picture is not saved.

I put 2 just because sustained film to end, thrown at half. But such a thought a couple of times come to head.

And honestly — this those not even deserve a negative review. He do not deserves attention.

2 of 10

Alameda Corry
25 December 2015 | 02:56

Movies to politicians — have not uncommon.

For example, the recent movie "the Butler" — under the cover of social drama, we have filed pre-election campaign for a black President.

"Jenny's wedding" — this is a film in support of the legalization of same-sex marriage under a wrapper comedic melodrama with Katherine Heigl.

It is unlikely the film will appeal to sexual minorities. It is not "to Wong foo thanks for everything! Julie Newmar" with a popularly loved macho Patrick Swayze and Wesley Snipes. It is much more boring and do not about homosexuals.

This movie — straight, made straight. The writer seems to be gay in the eye is not saw a the text was taken from the brochure "10 questions parents have the child gay". These brochures give in the society for the psychological support.

The film explains to the townsfolk that gays are people like everyone else. Here Katherine Heigl, she with Gerard Butler kissing in the previous films, but not shy about lesbian play!

Unfortunately, the film from preachy dialogues loses brilliantly. She touched the point, of course, adds depths of meaning. And daughter of Meryl Streep too, adds depth. But at this depth, for unfortunately, nothing. If the main character did something else, equally unusual inhabitants of the suburbs, for example, marrying a Negro or photographed naked pensioners — in the story would be nothing changed.

So even homophobes can pure soul to watch this movie. In Russia same-sex marriage long legalize, so you can just enjoy a romantic melodrama about family values. A little nudnovato, but made with high quality.

6 from 10

Rani Chubb
14 October 2015 | 07:04

Looking at the movie poster, in the first thought it is a light romantic Comedy. On the movie the topic is ambiguous, and still then, making a sharp controversy in society.

From the film "Jenny's Wedding" I wasn't expecting something brilliant or outstanding in excess, I think the Director and actors is also not expected to cinemarati, I just wanted to spend another hour or so, with this film is you can implement.

The film addresses the topic of emotional and provocative, especially for post-Soviet society, where the mentality, attitudes and traditions, allow you to accept that something new. All swirling around the little society of the family of the main character, where she just not find understanding. The actors who played the parents of Jenny, realistic showed rejection, rejection that their daughter is not like all. And these families complete and in real life, parents are embarrassed by their children, turn away from them.

Jenny and kitty look a nice pair, for people are not biased they will look nice, but I don't have enough credibility in their relationship. Yes  & Actresses Bledel and Heigl is difficult to imagine how two lovers, they like two friends than lovers.

The film is simple and straightforward, the meaning lies on the surface, but it is not less interesting. Possible whose the parents which is a similar situation, will be able through this movie to see for yourself side.

7 of 10

How long is Jenny's Wedding?
2h 14m
How much has Jenny's Wedding made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are $2,254.
Who is the director of the movie Jenny's Wedding?
This tv-show was directed by Mary Agnes Donoghue.
What is the genre of Jenny's Wedding?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy, Drama, Best Romance Movies 2015.
What is Jenny's Wedding IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 5.5.
When was Jenny's Wedding released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2015-07-31.