A Bigger Splash

Rock star Marianne lane and her boyfriend enjoy themselves in the South of Italy. Island idyll couples violates visit Harry's former lover, Marianne, and his adult daughter. Frivolous game, an innocent flirtation, passion and all-consuming jealousy will turn to the heroes of deadly danger.

  • Luca Guadagnino

Release Date: 2016-05-13
IMDb icon 6.4/10
  • Country: FR, IT
  • Language: English | Italian
  • Runtime: 2h:05m
  • Revenue: $1,982,505
Jana Basia
01 April 2016 | 02:21

Rock star Marianne (Tilda Swinton) comes in itself after surgery ligaments — lost to time voice celebrity retreat on the Italian island with her lover Paul (Matthias Sonants). Idyll violates a surprise visit from another couple (besides, the former Maryann) Harry (Ralph Fiennes) and his daughter Penelope (Dakota Johnson). Voltage casual on first glance, the relationship of this Quartet is increasing with each passing day, and sooner or later reach the critical point.

Ralph Fiennes enthusiastically dancing to The Rolling Stones. Tilda Swinton pointedly silent. Mathias Sonants with the ironic smile frowns. Have Dakota Johnson on the face expression of universal boredom. "Big splash" Luke Guadagnino — is a hymn to the great acting, ODA cinematography Yorick Le With living proof that confident directing all still has a wonderful ability to turn the movie in art.

In the "Big splash" the story often fades into the background — plus, a sharp turn happens closer to the final act, and most of the film Guadagnino slowly draws the viewer's attention to the very "surge". Basking under the Italian sun, take a dip in the cool water, savoring the delicacies of southern cuisine and taking a leisurely conversation about all nor it, it characters slowly, but inexorably approaching the point of no return. To the moment, when emotions take precedence over the discretion: a passion will be the driving force.

Guadagnino knows that time and a fleeting movement speak more than words. He know how to the limit to pull the nerve of the history of how to keep the viewer in suspense, not showing anything that convince me. He filigree owns the ability to use music as a means of storytelling. Dance and performance karaoke hero Fiennes does not is a way to kill time in waiting for the denouement — this is an important tool for the development of the characters and demonstrate the complex relationship.

"Big splash" — an echo of the classical school, the work of people who are accuracy mm know what do think through every frame, every line. In such an atmosphere are transformed to actors: an intellectual and intellectual Ralph Fiennes gives a flighty extrovert, Matthias Conerts artistic abruptly gaining weight and lost to the background of the magical Tilda Swinton, which shows that is not why say the words to say. To Dakota Johnson can be treated in different ways, but we have to admit that she here to your site — let it Penelope not entirely pleasant girl. In effect, does heroes, it is even quite clearly spoken: "We all here is disgusting." Also the ability — beautifully show the history of the people, which, in principle, I want to empathize too.

The moral of the "Big splash" ambivalent and doubtful, but not the movie that teaches someone to live. Contemplative sketch, fixing the moral decay of man on a background of stunning natural beauty. And absolutely no conclusions. What most interesting is their no not refer to the cons.

Mariejeanne Boeke
03 July 2016 | 04:24

Before us is a remake of the "Pool" of Jacques Dere, filmed in 1969. To a couple (Swinton-Sonants), resting in Italy, visits their other (Fiennes) with a daughter (Johnson) and begins to stir up trouble with his ex-lover (Swinton). With minor changes, the story remained the same.

There is a difference of the former and present standards of beauty. Languid is delicious tanned Romy Schneider — skinny asexual maliciously Tilda Swinton; sleek instead of Ron Morris — the average rife Fiennes; instead of candy French nymphet Jane Birkin — nondescript tenaska Dakota Johnson, as if caught in a film American roadhouse; instead of a sex symbol on a planetary scale Alain Delon — Matthias Sonants with stupid expression; instead of jazz — rock, for some reason spinning in 2015 vinyl (obviously a nod to the "Pool").

In the "Pool" Delon and Schneider subtly show all the palette of their relationship: from a sensual tenderness and games sadistic tone to a tough psychological confrontation. To the same they are just a beautiful couple. In  the"Surge" Swinton with Searchcom as the pair look; sometimes is the impression that shot two man. Therefore, no matter how things they are not depicted, from external disharmony nowhere to go. The police Commissioner almost not the village idiot, in"the Pool" is it's insightful, processi what was going on, inspector.

If you ignore the comparisons "Pool", then the"Splash" nice beautiful picture and atmosphere: the Mediterranean, the heat, the chirping of cicadas... the Acting Quartet with its task successfully. The most successful Harry in the performance Rainfa Fiennes — noisy, rough, straightforward, bothersome so much so that I want the viewer to quickly disappeared. However, the choice of Tilda Swinton on the role of women, according to which dry men, incomprehensible. She is more like the Chairman of any Finnish club lesbians. In addition, the Director ruined magnetise full movie suspense crumpled interchange, stripped of its drama silly, grotesquely comical inspector, and ruined all finally, dropping the final credits under a giddy upbeat music.

Ciel Tulley
31 October 2016 | 06:32

Laura "Pools" of Jacques Dere for many years do not give rest to the Directors of the different countries of the world. What, in General, is not the strange, intimate drama in a confined space gushes of emotions and passions, is where to roam talents directing and acting.

This time for the remake took Italian Luca of Guadagnino. He moved to apartment in the Mediterranean sea, the main character made popular rock singer who lost her voice. And only one component, as and always, has remained unchanged — Pool.

Star Marianne lane rest in Italy with your friend Paul. Have they all perfectly — a fabulous privacy on two of the background of the azure sea and magnificent scenery. But the idyll of spoils the sudden appearance of a former lover Marianne — Harry. Yes not one but with an adult daughter. It seems to be friendly, but actually very complicated relationships of the actors in turn a vacation Paradise in real drama.

The film is very slow, kind of quiet. And that main character in the disease is not can say a lot promotes such a perception. Tilda Swinton is a fine actress, to do it may without a voice, all of emotions played out her perfect. Dakota Johnson, on the contrary, got lost on the background of eminent colleagues. Not enough for her innocence spoiled Jane Birkin. In the end, the young girl turned sluggish and unattractive. Men look better, they believe. Although, their French counterparts are also inferior.

Overall, the film looked with interest. Easy action, a non-trivial ending, delightful scenery. But could a little long. At once.

7 out of 10

How long is A Bigger Splash?
How much has A Bigger Splash made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are $1,982,505.
Who is the director of the movie A Bigger Splash?
This tv-show was directed by Luca Guadagnino.
What is the genre of A Bigger Splash?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Thriller, Drama, Best Drama Movies 2016.
Who starred in A Bigger Splash?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Tilda Swinton, Matthias Schoenaerts, Ralph Fiennes, Dakota Johnson, Aurore Clément.
What is A Bigger Splash IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.4.
When was A Bigger Splash released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2016-05-13.